Chapter 3 The prince, the princess is poisoned

The person who screamed was not Liu Xian’er, but Su Banxia.

Su Banxia covered her mouth, her face changed drastically, and her eye circles instantly turned red, as if it hurt too much.

“Ah, my mouth!”

Qiu He hurriedly came forward, “Wang Hao, what’s the matter with you?”

Su Banxia showed her instant red and swollen lips, and everyone around jumped.

She was already ugly, and now her lower lips were swollen like sausages, even more ugly.

Liu Xian’er was so scared that Su Banxia’s screams made her hijab fall off. Then she looked up, and when she saw the appearance of the woman in front of her, she backed away in shock.

“The prince, the concubine body…the concubine body did nothing, sister prince, this is…”

Xuanyuanfu guarded Liu Xian’er, “Don’t be afraid, everyone is watching, she prepared the tea herself, and even if something goes wrong, it has nothing to do with you.”

Qiu He knelt down.

“The prince, although this tea was prepared by the slave servant, it was also passed by the hand of Concubine Liu. Isn’t the prince being so decisive, isn’t it too unfair to the concubine!”

Su Banxia taught her this. When the ghost knew that the little girl said this in the film, she almost became afraid of peeing.

Liu Xian’er was extremely wronged.

“The prince, the concubine has done nothing.”

Su Banxia finally spoke, and didn’t know if it was true or pretending. The whole person looked a little weak, “Master, let’s not say much about the others, let’s let the concubine take a look. The concubine is so uncomfortable. “

Xuanyuan Fu looked at the mess in front of him and took a deep breath.

“Come on, take the princess back to the backyard, and then go and invite a doctor.”

“My lord, have you forgotten? The doctor Mu is here today, and he happens to be here.” Qiu He said again.

Xuanyuanfu didn’t know where there was an imperial doctor. He said this deliberately to let Su Banxia get out. But this cheap maid brought it out, but he could only recognize it. He glared at the talkative Qiuhe, and then he addressed one of the guests. Young man said.

“Doctor Mu, trouble you.”

Madam Mu is the new imperial physician who entered the palace this year. Although he is younger, he has superb medical skills and good looks. The concubines in the palace like to let him come to see him.

Mu Chuan said yes to Xuanyuanfu, and then stepped forward to Su Banxia.

“Wang Hao, don’t worry, let the next official show it to you first.”

As he said, Mu Chuan put a veil on Su Banxia to get her pulse, and then looked at her red and swollen lips again, and didn’t know what was thinking, the corners of Mu Chuan’s mouth were lightly convulsed.

Su Banxia noticed this person’s smile, and her heart suddenly burst.

Could it be that his plan was seen through by this young imperial doctor?

At the next moment, she knew that she was thinking too much, and only listened to Mu Chuan arching his hands against Xuanyuan, and said.

“The prince, the princess is poisoned.”


On the day of King Nan’an’s wedding, the princess was poisoned in full view!

For a time, the surrounding area was quiet.

Xuanyuan Fu thought that Su Banxia was just a scald, but he didn’t expect it to be poisoned, so his expression was straightforward.

“But what kind of poison?”

Mu Chuan quickly explained, “It’s a dead vine flower. This kind of thing is usually a plaything to appreciate, but it is poisonous, but as long as you don’t eat it, it will not happen. The princess is like this, I am afraid that I may accidentally eat the poisonous powder of this thing But don’t worry, the princess, the toxicity is not serious. Even if you don’t take the medicine, it will swell up for a day or two before it will automatically recover.”

With that, Mu Chuan picked up the tea placed aside again, sniffed it lightly, looked at it, and continued.

“Master, there is no poison in this tea. The poisonous powder is on the edge of the teacup, so the lips of the princess will be the first to become red and swollen after being poisoned.”

Su Banxia listened, squeezing out a few drops of grieved tears.

“Who is it, so cruel, prince, you must be the master of your concubine.”

At this moment, someone said something.

“Hey, Concubine Liu’s yard seems to have planted this withered vine flower.”

Xuanyuanfu immediately glared at the talkative person, “The matter has not been found out yet, so whoever talks nonsense, don’t blame this king for being polite!”

Qiu He seemed to see something suddenly, and pointed to Liu Xian’er’s sleeve.

“Look, lord, there seems to be something in Concubine Liu’s cuff.”

