Prologue, the coin girl arrives

Prologue, the female driver arrives with coins

“Crunch-crunch-life, is it always such a misfortune?”

In early autumn, there was a sudden sound as thin as a mosquito and flies from the streets at dusk, and a few scattered sycamore trees on the side of the road swayed in the wind, and the leaves rustled, as if echoing this sigh.

“Crunchy–think that even if I am earlier than twenty-eight years, Crunch–why still can’t understand the mystery of fate? Shi–“

The clean and sweet sound is like the clear spring water gushing out of the mountains and rocks, but with the ups and downs of the vicissitudes of life, the wind turns into a trembling ending, and the strange impact and harmonies continue to be heard, giving quietness The environment is a little weird.

Even the Queer, who had been parked on the side of the street and played in the empty space of the demolition site, couldn’t help but shivered for a while, and quickly fluttered with wings.

The owner of the voice didn’t agree at all.

She still half-pouched her ass and walked forward staggeringly, pulling the things in her hands from time to time. It was a large suitcase that she had been dragging firmly with the strange sound of “creaking” from time to time. As she walked, she continued to talk to herself.

“The world is unpredictable. I think I was sitting at home a few days ago, but now I have fallen into such a desolate situation …” She shook her head and looked around.

This is an area to be demolished. On both sides of the street, several uncompleted buildings stand alone, and the scaffolding on the wall is like a complex molecular model, densely clinging to the building. The open space is full of building materials, and weeds grow wildly and luxuriantly, and they have been in such a semi-destroyed state all the way.

It’s just that this situation becomes different at the end of the street. A row of old-fashioned red-brick small houses stood alone there, and a few light and dark street lamps passed through the gaps in the leaves and were hidden on the pale gray walls of the houses. An already mottled bronze medal, enchantingly flying a few large black characters-“Happiness in”.

“Oh, I remembered that my father wanted me to transfer Lin Shiyue on a whim. It was basically a fake public benefit and public revenge… It must be because he was caught by me last time smoking a cigarette in the toilet, and I forced him to worship the portrait of Lin Zexu in the history textbook, and listen. I spent a full hour telling the whole story of the “Humen Cigarette Sale Incident”, and he came up with a reason to assign me to a new key high school…”

Lin Shiyue, a girl dragging a suitcase, stopped with a long sigh as Tsing Yi learned from Peking Opera, and looked at the first duplex bungalow with white walls and red roofs at the entrance of the alley.

That is my destination and the dormitory where I will stay in the future.

I heard that the principal of Sicheng High School is an alumnus of Dad. Although the old man patted his shriveled chest, he vowed to say how famous Principal Xiong is. He also boasted that the roommate of Principal Xiong who will live with me, the daughter of Principal Xiong, not only came from a scholarly family, but also has a cordial and kind personality. What is more commendable is that Although she is a Sicheng school girl with an angel face and a model figure, she is clean and self-conscious. She never associates with boys. It is a world apart from those frivolous and beautiful girls.

What else did he say, “Living with excellent people, I will definitely stand out in the future”… However, the old man who once lived with the excellent headmaster Xiong was still a small role for a lifetime. What he said…

It’s really unconvincing.

Zi La-Zi La-

There was a weird voice above his head, and it was too late to raise his head, and the remaining light from the street lamps was also completely extinguished, announcing a strike.

Isn’t it? Although still dusk, the thick shadows of the trees shading out the only light in October to see the forest from a small ocean a short distance becomes a dark room. God seems to be suggesting that the next dark journey is almost the same as the unpredictable future.

“Hey, do you want to go ahead and be generous, or go back to the house before it’s all dark…”

Whenever standing at this difficult crossroads, Lin Shiyue habitually took out an exquisite silver coin from his pocket: “Well, old rules! The positive lion represents forward; the starfish on the reverse represents backward! Let’s hand everything in. Let God decide!”

Reach out and flick the coin gently.

Like a slow-moving close-up shot of a movie, it spins, slowly, and fatefully draws an arc in the air, and the silver coin soars to the top of the parabola, as if it is slowly falling down after being directed by the god of fate…

Forward or backward?

The final choice is about to be announced-

Bell Bell Bell——Ring Bell Bell——

However, at the critical moment, the mobile phone that Lin Shiyue had been holding in her hand suddenly became a masterpiece. The abrupt and loud ringing frightened her all over, she jumped up and stared at the phone like a ghost, only to see the words “Uncle Bear Calling” appeared on the screen.

“Hehe, October, are you coming to the dormitory soon? I have arranged for Myolie to pick you up at the door of the dormitory…” Uncle Xiong’s enthusiastic voice came after hurriedly answering the phone.

