Daddy, Mommy ran away again Chapter 3

“Yes, and the betrothal gift is also delivered.If you marry so soon, you can get engaged first. “

Yu Ping snatched a thick property transfer certificate handed over by Uncle Zhong.

Luxury houses, luxury cars, luxury yachts, they are worth one billion yuan, which makes Yu Ping look straight, and his heart is about to jump out.

Immediately said: “Of course I agree! Ruman, come here! You are going to marry Xie Chicheng!”

Ye Ruman was also dumbfounded, thinking that he had heard it wrong, and Xie Chicheng was the Prince Xie that the entire imperial capital knew!

Actually want to marry?

Yu Ping pinched Ye Ruman,NSEyes, “Ruman, what are you still trying to do? Just agree to it!”

Ye Ruman was ecstatic and nodded quickly, “I marry! Of course I am willing to marry!”

Uncle Zhong smiled and said: “Since you agree,Lord will send someone to pick you up soon, he has important things to do nowI’ll handle it for the time being, if you have any needs, please feel free to mention it. “

“As long as I can marry Xie Chicheng, I am willing to do anything!”

After sending Uncle Zhong away, Ye Ruman grabbed Yu Ping’s arm and said: “Mom! Can I really marry Xie Chicheng? But, but this number card belongs to Ye Ruxi!”

Yu Ping’s eyes slowly sank, “What is Ruxi? This number card is yours. Ye Ruxi drank alcohol last night, killed someone, was arrested and went to jail, and our Ye family doesn’t have thisSon. “

“Mom, you mean…”

“You are going to get married soonThanks, you will have a good life. Mom will destroy all the evidence, as for Ye Ruxi…”

Yu Ping’s eyesIt went dark.

“If you don’t recognize it, just hit itrecognize. “


In the cell.

Ye RuxiI got a kick before and rolled on the ground a few times, the whole person hurtA lump, a biteSpit it out.

“Do you plead guilty?! Can you admit it?Suffer a bit! “

Ye Ruxi shouted over and over again: “It’s not me…I didn’t hit anyone…”

“realI’m angry, I don’t want to admit it, what should I do? “

“Continue to fight, and get the money to do things,have toadmit. “

Someone carryingThe child directly towardsThe socket of his foot was smashed fiercely.

“哢嚓” the sound of broken bones.


Ye RuxijianWith a sound, he passed out in pain, but was awakened by a basin of cold water.

at this time,muddyYes, Even the consciousness is blurred, butThere is no letting go, once let goReally ruined for a lifetime.

Until a call arrivesIn front of him, Yu Ping’s indifferent voice came out.

“Ru Xi, recognize it, don’t be aggressive.”

“not me……”

“If you don’t admit it, then your father’s treatment will be interrupted. I don’t have so much money to raise a plant.People, you know what I mean. “

“No, you can’t do this! Dad will die!”

Dad had a car accident three years agoLi ZhiPeople have been lying on the hospital bed, once they leave the treatment, he will die completely!

“You are soYour father, pleaded guilty, or he will go to hell. “

At this moment, the last persistence in Ye Ruxi’s heart collapsed.

He slowly closed his eyes and said softly.

“Yes, I drove a hit and escaped…”


Six years later.

Lying next to the bedHe woke up suddenly, cold sweat on his forehead.

Had that dream again.

The dim room is like a nightmare. Even the sound of a man’s breathing seems to linger in his ears, and the tattoo pattern is deeply carved in his mind.

Turning to look at lying on the hospital bedThe sleeping child eased down.

“Are you Ye Xile’s mother?”

At this time, the doctor’s voice came from the door.

Ye Ruxi stood up quickly, But Po’s right foot makesHis stance is a little weird.

“Doctor, I am, what’s the matter?”

“Come out and talk.”

Ye Ruxi looked at the doctor’s serious faceSuddenly panicked.

“The matching result is out. I’m sorry, but your bone marrow is not suitable.” The doctorRegret.

Ye Ruxi’s heart sank suddenly, and her eyes were red.Holdhand,Trembling: “How long will it take to wait for bone marrow donation? MaybeIs it big? Doctor, please help! “

“I will try my best, but you have to be mentally prepared. In addition, the medical expenses willNS. “

“Okay, I will as soon as possibleCome on, thank you doctor. “

Ye Ruxi JiangThe last sum of money, But the medical expenses are still not enough.

Spent five years in jail, after being releasedBen couldn’t find a good job, even if I got a salary.Pitiful,Ben could not afford Lele’s medical expenses.

Ye Ruxi kept cheering herself up, Lele still needs,Can’t crash.

Take a deep breath and let the leaves turn aroundBack to the ward, he found that Lele was awake.

LeleYelled: “Mommy.”

Ye Ruxi hurried over to help, “Lele wakes up, where does it hurt?”

Lele shook his head.hand,VoiceAngrily said: “Mommy hug, Mommy don’t leave Lele.”

Ye Ruxi was so distressed that she hugged Lele and said, “Mommy won’t leave, she won’t leave again.”

Holding Lele too thinson,My nose is sore.

thenAfter prison, it was found out that she was pregnant.

LawConcessionDetained in the hospital until the child was born and continued to go to jail.

But becauseThere are no other relatives, the Ye family has been there as early asAnnounce after prisonDivorced, so the child was sent to the orphanage.

It was the children who supported Ye Ruxi’s cruelty through prison.The first thing after being released from prison was to find Lele, who was sent to the orphanage, and took the child inside.

But the good day hasn’t started yet, but Lele was found to be suffering from whiteness.Sick, Ye Ruxi’s sky was about to collapse.

“Lele waits for Mommy here, Mommy will fetch you water.”

“it is good.”

Lele’s well-behaved look makes Ye Ruxi very pleased,Take the kettle and go out to fetch water.

Lele looked at Mommy’s back after she left, with small armsHe climbed out of the bed by himself.

The conversation between mommy and the doctor just nowI heard it, youngKnow it isMake Mommy cry.

Mommy has cried many times.

I blame myselfnot good,It’s Mommy’s burden.

The big eyes on Lele’s pale little face dimmed.Step forwardRun out, as long as Mommy can’t find it, I won’t cry anymore.