Liu Xian’er was startled, and looked down with Xuanyuan Fu. She really saw a small paper bag in her cuff with a little powder on it.

“My lord, this…this is not a concubine’s thing.”

Xuanyuan Fu’s eyes changed slightly, and he took out the small paper bag, and wanted to throw it next to him. Whether or not Liu Xian’er did this thing, he would not recognize it.

Unexpectedly, Su Banxia spoke at this moment, and she covered her heart with a sad expression on her face.

“Master, you are so, do you want to shield your sister?”

“Su Banxia, ​​things haven’t been cleared yet, don’t spit people here!” Xuanyuanfu roared angrily.

Su Banxia sighed, “I don’t want to wrong anyone, I just need the prince to take the little paper bag from my sister and show it to Doctor Mu. Is it clear which is right?”

The small paper bag was taken from Liu Xian’er. If Xuanyuanfu continued to protect her, everyone would only think that Xuanyuanfu was too partial to the concubine’s room.

Although he didn’t like Su Banxia, ​​everyone in the capital knew about it, but now that all the guests are here, and they are all ministers of the DPRK, he can’t go too far.

After all, it is too much to spoil your concubine and destroy your wife, and it is not easy for the supervisor to explain it.

Therefore, Xuanyuan Fu pursed his lips and gave the small paper bag to Mu Chuan.

Mu Chuan carefully checked after taking it, and finally confirmed.

“Master, this is indeed the poisonous powder of withered vine flowers.”

As soon as she said this, Liu Xian’er’s face changed abruptly, she took Xuanyuanfu’s arm, and was about to explain something, but Su Banxia spoke before her.

“Lord, my sister’s move today is really overdone. We are all a family, so why bother to make such a mess to make people laugh, hey…”

With that, Su Banxia sighed again and waved in the direction of Liu Xian’er.

“Fortunately, the toxicity is not serious. Mr. Mu said that it would be fine for two days. In that case, I don’t blame my sister for the sake of my sister’s wedding, but my sister should never do it in the future. It doesn’t matter if it hurts me. If it hurts the VIPs on the scene, it’s not good.”

Look, what it says.

She was originally a concubine and a victim. Saying this at this time will only make people think that her Su Banxia is kind and generous, and doesn’t care about the calculations of the concubine’s room.

On the other hand, Liu Xian’er, even if she was full of mouths, she couldn’t explain clearly.

“The prince, there is no concubine, how can the concubine harm the sister of the concubine!”

Liu Xian’er was so wronged that she knelt on the ground for fear of Xuanyuan’s unbelief.

“Master, you must believe in your concubine body.”

Xuanyuanfu felt sorry for the beauty and wanted to help her up quickly.

“Xian’er, get up quickly, this king didn’t say and believed them.”

Su Banxia looked at the big white lotus in front of her, and said to her heart that this woman’s crying scene was indeed good, and I really felt pity for me.

But, she is not a man who is bothered, let alone feel distressed.

“Sister, sister doesn’t blame you, get up quickly, the wedding will continue.”

It’s all like this, Su Banxia actually dare to mention the big wedding?

Xuanyuanfu glared at her, his eyes full of anger that was about to gush out, and he only felt that today’s farce was attributed to this ugly woman!

Su Banxia looked at Xuanyuanfu’s bulging look, almost applauded and cheered.

Come, come, get angry again, and quickly put this girl off!

However, what disappointed Su Banxia was that after Xuanyuanfu took a deep breath, he did not continue to get angry, let alone talk about the peace.

At this time, Liu Xian’er turned around and knelt in front of Su Banxia.

“Sister, this is really not the sister’s doing, if… if you don’t believe it, sister… younger sister, I can only…”

With that, Liu Xian’er got up directly and slammed into the pillar next to her!


Xuanyuanfu strode forward, but it was still too late, Liu Xian’er had already hit the pillar with blood on her forehead.

“Master…” She said these two words weakly, and then fainted.

Xuanyuanfu couldn’t take care of the others, so he hugged her horizontally, and then took a cold look at Su Banxia, ​​his eyes deep.

Then he said to Mu Chuan, “Mr. Mu, I’m in trouble again.”

After speaking, he strode towards the backyard.

When Mu Chuan followed Xuanyuanfu to leave, he looked specifically at Su Banxia, ​​and happened to capture the successful sneer from the corner of her mouth.

This princess of Nan’an is really interesting.