Characters Starfish and lion

Name: Lin Shiyue

Prince’s Party Number: 54250

Cattery bed allocation: the next to the princess room on the second floor of the court maid’s bed

Personality Traits: Calm and Little Sheep

Skills and hobbies: self-hypnosis, housework

“Life is like a coin, with wishes and goodness drawn on one side, and reality and price on the other side. Should I give my life to destiny?”

Lin Shiyue is an ordinary girl like gravel, and she is very satisfied with her current state.

In the past 17 years of her life, she has always believed that “ordinary is fate, peace is blessing”, and faithfully practiced this life creed. Therefore, her whole life has been running for the simple triangle relationship of “school-home-dormitory”. If we have to say that there is any difference in her logical thinking, it is that the life of this 17-year-old girl was burned for “Gong Douju”.

Therefore, when she faced Sichen High School, a key school that is well-known throughout the country, she had such a very strange theory——

“Yes, this is an unattainable palace!” Lin Shiyue repeated confidently again, “The black iron fence is the high wall of the Forbidden City with red bricks and green tiles. People outside are squeezing their heads and wanting to get in. But the people inside have been banned and isolated from the world all day long, and there are scenes of thrilling battles staged quietly…”

Hasn’t someone said: Isn’t the school the epitome of a small society? In her eyes, the school is simply the epitome of the small palace! If you are seated one by one according to the level, then: the principal is the emperor who sits in the palace and has the supreme power; the principal’s daughter, the Xiong Xing’er who is about to meet is the golden princess; the many female teachers are the favored three thousand concubines; the director of the academic affairs office He is a stern prime minister who assists the emperor (principal) in the affairs of the palace; other male teachers in various subjects are assigned to ministerial positions in various organs; the rich and powerful students are the relatives of the imperial family who wear the halo of the king; of course, There are also some lower-level ones. For example , boys from a cold background will serve as the little eunuchs, and girls will be dressed as the least valued court ladies…

“When I enter the palace, it is as deep as the sea…” Lin Shiyue looked up at the “deep palace compound” that she was about to enter with a hint of fear, and very consciously planned herself to be a “new little palace lady”. column. The humble, ordinary palace lady who keeps herself safe can not attract anyone’s attention and attention, she just wants to be able to live peacefully and indifferently between disputes.

Name: Makino

Prince’s Party Number: 94740

Cattery bed allocation: new entrants on the first floor

Personality characteristics: the best black-bellied man

Skills and hobbies: pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger, and eat only October

“My princess, do you think high school is still an ivory tower in a fairy tale? I’m afraid it is already a Colosseum. In a world where the weak and the strong, you can’t let go of anything that is good for you.”

Is there anyone who has been thinking about how I should support myself in my future life since I was 7 years old? That’s right, in the young age when Muye still had a string of nasal mucus, he was deliberately considering such an important life issue.

Therefore, when he was in elementary school, he began to understand that the students on campus were in three, six and nine grades, and the relationship between teachers was also distant and close; in the middle of junior high school, he began to mix between the major television studios in order to figure it out. What is the goal pursued? When he was in high school, he was already the campus location host of the well-known campus entertainment talk show “Lion Star King”. While receiving light and honor, he also carried pressure and cruelty.

In this world, the leftover is king. From the past to the present, he has never doubted. To paraphrase Lin Shiyue’s argument, is Muye’s TV station a magnificent and noble palace? The director is the monarch of the kingdom, the directors of various programs below are ministers, and the hosts and planners are knights charging into battle. And more, it is a pawn like him who runs errands, pours tea and boils water. They are the cornerstones of the bottom of this pyramid, and they are indispensable, but in fact, no one pays much attention to them. This is obviously a different world, but it is similar to Sichen High School. Makino always struggled all night in the early morning, after repeated cynicism and humiliation, he said to himself: I will win to the end.

Name: Ming Chenyu

Prince’s Party Number: 04551

Cattery bed allocation: the unquestionable master bedroom, 3 meters in radius is a restricted area

Personality: Gentle but detached

Skill hobby: Decathlon

“The most painful thing in the world is not to ask for nothing, but to get it and lose it. I don’t want to bear it again.”

In the memory of girls, there is always such a young boy with short white hair and desirelessness, but he always fills your sight, your mood, and the depths of your heart that you most want to be secretly cherished. Ming Chenyu is such a young man.

In Hangege’s words, he is like a prince charming from a fairy tale. Although such a metaphor made her feel very stupid and illiterate, she couldn’t find a more appropriate word to describe it. When Han Gege saw Ming Chenyu for the first time , a girl who was careless and not afraid of the sky had no idea in an instant, but stood there at a loss, and finally blushed, holding back for a long time before saying a word. : How can there be a crown prince in reality?

But this kind of person who is like a light rain in the morning, makes people love and hate, and seems gentle to anyone but indifferent and alienated. The thing that people will never figure out is the heart that feels like a detachment.

Name: Golden Prince

Too child Party Number: 98006

Distribution of cattery beds: how many cats are in and out, no matter how they are in or out, the equipment of the cattery grows exponentially

Personality characteristics: violent innocent male

Skill hobby: fighting and bickering

“My mother was like a 24-hour round of surveillance cameras, I wish my mother except I can do a little hobby.”

How does a mother who has a “24-hour surveillance head” feel? Mother is sitting in the living room watching idol dramas, but watching his every move. As long as his mother is dozing off, he will sneak out to surf the Internet, but as soon as his mother touches the computer, he will know that he is online, and the exaggeration is that he can put a thermometer on it and calculate the time spent online based on the temperature. My mother enrolled a large number of cram schools, and was so thoughtful that even the prince’s fitness class was enrolled. The life of the prince was always embarrassing.