Chapter 4 If you don’t want to be discovered, just listen to me

Today’s wedding in Nan’an Palace ended when the two protagonists returned to the backyard.

Su Banxia did not leave. As a concubine, how could she ignore these guests after Xuanyuanfu left.

Therefore, even though the poison on her lips has not disappeared, she is still helping the housekeeper to see off the guests. Such a posture of the concubine can not help but make everyone look up to it.

“Today’s affairs, let the main hall look at the emperor with admiration.” Before leaving, Prince Xuanyuanyi left such an inexplicable sentence.

Su Banxia’s face smiled slightly, then her lips curled again.

“The prince was joking. Today, everyone was wronged. When the concubine’s younger sister is getting better, I will ask the prince to invite the prince to have a drink alone.

Xuanyuanyi laughed loudly.

“Okay, get together again next time!”

After finally sending away all the guests, Su Banxia took Qiuhe back to the backyard, twisting his neck while saying.

“Oh, I’m really tired today.”

Qiu He’s frightened white face hasn’t recovered yet. He follows Su Banxia at this moment, and can’t help swallowing.

“The princess, the servant is worried…”

Su Banxia turned her head to look at Qiu He, “What are you worried about, worried that the prince will trouble us?”

“The princess, Concubine Liu is the prince’s favorite. Today is another big wedding. If something like this happened, the prince was not good to you, but I am afraid it will be even more…”

Su Banxia’s mouth twitched.

“Do you know why Xuanyuan Fu had to send He Lishu?”

Qiuhe nodded, “Because…because the prince doesn’t like the princess.”

Su Banxia shook his head, “No, this is just one. Second, he deliberately wanted to threaten me with the book and leave the book, so that I would not mess around in his mansion, and if not, he would quit me.”

If the former Su Banxia would have been cautious because of this and Li Shu, she would not dare to cause trouble to Xuanyuan Fu, but now she came, that would be different.

Although I don’t know why Xuanyuan Fu wanted to take away and leave the book again, Su Banxia knew that as long as she was in this palace for a day, she had to be a princess, and even if she hadn’t ran away, she couldn’t be bullied!

Today’s “wedding gift” is just an appetizer. On the one hand, it irritates Xuanyuanfu, and on the other hand, it doesn’t want the white lotus to be better off.

Xuanyuanfu, Liu Xian’er, let’s take a look!

After the wedding, it’s night.

Because Liu Xian’er broke his head today, Xuanyuan Fu had been with her all the time, but he did not come to Su Banxia to “settle the bill.”

No one bothered herself. Su Banxia was of course in a good mood. With a big wave of her hand, Qiu He prepared the tub and said that she would take a good bath.

“Qiuhe, you go and get me a bucket of hot water again.” Su Banxia was lying in the misty bath tub and ordered to Qiuhe.

“Yes, the slave and maid will go now.”

After a while, Su Banxia heard the slight movement from outside the screen, but didn’t care, only thinking that it was Qiuhe.

But at the next moment, an ice-cold dagger lay across her neck like this, and the voice of the other party was extremely cold, mixed with a strong smell of blood, like a desperate ghost who had just crawled out of hell.

He says.

“Don’t move.”

Su Banxia’s face changed immediately. Although she did not have peerless martial arts, she was always alert.

And this person was obviously seriously injured, but he still came to her silently, and he couldn’t notice it, it was terrifying!

But the shock was only a moment, after all, she had encountered many scenes where the gate of life was pinched in the hands of others in her previous life.

Su Banxia looked sideways. Because of the angle, he could only see the dark purple cuffs hanging down from the man, and the purple gold flowers embroidered on the inside of his cuffs…

She narrowed her eyes and told herself instinctively that the identity of this person might not be simple.

After a while, just listening to the voice of the woman in the mist, there was no timidity as imagined, let alone begging for mercy, but in a semi-discussive tone.

“Hey, you take the knife away and I’ll help you out, okay?”

The man’s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, but his voice was steep and ridiculous, “You are the concubine of Nan’an King, why should I believe you?”

Su Banxia raised her eyebrows and was amused.

“You also know that I am the imperial concubine of Xuanyuan Fu. A man suddenly appeared in the bedroom of the dignified concubine. What do you think is good for me to spread such a thing?”

The man didn’t speak anymore, and he didn’t know if the wound was a little more serious. Su Banxia only felt that the smell of blood in the room became stronger.

She frowned, thinking he couldn’t die here, and asked, “Do you want to stop the bleeding?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

As soon as the man’s cold and arrogant voice fell, footsteps came from outside.

Immediately afterwards, Qiuhe’s voice sounded.

“What are you doing, don’t you know this is the princess’s yard? How can you come in at will!”

“An assassin has entered the mansion. I am waiting to come and search on the order of the prince. Please get out of the way.”

“But our princess is taking a bath, how can you go in at will!”

“They can’t, what about the king…”

Listening to Xuanyuanfu’s voice, Su Banxia’s eyes changed slightly in the room, and he turned to the man and said.

“If you don’t want to be discovered, just listen to me.”

Outside the house, Qiu He didn’t dare to stop again because of Xuanyuanfu’s appearance.

Xuanyuan Fu was unhappy with Su Banxia because of the big wedding, and now he couldn’t find any clues in this Wutongyuan, and then took the opportunity to punish this bold and arrogant slut.

When he reached the door, regardless of whether the woman inside was dressed, he pushed the door open vigorously.

Seeing the misty water in the room, he knew at a glance that Su Banxia was actually taking a bath. He frowned slightly, looked around, and finally turned his gaze behind the screen.

“The princess is really big. I don’t go out to salute when I know that the king is here. I’m afraid it is really what the king will not treat you.”

Su Banxia’s voice came from behind the screen.

“The prince, it’s not that the concubine is unwilling to come out to salute, but that the concubine just heard the prince coming, and remembered to put on the clothes, and didn’t want to slip and fall in a hurry, and the leg touched the corner of the table next to him, and he was bleeding. , I really can’t get out.”

Xuanyuanfu’s eyes condensed, no wonder he smelled the seemingly bloody smell in this room as soon as he entered.

But is it really such a coincidence?

He remembered that the subordinate had just come down to report that the assassin was seriously injured.

If Xuanyuanfu didn’t want to step into this woman’s room in normal times, he had no choice but to do so today.

Therefore, the next moment he stepped up to the screen, and really watched Su Banxia fall to the ground, bruising his calf and bleeding out.

Seeing this, Xuanyuan Fu withdrew his gaze, as if he didn’t care about the looming good figure of the woman in front of him, which was blocked by the layer of veil.

He snorted coldly, “Today you caused Xian’er to smash his head and touched his leg in the evening. Do you know what this is called, the reincarnation of heaven, even the gods can’t stand it anymore, Su Banxia, ​​you… Just do it yourself.”

After saying that, Xuanyuan Fu turned around and strode away, not even looking at Su Banxia.

Su Banxia breathed a sigh of relief when the door slammed.

Qiu He rushed over, “Wang Hao, are you okay.”

“It’s okay, get me some gauze and golden sore medicine.”


As soon as Qiuhe left, Su Banxia said to the direction of the bed behind him.

“People are gone, come out.”