“Uncle Xiong, hello! Yes, I have already walked to the door…” Lin Shiyue said obediently, answering the phone and reaching out her hand to catch the coin falling down like a shooting star, but she was cunning. ‘S slipped between his fingers, and dinged and rolled forward all the way.

“Ah!…Thank you Uncle Xiong for your concern, goodbye!”

Lin Shiyue anxiously looked at the coins rolling away, and after not forgetting to respond politely, she snapped off the phone and hurriedly followed the coins to catch up.

Ah, even fortune-telling is not going well, is it the front or the back!

The coin seemed to be deliberately teasing Lin Shiyue, not only did he not stop for a long time, but even made a small turn. Lin Shiyue immediately felt that his feet were empty…

With a “bang”, the girl’s figure disappeared out of thin air from the road!

“Okay, it hurts…”

After the empty road remained awkwardly silent for half a minute, a trembling hand suddenly came out from the mouth of the drainage well.

“…Who is it, who is so wicked! What’s not good to steal, actually stealing the lid of the well so ethically!”

After exhausting all his energy, Lin Shiyue, who was covered in mud, finally climbed out of the sump, with a gloomy expression on his face, and when he glanced at the coin lying not far away, he smiled again with a hint of relief. ??????

“Fortunately, God hasn’t completely abandoned me…”

She wanted to pick up the coin, but she did not expect that the steps she had just started tripped on a few red bricks in the shadow of the well, and her body suddenly lost her balance and dived forward, dumped, and knelt down on one knee–

boom! With inertia, his head slammed into a carved mahogany door.

Oh oh oh-I shouldn’t have been here at all! When Lin Shiyue was full of flying birds and kelp tears, the carved mahogany door was suddenly opened silently.

“You, this is Lin Shiyue? The way you come on stage is really special, why do you make such a big gift?” A nice voice sounded above his head.


Lin Shiyue, staring at Venus, stabilized her figure and slowly raised her head: Bai Jie’s slender ankles, slender and delicate calves, tight shorts wrapped in exquisite curves, plump chest lines and delicate clavicle…Finally, her His gaze settled on a smooth but unusually dark face with a full smile!

Dark? That’s right, it’s swarthy, even darker than the black-faced Bao Gong in the Peking Opera facial makeup!

Lin Shiyue held her breath, her eyes stared to the fullest and stared at the opponent, after a long while, a hoarse scream erupted from the depths of her throat!


A sneaky figure was sitting in front of a white coffee table, looking uneasily at the person who was helping himself with the medicine.

“Really, these people are too wicked… A manhole without a cover is really dangerous. Come on, there will be a bit of pain when rubbing the potion, so hold back!”

Even the blaming sound made Lin Shiyue fascinated, and she felt like she was falling into the clouds and mist, and she couldn’t help but blame herself.

Lin Shiyue…how did you do it, people just put on the most popular black mud mask nowadays, how can you think of such a girl as a ghost? !

October not help but think of those words before father boasted, at this moment the face of real roommate – Bear principal bears apricot baby daughter, the first time she felt the wording of Dad’s so close to reality.

I have never seen such a beautiful girl.

The small face without any whitewashing but exquisite slap, under the light of the light, seems to be lustrous and elegant white porcelain. A dark area is formed where there is no light, one bright and one dark, making the facial features more three-dimensional. His eyes are bright and dark, and the tips of his eyes are raised slightly, appearing charming and arrogant, but at this moment, the pain and worry in his eyes are as gentle as running water. Even the slender finger nails, which are as warm as ivory, are carefully painted with beautiful white lace patterns.

The perfect girl with exquisite nails is like the young and noble royal princess in the movie.

Xiong Xing’er’s outstanding hands are holding the cotton swabs, carefully disinfecting her wounds, October is panic and agitated, not knowing why she wants to kneel again.

“Ah…it hurts!”

The impulse was interrupted by a sudden tingling, and the facial features were wrinkled together in October pain, and tears almost fell out.

“Oh, I’m really sorry, I accidentally tried too hard…October, are you okay?” Xiong Xing’er squeezed the alcohol cotton guiltily, her innocent eyes made people feel that blaming her is a crime.

“It’s okay, it’s okay…” October gritted her teeth to hold her back, and forced out an awkward smile.

It’s just a small injury, why do you suddenly become so squeamish? Could it be that looking at the princess-like Xiong Xing’er, he also became delicate and luxurious?

“Well, it will be fine in a few days!”

