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Chapter 2 (The Princess is Evil)

“Princess! Please stop that…”

Lynn pulled me back forcefully. Hey. You’ve seen what I can do. If it wasn’t for Lynn, you’d be in trouble. I turned my head and leaned into Lynn’s arms. Even then, the emperor was watching the saliva flowing down his hands.

“She, I, y, your majesty, she made a mistake because she’s still young… please show mercy.”

Lynn stuttered and handed a handkerchief to the emperor. Only then did the emperor raise his eyes and look straight at me. It was a fearsome look.

‘What are you looking at. So unlucky.’

I stared at him with my eyes wide open. The stare off lasted for a few seconds.

“Biting the opponent instead of crying…”

The emperor glanced at his hand. Immediately, white mana flowed out to wipe his hand clean.

“It’s amusing.”

His lips slanted up. The thick scars on his cheek loosened.

“With this insult, I will make her choose a sword.”

Lynn’s body hardened as he spoke. Lynn looked between the emperor and the princess and hurriedly shook her head.

“Your majesty, the princess is still a child. She hasn’t even had her first birthday…”

“This child tried to kill me despite my strength.”

Did I really try to kill you?


Bad man, liar! I was shouting inside, but

“Look. The girl agrees too.”

This man was a poor human being who was incapable of interpreting my words. Sigh.

“Let’s call her Leona.”

The emperor laughed and lifted the tip of my chin.

“I will watch to see whether your teeth turn into those of a lion, the king of all beasts, or whether they turn into those of a crude beast.”

As if to warn me that the emperor has his dangerous eyes on me.

“I hope you meet my expectations.”

The emperor flicked my chin lightly.

“It is not worth it to keep a trivial thing alive.”

Then he laughed again as he passed us by. Like a blizzard, a chill passed through my bones.

‘I have some words I want to say to him!’

He was really strange, I thought as I turned my head to watch the passing emperor. As he was moving away, I glimpsed the sword hanging from his waist. It’s a sword that she’s seen a lot…

‘…wait a minute.’

My eyes widened. I rubbed my eyes with my hands and looked again, but nothing changed. His sword had the horns of a black dragon that was defeated by a human, and a handle with the wings of the former queen fairy who was also defeated by a human.

‘…no way.’

I looked back in a hurry but the emperor had already disappeared. Pounding. My heart was pounding quickly. Anxiety hit me. No. Nonsense. There is really no way it could be that sword. I think it’s just a replica… Lynn noticed me and hugged me whilst muttering.

“Princess? Are you feeling sick?

Lynn raises her eyebrows with tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t stop it. I’m so sorry…”

Lynn was crying and saying.

“You’ll be choosing a sword tomorrow. It is inevitable under the statutes of our empire. You are now involved in the fight for succession. In the future…”

I didn’t catch the words that trailed off. The only thing stuck in my head was ‘swords’ and ‘fighting for succession.’ Among the empires in this world, there was only one which had its heirs fighting for succession.

‘Oh, so crazy.’

I closed my eyes. If this place is ‘there,’ then the emperor we met was inevitably ‘him.’ Blue eyes and grey hair with the smell of a dragon. The only person it could be, is one.

“Your name is Leona. Leona von Hasis. You must remember this, ok?”

A transcendental person who inherited the blood of a dragon and he was ‘the man who fought like a dog a long time ago.’

‘Hah, this is fucked up.’

I spit out a laugh.

Twenty years ago, there was a man who was trying to cross my part of the mountain without permission. So I attacked him. I’m a strong witch that guards her territory. It was said the the top of the mountain was shared by the Hasis empire, the strongest continent, and the Whanga family. In addition, the national treasure lay on top of it. So what happened?

‘The crazy emperor rushed to kill me.’

If I hadn’t discarded my pride as a witch and ran, I would have lost my life. He was a human who won battles even against demons. After that, I avoided the side of the mountain that belonged to the Hasis empire.

‘You were born as his daughter!’

Somehow I didn’t recall. The entanglement with him was too frightening that I didn’t want to think about it. When I found out yesterday, I really wanted to leave this body. If he finds out that I’m in this body then my life will really end.


