Chapter 6 Waterfront Yaju Yunshuijian

Hearing these words, Song Qingwan’s cheeks warmed slightly, a little embarrassed, but did not explain.

Lin Chen naturally heard it too, but Song Qingwan didn’t explain it, so he didn’t bother to spend the words.

Finally, I got downstairs in the girls’ dormitory.

There were reluctant lovers everywhere, and a few meters away from Lin Chen and Song Qingwan, there was also a pair of lovers who seemed to be intimacy with no one next to them.

Lin Chen gave a thumbs up silently in his heart.

Niu than Plath!

University life is really good now.

Song Qingwan’s cheeks burned terribly, and she didn’t even dare to glance over there.

“The dormitory is here, so shall I go back first?”

Song Qingwan didn’t want to stay here for a moment with the voice of the couple next to her.

Lin Chen nodded.

After the two said goodbye, Song Qingwan also fled into the dormitory.

After Song Qingwan returned, Lin Chen also left directly.

But instead of going back to the dormitory, he went straight to—Shui’an Yaju Yunshuijian!

Shui’an Yaju is indeed the most luxurious villa area in Donghai City!

Surrounded by mountains and rivers, the scenery is picturesque, and even the property is the top team in Donghai City.

Here, you can definitely get an excellent living experience.

As soon as he arrived at the door, Lin Chen was stopped directly.

The security guard looked respectful:

“Hello, sir, foreigners need to register to enter…”

Before he finished speaking, the security guard was shocked.

He immediately took out a photo for comparison.

“You, you are Lin Chen, Mr. Lin?”

Lin Chen was a little confused, but still nodded.

The security immediately said:

“You bought Yunshuijian with all the money, and you are our VIP guest of Shui’an Yaju! I was blind and didn’t recognize you, please don’t blame it!”

He really didn’t expect that Mr. Lin, who bought Wang Yunshuijian of Shui’an Yaju Tower, would be so young.

After Wang Yunshuijian in the long vacant building was bought, it shocked the entire Shui’an Yaju property.

The manager immediately issued an order to let them keep their eyes open and don’t neglect this Mr. Lin.

Lin Chen waved his hand casually:

“It’s okay. By the way, in which direction is Yunshuijian?”

“To the north, the most luxurious one at the end is the Wang Yunshui room in our building!”

The security guard said very respectfully.

Immediately afterwards, he thought for a while and said again: “Mr. Lin, do you need me to show you the way?”

Lin Chen paused and nodded.

“Okay, thank you.”

The security guard was flattered immediately.

“No need, Mr. Lin, this is my duty.”

After that, the security guard immediately used the calling machine to call in his companion to replace the post, and he acted as Lin Chen’s guide.

Along the way, the security told Lin Chen a lot about Shui’an Yaju, so that Lin Chen also had a certain understanding of this place.

I have to say that Shui’an Yaju is really fragrant with birds and flowers, quite artistic.

Soon, Lin Chen saw his cloud and water room.

Facing the lake on three sides, it has the best location in the waterfront Yaju villa area, and of course, the price is also the highest.

After thanking the security guard, Lin Chen entered the villa.

And in a villa opposite the Yunshui Room, the living room on the second floor.

Wearing lazy home clothes, Jiang Li was standing in front of the huge French window with a glass of red wine, her waist-length curly hair wrapped around her head at will.

Her gaze fell through the floor-to-ceiling windows to the opposite Yunshui Villa, her beautiful peach eyes narrowed slightly, and her beautiful eyes were full of doubts.

“Are people living in Yunshui?”

“Didn’t it say that it won’t be sold?”