Chapter 6 I jumped into the water myself, how?

Su Banxia did not ignore the movement of Zhao Ruyan pushing Liu Xian’er just now. This woman, coming to her to play scheming, is too tender.

Su Banxia turned her head and winked at Qiu He, and then jumped into the pond, flopping and calling for help.

“Ah! Help! Help!”

Zhao Ruyan originally wanted to wrong Su Banxia by pushing Liu Xian’er into the water, causing Xuanyuan Fu to spit on her even more.

Qiuhe next to him hurriedly called for help, “Come here, the princess and concubine have fallen into the water, come on!”

At this moment, a figure flew over and hugged Liu Xian’er who was dying in the water.

Qiuhe quickly said when he saw the visitor.

“The prince, there is also the princess!”

Xuanyuan Fu really didn’t want to save Su Banxia, ​​so he made a gesture to the people who came over, and a woman who knew water went down, and then he rescued Su Banxia.

This sudden change shocked Zhao Ruyan. She bit her lip, and was about to say something to Xuanyuanfu, but Su Banxia had already spoken first.

“Sister Zhao, Sister Liu and I have no grudges against you in the past and recent days. Why are you doing such a cruel hand to us.”

Qiu He hurriedly echoed Su Banxia’s words, “Yes, Miss Zhao, it was the concubine who invited you to come over today for a gathering. Why are you doing this to our concubine and concubine? The concubine and concubine have been raising their bodies recently. “

As he said, Qiuhe paused and said another sentence.

“Everyone knows that you have that kind of thought to the prince, but…you can’t…”

Zhao Ru’s face turned green with smoke, and she cursed at Qiuhe.

“Bad girl, what nonsense are you talking about! It’s nothing. Where did I push them into the water, it was because they were not careful!”

“Enough–!” Xuanyuan Fu rebuked in a deep voice, shaking Zhao Ruyan with surprise.

Zhao Ruyan immediately pretended to be aggrieved, “Master…I…”

Xuanyuanfu looked at Liu Xian’er, who was trembling with the cold in his arms, and whispered to Zhao Ru flue.

“Miss Zhao, there are a lot of things in the mansion today, so please go back first.”

After speaking, Xuanyuan Fu took off his clothes and put them on Liu Xian’er, and then hugged her up. Before leaving, Yu Guang glanced at Su Banxia, ​​who was sitting on the ground next to him, who was also wet.

Su Banxia lowered her head at the moment, and didn’t know what she was thinking. In short, she just didn’t look at him.

Before, this ugly woman had only herself in her eyes, but now she is different.

snort! Do you really want to retreat?

wishful thinking!

Thinking of this, Xuanyuan Fu hummed repeatedly, and strode away without saying a word.

Zhao Ruyan looked at the back of Xuanyuanfu’s departure and stomped his feet, furious and angry.

“Wang Hao, are you okay.” Qiu He then helped Su Banxia up.

As soon as Xuanyuan left, Su Banxia still looked weak before. She straightened her body and stretched her waist by the way.

“It’s okay, your princess has a long life.”

Zhao Ruyan turned around and looked at her with a pair of eyes staring at her as if poisoned.

“Su Banxia, ​​did you deliberately, right? I didn’t touch you at all, you jumped into the water yourself!”

There was a sneer at the corner of Su Banxia’s mouth, but she didn’t deny it.

“Yeah, I jumped in by myself, so what?”

Zhao Ru’s fume was suddenly choked, “You…!”

“Miss Zhao, if you want to go to Xuanyuanfu to file a complaint, but I have to remind you that the loving couple is in Qinghuanyuan. You are an outsider at this time, so don’t get involved.”

After speaking, Su Banxia yawned and turned to Qiu He.

“Go, go back and change clothes.”

Zhao Ruyan yelled at Su Banxia’s back.

“Su Banxia, ​​wait and see, next time I will make you look good! Humph!”

At the same time, Qinghuanyuan.

Xuanyuanfu sat on the side of Liu Xian’er’s bed, holding her cold hand in a caring tone.

