Daddy, Mommy ran away again Chapter 5

“Mommy, uncle promised me that as long as you go here to apply for a job, you will have a good job! Uncle will not lie to me! Good-looking people will not lie!” Lele opened his eyes, Vowed to promise.

Ye Ruxi is on the one handMy son’s sensibility is very sad, on the one hand he isThe words are dumbfounding.

Although I don’t know who said this to Lele, he is always a kind person.

but,Didn’t take this matter to heart, even the business cardIt is also casually stuffed into the pocket.

Ye Ruxi looked cuteofSon, at the thought ofChildren have to go through such painful torture at a young age,Just a moment of sadness and self-blame.

At this moment, what the doctor said suddenly came to mind.

“There is another hope, The child’s father. Immediate relatives have the highest matching degree. If the child’s father can be matched, it may be transplanted. “

The child’s father? That goddamn man? !

But,Even himI don’t know anything, where can I find it in the vast sea of ​​people?

Ye Ruxi sighed.DownBad thoughts, thinking intently on how to make money, Lele’s medical expenses can’t be delayed any longer.

Thinking about this,Slowly took out the business card and hesitated.

“Longteng Group…”

How could such a powerful group give out business cards casually? It should be a liar…

When Ye Ruxi stood in front of the Longteng Building, he still felt crazy.

I actually believed Lele’s words and came for an interview, but thought of the medical expenses,Still mustered the courage to walk in.

Just stepped onThe building was stopped by the lady at the front desk.

“Miss, do you have an appointment?”

“Sorry, I don’t have an appointment.”

“Sorry, I can’t enter if I have an appointmentOur company, This is the rule. “

Ye Ruxi quickly took out the business card, handed it over, and said, “Someone told me that I can come here to try and apply.”

The lady at the front desk took the business card, her scornful eyes instantly changed, and even her attitude changed a hundred and eighty degrees, and said respectfully.

“Wait a moment, let me confirm.”

Could it be that Xie Chicheng is still Longteng’s manager? Otherwise, the attitude of the front desk lady won’t change so quickly?

Ye Ruxi sat nervously, regretful in her heart.

This is the Longteng Group, a well-known business giant in the Imperial Capital, and morepeopleHow can you be attracted to a company that wants to come in even if you break your head??

IQ must be crushed, Ran over recklessly.

At this time, the serious meeting room,gasIt was very low, and the department managers all bowed their heads, not daring to look at the chief executive.

Xie Chicheng’s cold eyesI glanced around and said, “Can anyone give me an explanation?”

The atmosphere is getting colder, at this moment, Xie Chicheng’sThe book came over and whispered a few words in his ear.

Xie Chicheng was surprised, thatDid someone really come here?

It’s been a week since the hospital, and he almost left the incident behind him. He didn’t expect someone to find a famous film.

But he always said his words, and since he made a promise, he would definitely honor it, and then he gave a few words to go on.

After a while, the lady at the front desk smiled and said to Ye Ruxi:

“Hello, wait here, the manager of the personnel department will come over soon.”

Ye Ruxi is even more surprised, this is trueNS?

Later, Ye Ruxi met the manager of the personnel department and successfully got the offer from Longteng.A clerk in the design department.

When leaving the Longteng Building, Ye Ruxi still had a dreamSleep.

Too unreal!

Actually applied forWork!

Ye Ruxi breathed a sigh of relief when he thought that Lele’s medical expenses would be saved.

Also more in my heartThanks to the man who gave Lele his business card.

I don’t know who that man is, he can arrange it so easilyInto Longteng? And let the managers of the front desk and the personnel department be so respectful?

I wanted to thank that person, so the next morningWoke up early, stayed in the kitchen for a long time, and prepared a servingSheng’s bento.

No money to buy gifts, I had to use this way to expressExcitementNS.

After Ye Ruxi packed up, he came to Longteng Group and officially started to work.

On the first day of the job, Ye Ruxi was originally cautious. After all, a large company like Longteng, even the bottom-level employees, are all graduates from prestigious schools.British talent, while, It’s just a smallbright.

I can’t imagine that my colleagues are unexpectedly good-looking.

Ye Ruxi originalZhang’s heartIt also collapsed under the friendly atmosphere of everyone.

Soon it was lunch time, Ye Ruxi politely rejected the proposal of her colleagues to go to dinner together, and quietly found the personnel manager.

“Well, Manager Zheng, can you give him this for me?”


“Xie Chicheng.”