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Chapter 1376 people was outside, there is day

Yun Xuan’s eyes widened when he heard this, and his face flushed with excitement, “Master! Really? Can you really teach me?”

Lin Yan raised his eyebrows slightly, “Bao Jiao Bao Hui.” (包教包会 basic meaning: I promise you will acquire (learn) it under my instruction)

She is a master. It’s not in vain, not to mention that her little apprentice is so well-behaved, of course she won’t hide privately.

Lin Yan remembered that she didn’t even hand in any of the wave pythons at the beginning, because she walked in a hurry at that time and left before handing it over to them.

Yun Xuan has always trusted Lin Yan unconditionally, so although he was surprised, he had no doubt that Lin Yan would be able to yeva’s skills.

It’s just that it’s different to other people’s ears.

Behind him came a voice full of contempt, “Unexpectedly, the racers in China are not only bragging but also bragging.”

Lin Yan looked in the direction of the sound, and saw Mi Xian and a few others. The foreign racers came towards the staging area on their side.

The boy’s voice is always arrogant and arrogant, and it seems to be mixed with faint anger.

Most of the racers who can participate in the second league in the world are multi-lingual, Mi Xiu’s Chinese is also very good, and even the Chinese of the dish is very slippery.

As soon as Michau’s words came out, the racers in China were naturally very unhappy.

However, what Lin Yan said just now was indeed a bit too arrogant, which made them really unable to refute.

One of the Chinese racers said indignantly, “What does this Misiu mean! Why insult our Chinese racers!” The

other Chinese racer lowered his voice and spoke with a slight complaint, “Ah, but let’s Lin What the captain just said was a bit too exaggerated.”

Su Cai snorted in the crowd, faintly said, “Then he can’t use a map cannon! What does Captain Lin say has anything to do with our Chinese racers? Anyway, I feel that our Captain Lin took it once. After the third league championship in the world, there was a bit of drift, and I couldn’t tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest.

Before, Yang Shen was not in the eyes, but now I am afraid that even Yeva will not be in the eyes.

This game, she is still uncertain. How many people did I fall out? I dare to say that I will be Yeva’s Albert rushing into the corner. Does she know how difficult it is? Is there any common sense!”

Su Cai’s words have aroused the resonance of many people, everyone They all agreed, and began to sigh the difficulty of Yeva’s stunts and the era when the track was ruled by death.

“Yeah, how many top racers tried to imitate and failed. Even the captain of the Falcons, Rennes, said that Yeva’s trick at the time could not be replicated.”

“Yeva is the eternal god!”

…… Misiu

sneered. Then, he continued to speak to Lin Yan, “My master’s grandfather’s trick is not even known to my master. Just because of you, a rookie racer who has only won the third league championship in the world, you dare to say that you will? Is it?”

Grandpa Master? What the hell is this?

Lin Yan’s mouth twitched slightly, looking at the boy in front of him, with a chuckle, “Children, Chinese is pretty good. If that’s the case, do you know there is an old Chinese saying that there are people outside the world, there are people outside the sky? It’s better not to use You have limited cognition to judge this unknown world.”

This sentence is a bit complicated, Mi Xiu frowned, and turned his head to the translator beside him.

The translator went over to explain to him.

As a result, Mi Xiu was extremely arrogant, “Then I will let you know, I am the sky!”

Lin Yan: “…”

This arrogant…

Is this kid not the bastard of Lang Mang?

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