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Chapter 1377 The Red Envelope Is Lost?

“And you are just a younger brother.” Mi Xiu didn’t forget to turn on the taunt mode, and pointed his middle finger directly at Lin Yan.

Don’t forget to make up when you’re done: “A woman can win the third league championship in the world. The quality of this driver is too bad. Tsk, it’s boring. It’s a waste of time to know that the first league will come again.”

Has always been taciturn. Yun Xuan immediately angrily stood out from behind the crowd, “You…you are too much! My master never lied…she…she said that she would…just…it will…I… My master is very powerful…”

Mi Xiu laughed out, “Puff, are you a Chinese? Even if you say it is unfavorable, you ran out of the car and went back to learn Chinese.”

“You…you… …You…” Yunxuan originally had social barriers, and was even more speechless by Mi Xiu. You couldn’t say the second word for a long time, and both Mi Xiu and the few foreign racers next to him were bothered. It’s a belly laugh.

Lin Yan held Yunxuan’s shoulder and smiled slightly, “It doesn’t matter whether your Chinese is good or not, you can beat you. After all, you use your hands instead of your mouth when driving. What do you think, kid?”

Mi Xiu’s face turned black, “Smelly Woman, who do you call a kid! Ha, ha ha ha, still want to beat me? You woman has a bad brain!”

“Bye~ See you in the stadium~ Since you are a man, don’t forget to bet if you lose!” Lin Yanbai Wave your hand and take away Yunxuan.


Division A.

The game is about to begin, and everyone is making the final preparations.

Lin Yan was worried and reminded Yun Xuan again, “Remember to leave me alone later, just run well by yourself. Although the kid Mi Xiu owes a bit, he is indeed very talented and strong. He will be good for you. Your opponent. This time you should have a new breakthrough. Enjoy the game!”

Yun Xuan nodded vigorously, “I see, Master.”

What Lin Yan didn’t notice was that when Yun Xuan heard her praise of Mi Xiu’s “extremely high talent and strong influence”, it was not easy to notice that he pursed his lips, and the hand on his side was also slightly tightened.

Master, I will be very good too…

With the sound of flare guns, racing cars rushed out of the starting line like beasts starting from the gate, and the sound of engines rang through the sky, making all the fans excited, one after another for their favorite teams. Come on.

On the other side of the ocean, Langman, K, Butcher, and Sun Shuoran looked at Mi Xiu, who was lucky enough to race with Lin Yan on the same track, and their eyes were red with jealousy. Several of their apprentices hadn’t had a turn to run with the master. , The result was actually let a disciple to rush first!

However, they are more concerned about winning or losing this game.

The four of them had been in front of the live broadcast early, staring at Lin Yan’s vehicle.

As soon as the flare gun sounded, Mi Xiu rushed to the forefront as expected by most fans of Stride.

What shocked everyone was that Yun Xuan, a Chinese rookie racer, was behind Mi Xiu.

Although Mi Xiu was younger than Yun Xuan, his car age was several times that of Yun Xuan. It was the first time that Yun Xuan participated in the competition this year, and it was really surprising that he was able to hold onto Mi Xiu.

The commentary has already started to marvel.

“Wow! Mi Xiu really took the lead! Who is behind Mi Xiu! Let’s take a look! Yun Xuan! It is actually China’s racer Yun Xuan!

This racer was the world’s first few days ago. The performance in the three leagues is also quite eye-catching! I didn’t expect that the world’s second league could be so stable in such a fierce competition, and even biting the bully Mixiu, it is really shocking!” The

commentator sighed before. After a few racers, someone suddenly remembered, “Hey, the world’s third league dark horse champion, why isn’t Lin Yan, the driver of the Aurora Racing Team, not seen?”

With the switch of the lens, explain quite a while to finally see the forest smoke figure, “Well, I’m finally seeing smoke Aurora team player, and she was …… actually ran in the final?”

Looked at the screen in live Xianting Lin Yan, who usually ran at the bottom of the list for strolling-

Langman: “…”

Butcher: “…!”

Sun Shuoran: “…!!!”

K: “…Less red envelopes?”

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