“Xian’er, how do you feel?”

A smile appeared on Liu Xian’er’s pale and delicate face, she said softly.

“The prince, the concubine is okay, but I don’t know that the princess sister is…”

When he talked about this woman, Xuanyuanfu’s face sank, and he asked Liu Xian’er with stronger hands while holding Liu Xian’er.

“Xian’er, tell me honestly, who pushed you into the water today!”

A calculation flashed in Liu Xian’er’s eyes, and then sighed, “I don’t know about my concubine. Sister Wang and Ms. Zhao were standing behind me at the time. As for who pushed me…I don’t know the concubine’s body. “

The meaning of this is to tell Xuanyuan Fu, it may also be Su Banxia’s self-directed and self-acted drama.

Xuanyuanfu’s eyes were slightly cold, but he didn’t say much about the matter of falling into the water. He only said to Liu Xian’er, “The Queen Mother’s birthday will be in a few days. The post has been sent, Xian’er, take care of your body now. When the time comes, go with the princess and the king.”

On such occasions, Su Banxia is definitely going to go as a concubine, but Xuanyuanfu can let himself go with him, which shows that he cares about himself, how can Liu Xian’er feel disappointed and smile on his face Also more charming and moving.

“Yes, my concubine knows it.”

Xuanyuanfu glanced at the position of her left shoulder, and seemed to think of something, “By the way, you blocked the arrow for me last time. The wound on my shoulder hasn’t healed yet. Today I fell into the water again. Come, let this king give it. Take a look.”

Saying that Xuanyuanfu was about to stretch out his hand to look, but never thought that Liu Xian’er’s face changed drastically, and immediately screamed.

“Master, don’t!”

Xuanyuan Fu paused in his hands and frowned, very puzzled.

“what happened?”

Liu Xian’er quickly grabbed the panic in her eyes, and then pretended to be calm and said, “Master, the wound is very ugly. I don’t want to show it to the prince at this time. I will look at it when the wound is better, okay…”

Xuanyuan Fu thought what was wrong, because of this, he retracted his hand and smiled.

“Okay, it’s up to you.”

Xuanyuanfu continued to accompany Liu Xian’er for a while, and then went to do his thing.

When Xuanyuan left again, Liu Xian’er took a long breath, bowed her head and pulled her clothes, revealing her smooth and flawless shoulders. Where was there any hideous wound?

Beside, Liu Xian’er’s confidant Zhang’s mother walked out.

“Side concubine, the one who saved the prince last time…”

Liu Xian’er glared at Zhang’s mother, “Talk more, I was the one who sacrificed his life to save the prince, and the one who accompanied the prince on the bedside for three days and three nights was also me. No matter who that person is, it must be me, and it can only be Me, do you understand!”

She can be so favored by Xuanyuanfu, in addition to her beauty, there is also the last time she rescued Xuanyuanfu and took care of him for three days and three nights.

Zuo, but the person she sent to investigate has returned and told her that the person who really saved Xuanyuan Fu had died long ago, and there is no proof!

Mother Zhang was so busy, she didn’t dare to say more.

In another place, just after returning to the Wutongyuan, Su Banxia changed into clean clothes. When she was putting on her clothes, Qiuhe glanced at the wound on her shoulder and frowned and asked.

“Wang Hao, when did this injury happen, why don’t the servants know?”

Su Banxia looked down and found that there was nothing about the wound in the memory of the original owner. She thought about it for a while and made a few words of it.

“It’s probably left by accident before. It’s okay. Anyway, I wear clothes on this shoulder. No one sees it.”

“But… when the prince and the princess are in your bridal chamber, the prince will not…”

Su Banxia’s mouth twitched, laughing and mocking.

“Tell you, even if all the women in this world are dead, he Xuanyuanfu won’t have a bridal chamber with me.”

Su Banxia’s voice fell, and Xuanyuan Fu’s voice came from outside. It was so sudden that she was startled for a while.

“It turns out that the princess is so self-aware.”