Chapter 2 Sister

Chapter 2 Sister
After both of them were killed, Sheng Yege was a little unsupported, leaning against the tree next to him, breathing heavily.

This body is really too weak.

Sheng Yege now fully understands her situation. She was originally the regent princess of the Nine Clouds of the Xuanming Continent, but because of her own brother, she fell into the flames and lost her life.

I don’t know what happened, he was reborn in this body.

Fortunately, because of her identity, she had already developed the habit of not being surprised, and she also remembered the original memory of this body, but she didn’t feel too flustered.

It’s just that this body is too weak, but it is really unpleasant.

The hand was suddenly caught, Sheng Yege subconsciously wanted to throw it away, but when she lowered her head, she saw a worried face: “Mother, are you okay?”

Sheng Yege shook her head, her body was a little stiff, but it was probably because of the love of the original owner of the body. Seeing the child’s appearance, she was a little moved in her heart, and she squatted down and said, “It’s okay. Is Jiu’er afraid?”

“Don’t be afraid, they were meant to bully the mother! Those who bully the mother will die!” Jiuer bit his lip and looked at Sheng Yege seriously: “Mother, you can’t throw these two corpses down the mountain. , In case someone becomes suspicious, you can know who is going up the mountain during this time…”

When Sheng Yege heard him say this, she couldn’t help but raised her eyebrows and looked at Jiu’er, who was twisting her eyebrows. She had been living in the palace before, and most of the children born in the palace were early wise, but she didn’t realize there was anything. It’s wrong, just a little surprised. In the memory she received, Jiu’er’s temperament was actually a little taciturn.

“So Jiu’er thinks, what should I do?”

Jiu’er did not hear Sheng Yege’s temptation: “Take them to a slightly hidden place. There are many wild beasts in this mountain. You can definitely find the two corpses following the smell of blood. Waiting for their relatives to find them. At that time, maybe there are no bones left, and then there will be no evidence at all.”

Sheng Yege hooked the corners of her mouth, showing an interesting smile: “Jiu’er is right, then let’s do this.”

Jiu’er really nodded, “Okay, mother, let’s take them and hide them together?”

As Jiuer was talking, she raised her head and looked around. After a while, she pointed to a bush not far away: “Just throw it in there. Those grasses are about the height of a mother’s mother, and they are very long. It’s dense. Throw it in and fiddle with it. It shouldn’t be obvious.”

“Okay.” Sheng Yege laughed, but completely according to Jiu’er’s intention, the mother and son hid the two corpses in the grass.

Afterwards, the mother and son went down the mountain together. On the way down the mountain, Jiu’er saw the stream on the mountain and reminded Sheng Yege to clean the blood on his hands and body.

After washing their hands, the mother and son took a nap next to the stream. Sheng Yege’s eyes fell on Jiu’er uncontrollably: “My mother killed someone, are you really scared?”

Jiu’er shook his head and said softly, “Those people always bully my mother. I have been very angry before, but my mother always says that more is worse than less, so I can bear it. In fact, I want to kill them in my heart. . Those people are too bad, today they still want to… still want to…”

Jiu’er’s eyes were red, and it took a long time to take a deep breath: “They deserved it.”

Sheng Yege’s gaze fell on Jiu’erji’s tearful eyes, and his hands tightened in his sleeves.

In her memory, Sheng Yege is indeed tolerable. Since she was a child, she was scolded for being useless because she couldn’t practice profound spiritual arts. Even an ordinary person in Shengfu could bully, abuse, and trample, she endured. After being calculated to lose her body and become pregnant, she still endured it, and when she arrived at this village, she also endured the humiliation and humiliation of the people in this village.

However, she endured this way, but her life was getting worse and worse. She couldn’t even protect herself and her children, even lost her life, and was taken over by her lonely ghost.

This shows that forbearance does not work.

On the contrary, in her Sheng Yege’s life, she did not have the word forbearance.

Sheng Yege pursed her lips and raised her head slightly. Since God has given her a chance to live again, she must live well.

Now that she has invaded this body, she will naturally take good care of the people she cares about.

From then on, she would never let people have the opportunity to touch her and this child.

If someone deceived her, slandered her, despised her, beat her and scolded her, she would definitely return it ten times a hundred times.

A bloodthirsty and coldness flashed in Sheng Yege’s eyes, which gradually faded after a long time. He only raised his hand and rubbed Jiu’er’s hair: “Mother did something wrong before. I used to think that giving in and tolerance can be exchanged for others. Kindness, but never thought that the only thing they would get in return would be their success.”

“In the future, my mother will never be like that again.”

“In the future, if someone bullies you, just go back and bully. If you have anything, my mother will support you. I will never let you or myself, and I will be wronged a little bit more.”

Jiu’er’s eyes lit up suddenly: “Really? But they said…”

Jiu’er seemed to think of something, and the light in his eyes dimmed a little bit: “They said that my mother can’t practice profound spiritual arts, and no one can beat…”

“Huh?” Sheng Yege squinted his eyes: “I can’t beat anyone? Then the two people on the mountain… did they put the branches on themselves?”

“…” Jiu’er thought about it for a long while: “It seems to be too.”

He immediately became happy: “Wow, then I’ll go to the tiger on the Zhuangzi later and ask him to return all the gadgets he snatched from me before.”

Sheng Yege couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

As soon as the mother and son arrived at the foot of the mountain, they saw a carriage coming towards this side in the distance, Sheng Yege stopped, the carriage was decorated with complicated decorations, and the four corners of the carriage were jingling with bells hanging in front. Two glazed lamps with the word “Sheng” written on them…


Before Sheng Yege could react, he heard Jiu’er sound in an unpleasant voice: “It seems like my aunt has come. She hasn’t come for some time now. I don’t know what I want to do if I come today…”

Jiu’er’s aunt?

Sheng Yege narrowed his eyes, but reacted.

In my memory, when she was deported to this village, it was her half-sister who came to see her from time to time.

This younger sister should be Sheng Qingyin. Sheng Qingyin’s biological mother was originally a concubine, but she died because of a dystocia of Sheng Yege’s mother, and she was corrected soon after.

Previously in Shengfu, other people in the Fuzhong always criticized Sheng Yege as rubbish. Only this sister was close to her, and even after she was expelled to this village, she often visited her.

Sheng Yege has always felt that this sister is very kind to her.

It’s just that after seeing the memories of Sheng Yege before, as a bystander, she felt that the calculation that made her lose her innocence and still be pregnant, I am afraid that she can’t get rid of this sister…