Chapter 2 Marrying Concubine

Chapter 2 Marrying Concubine
As Qiu He said, the style of Nan’an Wang Xuanyuan’s return to the side concubine this time is really not small.

Red silk was everywhere, gongs and drums were noisy, and firecrackers rang.

“The king of Nan’an is just taking a side concubine this time, and they are all in such a big battle. Didn’t you show your face to Lord Su?” the guests who came to the Nan’an Palace whispered.

“Hmph, you really don’t have a backache while standing and talking, just like Su’s daughter-in-law, here you are, what do you want?”

The man waved his hand in a hurry.

“Farewell, goodbye, I think Wufuxiao.”

At the same time, Wutongyuan.

Qiuhe rushed over, “Wang Hao, the wedding is about to begin, when shall we go out?”

As soon as he entered the house, Qiuhe saw Su Banxia lying on the small couch, with Erlang’s legs tilted, and the bronze mirror in his hand, looking at his face.

The lump on her face was not congenital, but was later caused by the drug. Although this poison is a pediatrics for Su Banxia, ​​but because it has been too long, the poison is already deep and I want to completely remove it. Yes, it will take time.

“Wang Hao, don’t look anymore, people outside are laughing at us.”

Listening to Qiuhe chattering endlessly, Su Banxia put down the bronze mirror, stretched out and got up.

“Yes, bring the princess’s clothes and put them on for me.”

Qiu He was taken aback, some of them didn’t understand.

“Princess, are you talking about the princess’s formal dress?”

Su Banxia didn’t comment, but just curled her lips and sneered, “Hurry up, don’t delay other people’s good time.”

Nan’an Palace, front hall.

The guests were full, and even Prince Xuanyuanyi, who rarely went out, came to congratulate the King of Nan’an.

“Uncle Emperor, you just married the imperial concubine not long ago, and now you have another beautiful lady. It’s really beautiful, hahahaha!”

Xuanyuan Fu is the youngest brother of His Majesty today, almost the same age as the prince, so juniors like Xuanyuan Yi also love to make jokes on him.

“Does the prince want to take a concubine? If you like it, tell this king, this king will ask the emperor for you!”

The two looked at each other and smiled, and the bride was also helped out.

Because Liu Xian’er is a dancer, she doesn’t have a family in Beijing, and she is out of the pavilion in the palace’s own courtyard. Although it is unreasonable, no one dared to say a word of gossip in front of the Nan’an King.

“Look, the concubine is here!”

Someone exclaimed, and everyone looked at them, and saw the bride Liu Xian’er assisted by Xi Niang with the money. Although covered with a red hijab, only seeing her graceful and slender figure also made the men on the scene feel excited. bye.

Just as the wedding was about to begin, a “Princess Arrived” disrupted the wedding process.

Xuanyuanfu’s expression suddenly changed, and then he sternly said coldly to the servants next to the palace.

“Who released her…”

Xuanyuan Fu’s voice was not loud, but the scene was already silent as death, how could he not hear his words and the particularly interesting word “put”?

Xuanyuanyi smiled, with the attitude of onlookers watching the show, the guests around even started talking in a low voice.

“I don’t know what this ugly woman is doing at this time.”

“What else can I do? I know that Su Banxia loves King Nan’an to death. How can something good come here at this time?”

As they spoke, everyone saw someone striding forward.

The visitor wore a red peony-colored princess’s formal dress with a peacock on his head shaking, step by step, showing the majestic posture of a noble lady.

On weekdays, Su Banxia is dressed in red, willow and green, and he rarely wears such an orthodox atmosphere. Xuanyuan’s eyes moved when he saw this, but when he saw Su Banxia’s ugly face again, his eyes only appeared. The discoloration disappeared instantly, and was replaced by disgust again.

Su Banxia looked at the eyes of everyone at the scene, and smiled unabatedly, “Master, my concubine is late, and I haven’t missed the wedding of my sister and the prince.”

Xuanyuanfu’s tone was not very good.

“The princess is upset, let’s go back.”

Su Banxia’s expression remained unchanged, and she raised her hand to Qiuhe who was following him, “Come on, take out the wedding gift that the princess had prepared for her sister.”

Xuanyuanfu frowned, “Su Banxia, ​​what are you doing!”

