Daddy, Mommy ran away again Chapter 1

It’s hot, it feels like the whole person has been burned by fire.

Ye Ruxi stumbled open the door of 906’s room, and fell to the bed embarrassedly.

Because of wineParalysis,His brain can hardly think, there is only one thought left, and it must not be taken away by those people!

in the dark,Seems to hearHeavy breathing.

“Get out!”

Ye Ruxi is a bit clearer, listening to the gangsters outside the doorFootstepsHurriedly said: “No! You can’t go out, don’t drive me out…”

Ye Ruxi knew that once he was taken away by those hooligansThere must be no end to it.

Rushed forward and grabbed the man’sService, said: “Help me, please help me, help me call the police…”

“let go.”

“no no……”

“Get out!”

The man’s voice seemed to contain restrained anger.

Ye Ruxi has no brains at this momentClear,I just remember catching the man tightlyHorn, why didn’t he let it go.

The footsteps outside the door are getting closer, the man’s faceIt’s getting more and more ugly.

Those who chased him have not given up until now, and even do things like medication.

He can’t help it anymore! Just thisPeople have to stick to it!

“You asked for it, don’t regret it.”

Ye Ruxi was not aware of what was about to happen,The remaining Qingming just remember toHold this person and beg him for helpUntil the severe pain makesThere was a moment of sobriety!

Ye Ruxi slapped desperatelyMaster, but it was useless, his voice was hoarse, and he couldn’t say anything.

The man seemed to curse, obviously not thinking about itIt will be the first time.

“Sorry, I will be responsible.”

Ye Ruxi’s tears fell desperately, and she kept shaking her head, her eyes hazy with tears.Can’t see the man’s face clearly.

OnlyI saw the black under his neckTattoos.

I don’t know how long it took, Xie Chicheng gradually recovered his calmness, and he glanced down.DownPeople’s pale face flashed in his eyesPity.

He always hatesThe proximity of people, let alone this kind of proThing.

However, in front of thisPeople are an exception, he knows the medicineOnly part of the reason.

More because of thisPeople have too much appetite for him, evenThe scar on the front fascinated him.

At this time, the door was knocked rhythmically.

Xie ChichengGet out of bed and put it on quicklyServed and opened the door.

“Boss, the respondent has arrived, we have to leave immediately, those people are still entangled!”

Xie Chicheng turned his head and glanced at the bedPeople, curled upIs as fragile as a nestling, his voice is warmCame down and said: “Find someone to guard this place for me, don’t let the insideIf people leave, don’t let anyone break in. “

“Yes, I will arrange for someone to come over immediately.”

The extreme entanglement he hasn’t had time to be gentle, after all, this isFor the first time, he was hurt by his recklessness.

Xie Chicheng wanted to see clearlyLook, but reluctant to wake up to sleepof, And under the urging of his subordinates, he didn’t have to stay too much.

Xie Chicheng glanced at Ye Ruxi before leaving, unexpectedlyDownHe saw a house number in the suit, and he picked it up and held it in his hand.

“No. 113, Fujin Community.”

Xie Chicheng whispered: “Wait for me.”

Soon after he left, Ye Ruxi opened his eyes abruptly, and his pupils flickered with panic.

Half an hour later, when Xie Chicheng’s hands arrived, the room was already empty, only whiteThe bright red on the sheets…