Chapter 1 Unlucky Crossing

Inside the broken house, the north wind whizzed past, and the only two windows couldn’t block the cold wind.

“Brother, did you say that your mother died?”

“I don’t know.” The

young Song Hao held his sister tightly and moved to the side of Hua Sijin.

He stretched out his hand and gently pushed his mother who was lying on the kang with her eyes closed.

He didn’t dare to speak, because as long as his mother was provoked here, their brothers and sisters would be lashed and scalded by wooden sticks on fire… On the

kang lies a girl on a reed mat. The coarse cotton coat has been washed white and her body is thin. His cotton coat has been torn by a series of scars, revealing the jet black cotton wool.

Hua Sijin frowned, when did the soft Simmons bed become so stiff, and when she was sore all over her body, when would these fake and shoddy goods be removed?

She stayed up all night and read an ancient novel “My Child is the Big Villain”, and she was thankful for the big villain’s due end. How could she suddenly feel the darkness in front of her eyes? Did she have a problem with her eyes when she stayed up all night?

Efforts to break through the darkness full of eyes, finally greeted a meter of sunshine in front of me.

what’s going on? In the dilapidated house, the spider web on the roof was swaying from side to side by the wind.

Seeing her mother waking up, the boy immediately took the girl away from her and formed a safe distance from her, as if the woman in front of him was a tiger who could eat people.

“Who are you? Why are you by my bed?” Hua Sijin only asked, feeling the uncomfortable smoke from her throat.

The two children froze for a moment, and the boy replied tremblingly: “Mother, this is Song Hao, this is my younger sister Song Jia.”

What? Why is this name so familiar? Isn’t this the big villain brother and sister in the old novel that stayed up late to read last night? ?

The siblings were abused by their stepmothers when they were children, whips, burned with a fire stick, and locked them in a small black room…

Later they grew up in such a dark background, and their personalities were abnormally distorted.

The younger brother Song Hao became a profiteer in a wealthy and enemy country. The younger sister Song Jia picked up a club and became a female general who turned against the enemy and treason. In the end, she was divided by five horses, and the corpse fell into a tragic end in the wilderness.

Wasn’t he the black widow with a black heart, the vicious mother of their two villains?

“Hey, don’t cry for you two!”

Song Hao saw Hua Sijin return to her former violent temper, so scared that she hugged her arms and smiled carefully and begged for mercy, “Mother, sister is worried about you, don’t beat her.”

Hua Si Jin smiled bitterly when she heard the words, and after thinking about it, she realized that she is now an ancient Hua Si Jin, a widow in Xinglin Village, and a vicious stepmother with two children.

The previous Hua Sijin used hands to beat or pinch when there was no one. It was pinched specifically in the child’s thigh, which was extremely vicious.

Forget it…the two little buns are already over three years old. Listening to the dialogue, they are not losing their nature, so let yourself educate them well and be honest and good people in the future.

” Mother, my sister won’t cry anymore, don’t be angry.” The

sensible Song Hao tried his best to convince Hua Sijin not to beat her sister.

Hua Sijin smiled angrily at her words, “You see that I am weak now, can I still move her? This meal is reserved for the after-effects.”

Song Hao did not understand what it means to see after-effects. I only know that what she said to keep is what she meant to be added together in the future.

As long as he doesn’t fight now, he can do anything.

The little short leg jumped off the kang and scooped a scoop of water from the water tank outside, “Mother, you drink water!”

Hua Sijin heard this, so that the child would like to not beat his sister so that he would please himself. How can Hua Sijin endure her heart?

Although I couldn’t accept the facts immediately, I felt a little comforted when I looked at the two thin and sensible children.

At least this life is no longer alone.

As soon as he reached out to take the broken scoop in his son’s hand, he was knocked to the ground by someone from outside.

The broken scoop is broken, it doesn’t matter if this hit, it really fell into eight petals.

“Bitch, it’s not enough for you to be ashamed of our old Song family, you still have the face to drink water?”

Hua Sijin glared at her, was beaten for a moment, and remembered that all her injuries were bestowed by this father-in-law.

Seeing that the life-saving water in his hand was overturned like this, he

raised his eyes to see that it was actually her husband’s father Song Huaide.

I used to oppress myself without a man, just a widow. I even molested myself for a local ruffian, Zhou Qing, and didn’t dare to get angry with others, and beat myself half to death.

It’s really a bullshit outside, the owner of the house.

Now under the skin, a Qiqiao Exquisite Heart has been replaced, and if he is bullied by him, I am sorry to go through it.

“Daddy, what are you doing? He hit and punished him. Why don’t you stop? What do you want me to do?”

Song Huaide was a little puzzled. Why did his wife’s tone differ today, so he dared to question himself openly.

“Old man, are people dead? Someone is here, urging to send the child there.”

Song Li muttered as he walked, walked into the house and saw that his daughter-in-law was alive.

She was so frightened that she hurriedly shrank her feet and covered her chest. If it weren’t for her old man, she would have thought that Hua Sijin had cheated her corpse.

“Mother, what do you mean? When I die, I will sell the two children. Will they be sold out?”

Song Li was a little timid, and was questioned by his daughter-in-law.

“You don’t like them either, the boss is gone, just to relieve you of the burden, and we have negotiated over there, two and two, when they are sold, I will find a doctor for you.”

With a sneer at the corner of Hua Sijin’s mouth, he said, “Daddy’s wishful thinking is really loud. He sold the child to me to see a doctor. It’s really high-sounding. Why didn’t my dad feel sorry for the silver when he started it? Now it’s my turn to sell me. The child comes to see you, tell you, don’t think about it.”