Su Banxia blinked, with a simple and harmless face, “What the prince said, what can the concubine body do, of course it is to congratulate my sister.”

When she said this, Su Banxia secretly said in her heart.

Xuanyuan Fu, didn’t you take He Li Shu back, then you will be even more disgusted and disgusted with me Su Banxia, ​​forcing you to take He Li Shu out again, and you have to divorce me!

Qiuhe took out the gift. It was a pair of exquisite jade ruyi. Although not too expensive, it was considered Su Banxia’s heart. After all, in the eyes of others, Su Banxia is a concubine. Already very angry.

“I thought Su Banxia was here to make trouble, but it turned out to be a gift.”

“I don’t know if it’s causing trouble, let’s take a look first.”

Listening to the guests’ comments, Xuanyuanfu strode to Su Banxia and said with a voice that the two of them could only hear, “Su Banxia, ​​this king has already warned you, if you dare to get married today Don’t blame this king for being ruthless!”

Su Banxia’s mouth lightly hooked, and unexpectedly met his gaze.

He didn’t know what was wrong, Xuanyuan Fu had a strange feeling the moment he met the woman’s eyes.

In the past, there was love and infatuation for him in these eyes, but now, there are only strangers.

It was as if something that he couldn’t touch was quietly changing.

“My lord, your and Li Shu are all left with me. Is there anything ruthless that I can’t do?” Su Banxia glanced at Liu Xian’er’s direction, and her eyes flashed. A touch of disdain.

Then she came to the main seat in the front hall and stood still. She flicked her sleeves and raised her chin. The dignified atmosphere is only a concubine, she raised her voice.

“Master, don’t make my sister wait anxious, let’s get started.”

Xuanyuanyi glanced at Xuanyuanfu’s dark face, and hurriedly came out to complete the field, “Well, the emperor can come out to block the leisurely mouth of those outside, emperor uncle, hurry up and start the wedding.”

At this point, Xuanyuan Fu couldn’t drive Su Banxia away. After all, Su Xiangye’s face was also to be given.

Therefore, the wedding will continue.

At the moment when a few words fell into the bridal chamber, Su Banxia, ​​who had been smiling and silent, suddenly spoke.

“and many more……”

Xuanyuan Fu’s eyebrows beat, thinking that this woman is really going to cause trouble.

He was about to say something, but was held by Liu Xian’er beside him, Liu Xian’er’s voice was soft and judo.

“Sister Wang Hao, dare to ask you what else is going on?”

Su Banxia sat above the main seat with a deep smile on her face.

“Our prince is a prince, and he also observes the rules of the palace. Although the younger sister is a concubine, this rule is handed down by our ancestors. We can’t change it, right.”

“The ancestor’s rules?” Liu Xian’er didn’t understand, and turned to look at Xuanyuan Fu.

“Su Banxia, ​​it’s okay, stop talking nonsense here, you don’t know a lot of Chinese characters, and you still know what rules and regulations are.” Xuanyuanfu said impatiently.

Yes, for so many years, Su Banxia has not been able to embroider piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, except for chasing after Xuanyuanfu’s ass.

Su Banxia smiled without saying a word, just clapped her hands, Qiu He immediately brought tea and walked to Liu Xian’er.

“Concubine Liu, please.”

At this point, if Xuanyuan Fu couldn’t see what Su Banxia was making, then he would be really stupid.

“Is the princess wanting Xian’er to serve you tea? I don’t think it is necessary for the king. Xian’er suffered a wind chill two days ago, and it is still not well, so this rule can be avoided.”

Su Banxia had already guessed that Xuanyuan Fuhui said this, she pretended to sigh, “What is good, this ancestor’s rules are not good, even if you are married, you don’t count it. This princess doesn’t matter, I’m afraid of being wronged. Little sister, it’s not good to be told that my sister stays in the palace without a name and no part.”

“Su Banxia, ​​you…!”

Liu Xian’er hurriedly held Xuanyuan Fu again, “Master, it’s just to serve tea, just do it for the concubine, after all, it’s also a royal rule.”

With that said, Liu Xian’er took the tea that Qiuhe handed over, and the maid helped her to Su Banxia.

“Sister, please have tea.”

Su Banxia took it with satisfaction and took a sip.

And in the next moment, a scream suddenly sounded!