Chapter 5 What a Beautiful White Lotus

The man in the dark purple robe came out, and it was also at this time that Su Banxia could see that this man was still wearing a black mask.

Looking at this costume, Su Banxia thought with her toes and knew that this person is not easy.

Today, she “sees uneven roads”, but she didn’t come to take care of her business. There must be her reason to save this person.

The masked man glanced at the woman who was smiling and silent at him. To be honest, this woman’s face was indeed ugly, and if it were normal, he would not look directly at such a woman.

Besides, she is still Xuanyuanfu’s woman.

However, this ugly woman today really surprised him.

Because just now, standing behind the bed, he actually saw this desperate woman with his own eyes, breaking his leg and bleeding!

And, even without blinking!

What a cruel woman…

Is she really rumored that Su Banxia, ​​a rumored daughter of the Su family who chased after Xuanyuan Fu all day, and was useless?

While he was thinking, Su Banxia’s voice already came.

“I know what you are thinking, why should I help you, right.”

The masked man grabbed the different color in his phoenix eyes, tore off a section of his sleeve, and wrapped the wound on his chest.

Although Su Banxia is far away, she can also know that the wound is extremely deep and that so much blood has been shed. It is estimated that she would have died for most of her life as someone else.

This man can really bear it.

Just listen to his voice coldly.


Su Banxia raised her eyebrows, thinking that this person was really concise, saying thank you so coldly.

“Wang Hao, brought the medicine box… Ah, who is this person!”

Su Banxia immediately booed to Qiu He, and then turned back and continued smiling to the man, “It’s very simple, I just like to fight against Xuanyuan Fu, and make him unhappy, I am happy, so since you are sneaking into the palace The assassin… just saved you.”

The mask man listened to her, and the corners of his lips hidden under the mask unconsciously aroused. This woman is interesting, but at this moment Xuanyuan Fu is not there. If he hears his princess say something like this, he will probably Directly angry.

“Come on, I’ll give you medicine.” Su Banxia said again when he saw that he was silent.

The look of the masked man has recovered.

“No need.”

After finishing speaking, I only heard the sudden sound of wind outside, and it seemed that other people came to meet him. The man in the mask looked sideways at Su Banxia, ​​then the figure flashed and disappeared in an instant.

Qiuhe, who had been holding back for a long time, let out a sigh of relief as soon as the others left, and hurriedly ran to close the window, and turned around and squatted.

“Wang Hao, he…he, he, her!”

“He is an assassin.”

“You…you saved…!”

“Yes, I saved him.”

Seeing Su Banxia’s indifferent expression, Qiu He really complained.

“Wang Hao, this person is not easy to provoke, and he is the assassin that the prince is chasing, so… I am afraid that I will cause trouble in the future.

Su Banxia stood up holding the bath tub, “Okay, I know it in my heart. Bring the medicine box.”

Qiu He sighed, and thought that she fell from the tree that day, and she really couldn’t figure out the temperament of her own princess.

“Yes, Princess.”

At the same time, the outer wall of Nan’an Palace.

In the dim moonlight, a dark purple figure fell, mixed with a trace of blood filling the surroundings.

The next moment, someone knelt before him.

“Master! This time the protection of your subordinates is not good. Master you were seriously injured. Your subordinates are damned!”

Before the masked man spoke, someone walked out leisurely. He was dressed in a crescent-white gown with the fragrance of medicinal herbs faintly on his body. He was no one else. It was Mu Chuan, the emperor Mu’s doctor who came to Nan’an Palace to participate in the wedding.

Mu Chuan glanced at the masked man, smiled, and looked at the kneeling humanity.

“Qingfeng, you don’t know what your Patriarch’s skill is. Even if those people send dead men, he can’t stand such a serious injury. I think, he is deliberately hiding his edge.”

With that, Mu Chuan looked at the masked man and said again.

“By the way, you deliberately hid in Xuanyuanfu here today, so as to attract people to deal with him, I have to say, old third Yan, you are really sinister.”

The masked man glanced at Mu Chuan, “I heard that you came to Xuanyuanfu’s wedding today, why? I still feel that things are not too idle, right?”