The potential of this body was too precious for me to just go back to the spirit world. I wouldn’t have 5 star mana. If I polish this body well, it will conquer the empire and bring my revenge.

‘And this body’s pedigree would also be wasted.’

It would be too much to abandon this status and potential as an imperial ruler just because I was this gnome’s daughter.

(Only the strong will survive)

This phrase penetrates through the entire imperial family of Hasis. The emperor has as many children as possible and they compete for the throne until the winner remains. The surviving child becomes the sole emperor that can rule the continent.

‘So that crazy guy is the guy who killed 37 of his brothers to become the emperor.’

So scary… Gulp. The saliva ran down my mouth. Saying I’m not afraid would be a lie. I was born as the daughter of an emperor who had tried to kill me. But I can’t give up. This is an ecosystem where only the strongest will survive. They kill each other and then hide. That is why,

‘It’s a very good stage for me!’

I’m a witch who causes mercenary’s to cry at her mention.


Of course I’m a one year old so my laughter always sounds cute. Damn. Born as the 12th Princess of this empire, I was caught up in the fight for succession. If I was allowed to follow the original customs, I would have been protected in Dandelion Palace until I was 5.

‘But the emperor put me in front of the sword.’

I seem to have been acknowledged by the guy who tried to kill me. So I must, no, I will become the emperor. I will become an emperor and trample the kingdom of Karel, ruled by Lacus. I will achieve continental supremacy with this body.


I laughed again and slightly raised my head. Choosing a sword is not just about choosing a sword. As a member of a royal family, I get to choose people as swords. Hundreds of humans were standing in front of me. Some were knights wearing armour and others were magicians wearing robes. I didn’t even bother to look at them. There was only one human that I wanted to choose. I reached out to point straight at a woman who was missing her left arm.

Everyone felt that the young girl, Leona, had picked a bum. The bum chosen by the princess was not a grandiose woman, but she was an ordinary woman who looked like she didn’t have the power to do much. She had no left arm. The emperor’s daughter was seen as a remarkable disappointment to witnesses and those who stood to be chosen.


Well, all except for one who was the emperor’s aide, Harriet Riser. A man with a good eye. He might have thought that her choice of this woman was a coincidence but the Princess was firmly pointing towards that woman. This means that Leona did not choose her by chance.

“Are you alright, your majesty?”

Harriet recalled his encounter with the emperor last night.

“You saw the 12th Princess? How come?”

Of course his question was not answered by the emperor. I guess he stopped by to check out that ‘thing’ that was buried in the Dandelion Palace, and then encountered the princess. Well, it didn’t matter how the emperor met the princess. The only important thing in this imperial family is,

‘Who is this? Are they a threat? Are they strong or not?’

That was it. Harriet didn’t expect an answer when he asked his question. Of course he thought the emperor would ignore it.

“Stay tuned.”


Harriet was shocked. He had no choice but to go. The emperor is someone who ignored the first prince who was called an extraordinary weather prince. He even dismissed the second prince who was a rare ice wizard like himself by saying that his skills were ‘not enough.’ To the 4 princes who were blessed by the sun gods, the six witches and the black shaman, he said that their powers were ‘useless.’ Therefore, Harriet must see her.

I decided to see her so I cancelled the meeting with the two princes today and ran to this place. It was good that I came because I saw you choosing ‘that’ woman. I wonder if you were looking at the cute and lovely face of that lady. No, what am I thinking. I looked at the Princess. I saw a round head, two lovely eyes, a cute nose and a mouth. How? Why is she so cute? As if she felt my eyes, the young princess turned her eyes towards me.


The princess laughed with a smile. Her hair looked as soft as cotton candy and she swayed her chubby feet. The moving arms and legs were plump which made them look like soft marshmallows. Damn it! She’s so cute my heart is writing poems…!


“Are you okay.”

She’s so cute it’s not ok. Harriet bent to grab his chest when he saw her again.


The Princess was smiling and laughing at him. Ah, she’s so cute…


“The aide collapsed!”

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