Chapter 4 Senior Sister Is Shy


Unexpectedly, although the senior sister looked thin, she didn’t lack everything she should have.

This is the real angel face, the devil figure!

It really deserves to be a goddess level.

Song Qingwan should be the dream lover of many innocent boys, right?

Lin Chen couldn’t help sighing in his heart.

He woke up early today and ran down a new student report process, and he was so hungry that his chest was pressed against his back.

“Senior sister, it’s time to order dinner, and you helped me so much. Why don’t you have a meal together, and I’ll treat you?”

After all, this schoolgirl, running around with her under the big sun, is also very tired, and it is reasonable to ask someone to have a meal.

Song Qingwan pursed her lips and raised her eyebrows slightly: “You want to invite me to dinner?”

Lin Chen nodded:



Song Qingwan readily agreed.

She actually doesn’t like going out alone with the opposite sex, but the other person feels pretty good to her.

It can be seen that Lin Chen is different from those stalking suitors. He simply wanted to thank himself, so she did not refuse.

“Shall we add a WeChat? It is also convenient for future contact.”

Song Qingwan asked with her mobile phone.

“I will send you the electronic map of the school first. It will be much more convenient for you in the future. After all, our school is not small.”

After thinking about it, she added:

“We made this ourselves, and it’s much more detailed than those found on the Internet!”

Lin Chen nodded:

“Okay, thank you senior sister, I will sweep you?”

After adding Song Qingwan’s WeChat message, Lin Chen posted his name.

“Lin Chen? My name is Song Qingwan.”

“There is a beautiful person, Qing Yang and graceful, very in line with Song Xuejie’s temperament.”

Lin Chen’s evaluation is very pertinent.

Although I just passed the melon-eating crowd, I already knew that this senior sister’s name was Song Qingwan.

People can’t help but look good, and their names are also good-sounding.

Song Qingwan raised her eyebrows and looked at Lin Chen with admiration.

It is said that the people who come to the Chinese Department are all poor in mathematics, and no one loves literature much.

But this student named Lin Chen could see the allusions in her name all at once, which is really rare.

And compared with the average rich second generation, he is mature and restrained…

Thinking about it, she smiled:

“thank you.”

At this moment, Lin Chen suddenly approached Song Qingwan:

“Sister, don’t move.”

Looking up at the face close at hand, Song Qingwan was a little confused.

He, what is he doing?


Lin Chen took a fallen osmanthus flower from her head with two fingers.

“Senior sister, there is a flower on your hair.”


“Huh? Oh, haha, thank you.”

Song Qingwan bit her lower lip tightly, making her cheeks slightly hot in embarrassment.

What was she thinking just now?

How could she misunderstand others so much?

What a shame! Okay!

Looking at Song Qingwan’s red ear tips, Lin Chen secretly smiled.

This senior sister is not so cute!

Perhaps it was Song Qingwan’s “wonderful thinking” that made her feel guilty, and then, her words were obviously less.

After completing all the registration procedures for freshmen, it was already time for lunch, and the two were going to eat together.


Cuiyuxuan-a famous Chinese restaurant near Tunghai University.

As soon as he entered, Lin Chen was amazed by the environment here.

It is indeed a Chinese restaurant. All the decoration inside is antique, and the air is filled with a scent of sandalwood, which makes people feel comfortable.

On one side of the dining table, there is a small stage, separated by a bead curtain, on which a few beautiful women in chest and waist skirts are playing musical instruments.

Cuiyuxuan is also a major feature of Donghai City.

The two randomly found a place to sit down, just facing the stage, which was convenient for the performance on the stand.

As soon as she took her seat, the cheongsam beauty immediately delivered a pot of tea, and Lin Chen subconsciously said thank you.

Song Qingwan raised her eyebrows slightly, pursed her lips, but said nothing.

Unexpectedly, he was quite gentlemanly.

At this time, Lin Chen had already handed a menu to Song Qingwan.

“Senior sister, come on, I don’t know what you have to avoid.” Lin Chen smiled.

Song Qingwan smiled: “I didn’t expect you to be quite caring.”

After she finished ordering, Lin Chen ordered a few more at random and called the beautiful waiter.

Soon, a variety of delicious dishes came up, just smelling the taste can make people salivate.

Song Qingwan looked at Lin Chen as if thinking of something:

“By the way, Lin Chen, your freshmen will have a class meeting in the classroom tomorrow. Don’t forget, this day is very important.”



Lin Chen raised his eyebrows slightly:

“Why do you say that?”