Mu Chuan waved his hand quickly.

“How can it be, I’m so busy running in and out of the palace all day long. To come here to participate in a big wedding, you have to treat the drug and bandage it. It’s better to be at your county mansion.”

With that, Mu Chuan seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly raised his eyebrows, “By the way, I encountered an interesting incident in this Nan’an Palace today, do you want to hear it?”

“Not interested.” He left after speaking.

Mu Chuan quickly caught up.

“If you don’t listen to me, I have to say, you don’t know, the princess of Nan’an King…”

During the next period of time, Xuanyuanfu either went out to do errands or ran to Liu Xian’er’s Qinghuanyuan when he returned home, and ignored Su Banxia at all.

Su Banxia was naturally happy. In addition to playing with medicinal materials in the house to treat her face, she took Qiuhe to the garden when she was okay.

The weather was cool this day, and Su Banxia was taking Qiuhe to watch the scenery by the pond.

Among other things, Nan’an Palace is indeed pleasant.

“Sister Wangfei.”

A faint voice sounded behind Su Banxia, ​​Su Banxia’s heart was narrow, and she was finally able to touch Bai Lianhua even when she came out and turned around. It was also unfortunate.

“Sister Side Concubine, why are you so polite with this woman? I’ve heard that the big wedding was done by this woman that day, and you wronged you. Fortunately, the king of Nan’an knew right from wrong and didn’t listen to others’ words.”

Su Banxia turned around slowly, and saw Liu Xian’er and another woman standing not far away. Seeing this woman’s face, Su Banxia’s mind came up with three words-Zhao Ruyan.

Zhao Ruyan is the maternal daughter of Shangshufu. Like Su Banxia, ​​she has always favored Xuanyuanfu, but she doesn’t have the “good luck” of Su Banxia, ​​and she really marries the Langjun.

Therefore, Zhao Ruyan hates Su Banxia in his heart, and Su Banxia can understand.

However, Liu Xian’er is Xuanyuan Fu’s apex favorite. Instead of hating Liu Xian’er, she became friends with Liu Xian’er, and together she targeted Su Banxia.

Really a woman’s heart, needle on the bottom of the sea.

“Sister Side Concubine, go, let’s ignore this woman.”

Liu Xian’er smiled and said, “Sister Ru Yan, sister Wangfei is Zhengfei. As a side room, how can I not visit her when I see her.

With that said, Liu Xian’er had already come to Su Banxia’s side, gently blessing her body to pay respects.

“Xian’er has seen my sister. My sister has been healthy recently.”

Su Banxia looked at the beauty in front of her with no extra expression on her face. She only said, “Seeing the gauze on Sister Liu’s head, it’s not okay if you want to hurt it. If that’s the case, you can treat yourself to your Qinghuan hospital. When I came out and bumped into it, the prince felt distressed.”

While speaking, Su Banxia also glanced at Zhao Ruyan next to her. It was obvious that when she just said this, Zhao Ruyan’s eyes showed a touch of jealousy, but it was fleeting.

Su Banxia raised her eyebrows, thinking that the relationship between Zhao Ruyan and Liu Xian’er was not as good as it seemed on the surface.

Liu Xian’er’s face was pale, and tears were about to fall again.

“My sister is still blaming my sister? The day of the wedding really doesn’t concern my sister. My sister has dug up all the withered vines in her yard these days, sister…”

“I didn’t say anything, Sister Liu, it’s windy outside, you guys play slowly, I’m leaving now.”

Su Banxia really didn’t want to watch the Bai Lianhua drama here, but she was leaving, but some people didn’t want to do her wish.

Zhao Ruyan watched Su Banxia turning sideways to leave, a cruel color flashed under his eyes, and then reached out and pushed against Liu Xian’er’s slender waist!

Just hearing a plop, Liu Xian’er fell into the water like this.

Zhao Ruyan pointed at Su Banxia and said angrily.

“Ah! Su Banxia, ​​why are you so hateful that you actually pushed the side concubine sister into the water!”

“Come on, come on!”