Chapter 1429 More like the two of you

Chapter 1429 is more like

the easiest task and the hardest task for the two of you.

She can help the child find the parents immediately, but the point is… she dare not say.

Xing Chen touched his nose, his face was a little indescribable.

“Can you?” Lin Yan asked.

Ling Yue had no choice but to bite the bullet and said, “I…I will try my best.”

Lin Yan hugged Ling Yue happily: “Thank you so much, I find someone and I will treat you to a big meal!”

Ling Yue: “Ah…” It’s

not necessary.

During the next period of time, Lin Yan began to be busy training.

There has been no news from Ling Yue.

Even Ling Yue couldn’t find out, aren’t the parents who did the job are Chinese?

The doorbell interrupted Lin Yan’s thoughts.

“Hello! Good evening,

Dad—” Pei Yutang’s passionate voice came as soon as the door opened.

After leaving Pei Yutang, Pei Nanxu also came over.

Lin Yan hurriedly greeted people in, “Emperor Pei? You are here too, come in!”

Pei Nanxu held a large bouquet of flowers in her arms, “I have been filming abroad some time ago, and I just rushed back. I heard that you took it. Champion, congratulations.”

Lin Yan was overjoyed, “Thank you!”

Flowers from the male god! ! !

Winning in this global league is so worth it!

“Dad! I have and I have!” Pei Yutang mysteriously took out a…carnation from behind, “Daddy congratulations!”

Lin Yan looked at the carnation silently, full of black lines: “…”

Just give her a carnation, but there is only one carnation?

Lin Yan: “You can

pick a little bit more!” Pei Yutang rubbed his hands, “Hey, I inherited my father’s inheritance, am I not in line with my father! Besides, all my money is invested in you, and I don’t have a dime. This flower is all my possessions, this is all my son’s love for you!”

Lin Yan: “Hehe…I thank you!”

Lin Yan just finished her voice, and a milky voice came from behind her. ——”Mom, who is he?”

Pei Yutang saw the strange little baby next to Lin Yan, with a hooded face, “Dad, who is he?”

Why is there another little baby, and Lin Yan called her mother? !

Pei Gan looked vigilant: “Mom, why does

he call your father ?” Pei Yutang was also dumbfounded: “Dad, how did he call your mother?”

Lin Yan: “…”

You! NS! both! enough! NS!

She was almost fainted!

Pei Nanxu stood on the side with a confused face. What happened if he didn’t come back these few days?

After entering the house, it took Lin Yan a lot of effort to finally explain to the two of them separately.

“Ah, fuck, this dad doesn’t mean that dad, dad is also a respectable name, that is, a respectful name for someone who is very powerful in a certain field!” Lin Yan racked his brains to explain.

The little guy finally let go of his mind.

It’s all to blame for Pei Yucheng’s words last night, which caused him to fall into the shadow of a snake.

This person is so old, how could he be his mother’s son!

Pei Yutang is still full of shock, and has been looking at the two children with uncertain expression.

Pei Gan and Pei Li are fraternal twins, and they look different, but, after all, they were born by the same parents.

The more Pei Yutang looked at it, the more things were wrong, “Sister-in-law, you lied to me! These two children, one is like my brother, the other is like you, which is a coincidence, maybe one is my brother’s illegitimate child, the other is your illegitimate child? “

Lin Yan kicked over: “You can have a bigger brain!!!”

Pei Nanxu chuckled, “Actually, it’s more like the birth of the eldest brother and Miss Lin.”