Chapter 2 Mother’s Transformation

Song Huaide did not expect that the daughter-in-law who had been taught by him today would be so hard-hearted.

Compared with the black widow who lowered her brows and pleasing to herself before, it was very different.

Hua Si Jinjin had just married the door of the Song family. That night, the government seized the strongest Ding to fill the army, and Song Huaide hid all the youngest sons.

In the end, the officers and soldiers were in vain and arrested the elder who was getting married.

Hua Sijin is a daughter-in-law who has no memory and was sold to the Song family by a man. Without a man’s support, everything is not going well.

Had to abuse these two children who had no father’s pain.

Now that Hua Sijin successfully wears the book, it is impossible for them to ride on their heads and shit.

Especially after seeing the original work, I know that the husband’s father is cruel and the old woman is a stubborn master.

The pain on her body was just a skin injury. She got up and sat up in a puff, guarding the two children behind her, and said angrily: “As long as I have a breath of Hua Sijin, I will leave his blood for Big Brother Song.”

“I.” Bah! These two wild species, who didn’t know where they came from, were only kind to the people of Qinghe, so they were picked up. “

What, this is not Song Qinghe’s own flesh and blood, there is no such memory in the book.

Did you change the fate of the characters in the book by wearing the book, and even their origins became unknown?

Hua Sijin only hesitated for a moment, and then retorted, “No matter whose child it is, as long as it is the child recognized by Brother Song, it is the flesh and blood of Hua Sijin. No one wants to take them away from me. “

Song Huaide heard that it was a little unbelievable, and the black widow had changed her sex.

For a while, I didn’t know what to do. When the two children were picked up, the old couple didn’t like them and directly remembered them in the name of the boss.

After marrying Hua Sijin, they naturally became her sons and daughters.

Knowing that the two children could sell for money, this black-hearted widow shouldn’t have been cheap.

Song Li dragged the old man and asked secretly, “What should I do? The Zhang family is still waiting at the entrance of the village?”

Song Huaide’s face was ruthless, and angrily said: “This black-hearted widow is not observing women’s ways, ruining our reputation and seduce wild men. It’s not a pity to die, the child can’t suffer with him, the old woman, hurry up and take the two children away.” When the

two children heard that their grandma was going to sell them, they had to take others forcibly, and they ran behind Hua Sijin, even if they were eating. Zhanyancai will also stay in Song’s house.

Although the child is young, their siblings know that Daddy Song picked it up.

The woman in front of her is the only relative who has a relationship with her father, so don’t leave until death.

Song Li came forward to hug the child, but was frightened back by Hua Sijin’s lingering eyes.

When Song Huaide saw this, he mumbled: “It’s really useless.

Can’t you even hold a child?” “I have no use for you to go. I think that black widow stopped you to snatch it?”

Song Li’s own not. Dare to do it, but deliberately ridiculed in front of the old man.

Hua Sijin cursed in her heart, this old witch is timid, but has a lot of eyes, deliberately instructed the old man to grab the child with herself.

I couldn’t beat a strong man, and when I looked down, I couldn’t help feeling happy. The figure of this little widow was really expected.

The clothes on his body had already been beaten and damaged, so just tore it to pieces.

Suddenly she knelt down on the kang, pointed her fingers at the two people on the floor and said angrily: “Who dare to come up?” The

two children watched the adults and they were about to fight again, and the two children hid behind her and cried loudly. stand up.

Song Huaide which because of the scare of her hands, hand pointing to spend Si Jin said: “You and I do not cross, the child is let Soong, not your own, how I grab it?”

Having To raise the posture of the leg on the Kang.

Hua Sijin looked back, the window was broken, turned around and opened the window, turned her hand back and pulled the collar, grabbed a handful of hair, and said, “You forced me.” The

Song and Li family have not yet. After I understood what was going on, I watched her start shouting at the window: “Come on, help, my husband’s father is going to beat me to death, and now he’s bullying me as a widow again…”

Song Li heard Listen, it’s okay, isn’t this black widow a false accusation?

Song Huaide didn’t expect that she would even talk nonsense for the sake of her children, regardless of her own virtues.

The old lady was a little anxious. How could

she explain this to the villagers when she was hit by someone like this? She quickly asked, “Old man, what can I do?” How is his husband staying?

Glancing at Hua Sijin, she had to cast her anger on the old woman and said: “What else can I do, go home.”

After she twisted her mind, she returned home unwillingly.

Although Song Huaide has a bad temper, he has one shortcoming, which is to save face. Now this shortcoming can just save two children.

Fortunately, Hua Sijin has read the original book and used this shortcoming to make the old man retreat.

Watching the old couple leave together, she endured the pain and hurriedly closed the door from the inside.

Back in the house, watching the two children sitting side by side on the window sill with tears in their eyes, I suddenly felt that I was still able to protect them.

“Come here.”

Hua Sijin felt that she couldn’t change her attitude all at once, and should let them adapt slowly.

There was a pain in the face. I quickly held on to the edge of the kang and raised my leg to go up to the kang. When the two children suddenly ran to the end of the kang, it seemed that the previous image really scared the two children out of shadow.

She comforted her that her children were still young and that she was kind to them and that the children would be close to herself in the future.

After finally moving on to the kang and closing the window, her heart was clear, even if they shouted in the yard, no one would come to help her.

Because she is a widow without a man, she has a pretty long sign, and there are many rights and wrongs in front of the widow, and she is a well-known black-hearted widow.

It is common for children to cry and cry, who would come to such muddy water.

After finishing the collar, I regretted that I just tried too hard, and the buckle on it was pulled off by myself. The room was extremely cold, and the quilt on which I was laying was still thick.

She slowed down and said: “Come here.” The

two children walked over slowly, “Mother, my sister and I are obedient.”

Hua Sijin was a little puzzled, and asked, “Why don’t you leave.”

“Mother, Daddy picked us up and we come back as a family.”

Hua Sijin nodded when he heard the words, “Your dad didn’t hurt you for nothing. From now on, the three of us will have a good time together, and no one will be bullied?” The

two children listened. Nodded.

Song Jia suddenly touched her big nose and smiled: “Brother, my mother is really getting better.”

Hua Sijin smiled when she heard the words. Although she pulled the scar on her face, she was still excited and jokingly said: “My mother has changed sex. In the future, our family must be united and united to the outside world.”