Chapter 3 Song Hao Call for Help

Hua Sijin stretched out her hand and swore with a hook.

They slowly raised their hands, unable to believe it was true.

“The hook is raised, and it won’t change in a hundred years.”

Hua Sijin wanted to resonate with the children. From an early age, she must develop a good child who speaks the word and obeys the agreement.

The two children slowly adapted to her mother’s initial transformation, and her tight little faces began to smile.

Hua Sijin suddenly felt cold all over. It must be because she had just made a fuss with her father and opened the window to blow the cold wind.

Hua Sijin couldn’t open her eyes, and the trend of eyelid fights became more and more intense.

In a daze, I just feel like someone is feeding water on my mouth.

During the period, I woke up once and watched the two children have laid their own bedding and lay down beside her.

She stretched out her hand and touched it. The two children are so behaved, but they are a little thin, just like two bean sprouts.

Thinking of waiting for her to recover from the illness, she must take care of the two children in vain and fat.

The thin quilt made Hua Sijin a little bit painful. With all her strength, she dragged the child on her quilt, and the big quilt could just keep warm at the same time.

Zhengxiang, who was sleeping in Hua Sijin, was awakened by the crowing cock in the village, feeling a little unhappy. “It’s really annoying. I can’t wake up naturally when I want to sleep.” I

opened my eyes just to see Jiajia sitting next to him, watching the entangled little face, it seems a bit bitter and bitter.

Sweeping around, there was nothing in the room except the square table with a lame leg.

“Where is your brother?” Hua Sijin rubbed her temples. Although she was still a little groggy, she felt that her body was much better than yesterday.

Although sitting together requires a wound on the body, it is a trauma after all.

It’s okay for Hua Sijin not to ask, but she cried the child when she asked.

While crying, he wiped his big nose and said, “Mother, my little brother said that my mother had a fever last night. I didn’t wake up this morning for fear of burning my brain. I went to beg Grandpa to find a doctor for you.”

“What?” Hua Sijin’s voice said Raise the child.

At this time, looking for the two old guys didn’t make a fool of themselves. They couldn’t seize the opportunity to snatch the children, and they sent them to the door by themselves.

Song Jia heard her mother’s screaming, and she stopped crying in fright. She only sweared by the hook yesterday, is her mother now in her original form today?

When I got up this morning, I obviously woke up with my little brother in her bed. Could it be that I was dreaming yesterday?

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Hua Sijin looked at the dazed little guy with suspicious eyes, and suddenly reacted. She just got out of control and frightened her.

“Mother, I thought you were going to change again and become the way you used to be.” The

child has short arms, and he can only hug her half of the waist.

Hua Sijin hurriedly comforted: “Don’t cry or cry, my mother is anxious.

I’m afraid that your little brother will have an accident. Let’s stop crying and go find him back.” Song Jia was happy, and my mother was completely better, and she knew that she was distressed. Brother.

Pi Dian Pi Dian put on his shoes, and walked to his grandfather’s house with the sickly Hua Si Jin.

Hua Sijin didn’t know Song Hao’s situation. If they were embarrassing their children, she would have to work hard with them. Anyway, the Song family wanted face. She Hua Sijin was a thick-skinned person.

When I entered the yard, I saw Tian Cuihua, the wife of my second uncle’s house, feeding the pig with a gourd.

When she came in and saw Hua Sijin, she gave her a blank look, and sarcastically said: “Huh, is this the fragrant wind that blows my sister-in-law?”

Hua Sijin is anxious to see her son, listen. When her words were neither salty nor light, there was no time to grind her lips together.

Tian Cuihua watched the black widow walk straight forward, ignoring her, her heart suddenly became angry, and a little mourning star came early in the morning, if the black widow came to the door again, she would dare to ignore herself.

She put down the gourd scoop, quickly stepped forward to block her way, looked up and down, and snorted coldly: “This is our Song family’s sister-in-law. Wearing such clothes is really unconventional. You can’t stop after seducing the outside. Do you want to seduce which man from our Song

family ?” Hua Sijin looked down. The button she pulled yesterday hadn’t been sewn yet, revealing a piece of fair skin.

Hua Sijin is no longer a predecessor to be manipulated. She raised her eyes to see the young man coming out of the front door, turned her gaze back to Tian Cuihua, and smiled and said: “If you are blocking my way on purpose, I don’t mind going to hook you up now. The man.”

She went straight to the father-in-law’s room, but there was no sound. Could it be that the child has been taken away by them? My heart was a little flustered, and I hurried in to take a look, his legs were weak in fright.

The old couple sat on the kang, Tang Li’s leaning on the window sill, the two were staring at the wriggling figure underground.

Hua Sijin ran over and cried out, “Hao’er, what’s wrong with you?”

Hua Sijin held up the small body and looked at the blood on his forehead and ears. What does it mean? beated.

“Grandpa, please save my mother…”

“Hao’er, wake up, it’s my mother here.”

Hua Sijin yelled hurriedly. Song Jia stood beside her, waving her small fist and yelling, “Who beat my brother? Who is it?”

Song Huaide had just been irritated by this child, and now there are two wolves crying and howling ghosts, which is really unbelievable.

“Shut up all to me, you want to get out of the funeral?”

Hua Sijin raised her eyes with tears. Is this old thing still a human? Even if you are not a grandson, you shouldn’t do something with such a child.

Hua Sijin suddenly put the child on the ground and shouted: “Father, you don’t want us to live anymore. Today, as you wish, I will kill him in your room.”