After the first aid treatment was completed, Myolie Xiong clapped his hands, picked up a ready-made teapot on the coffee table, poured a cup for October Manchu, and smiled softly: “You must have been working hard. Take a cup of tea and rest for a while. “

“Thanks, thank you…”

The long journey in the afternoon and the worries about the future did make Lin Shiyue a little tired physically and mentally. Nowadays, with the timely care of a big beautiful woman, Lin Shiyue’s heart seemed to be melted, infused with a warm breath.

She gratefully drank it from her water glass.

Xiong Xing’er also didn’t see a life, and put a lot of bottles and jars printed in English, Japanese, and French on the table. First, use a cotton pad to moisturize the facial skin carefully, then apply the eye essence like a piano, and then pour the essence, moisturizer, essence night cream from the delicate bottle… …Apply it evenly layer by layer.

Wow…Unexpectedly, it is such a pleasing thing to look at the skin care of big beautiful women up close! No wonder the ancients said “beautiful and delicious”, today I can fully appreciate it!

Lin Shiyue looked at Xiong Xing’er in admiration for a while, and then turned her gaze to the small western-style building she was in curiously and excitedly: Although the living room on the first floor is not big, there is a narrow staircase leading to the second floor at the back left. The darkness without the light turned on at the moment seemed a bit mysterious. On the wall in front of them is a huge LCD screen. Amidst the strong music, tall and slender European and American models are swinging and swaying beautiful figures on the runway of the latest spring and summer Paris Fashion Week.

The center of the living room is fully occupied by a black bar-shaped coffee table, on which are spread out fashion magazines; skin care products, facial masks, sliced ​​tomatoes and cucumbers in different packages of different sizes…

“Wow, Myolie, this dormitory is so beautiful!” October involuntarily exclaimed, “I can’t imagine that in the future I will live in such a beautiful house with such a beautiful you!”

“Yeah, I’m also very happy to live with October! Have another drink, beauty!” As he said, Xing Xiaoer poured water into the teacup enthusiastically.

Although I was full and full, my stomach was a little painful. But for some reason, facing the beautiful Xiong Xing’er, Lin Shiyue felt that she would never be able to say the word “NO”.

“Okay, okay… It’s really rude to keep you pouring water for me!” Shi Yue said embarrassedly, realizing that Xiong Xing’er had been serving herself.

“It doesn’t matter, you are a guest, and you should be taken care of. I was too tired just now, so drink more hot tea!” Xiong Xing’er smiled generously and shook his head. She noticed that Lin Shiyue’s teacup was empty, and quickly got up and filled it up again, and persuaded her to drink several cups one after another.

Myolie is such a good person…

October was so touched.

Facing her warm hospitality, she had to drink a cup of tea from the left to the right, but instead of alleviating the pain in her stomach, it got worse and worse, making her stomach and intestines feel uncomfortable.

But Myolie Xiong took October’s hand enthusiastically and talked about her blood, constellations, hobbies, and favorite stars one by one. October endured the abdominal pain and answered honestly one by one.

Speaking of happiness, Xiong Xing’er half-covered her mouth with her hands, and said happily: “There are so many things in common, you see how we are destined! In October, I will give you a gift for staying in. You want it most now. What do you want?”

Of course… Send me a toilet that can relieve my pain!

However, in front of a beautiful and noble new roommate, how can you make such an unpleasant request? !

Who knows, Guru Guru-another burst of stomach tumbling!

No, no more, no longer…

Shi Yue’s face was ashamed, and the painful features almost twisted together. He grinned and said to Xiong Xing’er: “That… Myolie… I, I want to be more convenient…”

“Convenient?” Xiong Xing’er was stunned, and then smiled knowingly, “It’s nothing inconvenient, I am very easy-going. My father asked me to take good care of you, rest assured, in the future, we will be good sisters like brothers and sisters!”

“No, no, I mean…that’s convenient…” October waved her hand again and again, pointing to her stomach and said painfully.

“Which is convenient? Are you hungry and want to eat instant noodles?” Xiong Xing’er blinked his innocent and puzzled eyes and asked again with concern.

Ah-it’s over, I seem to want to… to…

Lin Shiyue’s pale face twisted into a ball, her voice already crying anxiously: “Excuse me…Where is the toilet? I can’t stand it anymore…I’m going…”

“Oh, it turned out to be this’convenience’! But… the toilet in the bathroom at home happened to be broken and cannot be used. I don’t know if the neighbor’s toilet can be borrowed, but it’s too late, you know…”

Myolie Xiong pointed to the dark house with embarrassment, and a shameful red cloud flew on her face: “You really can’t bear it, and if you don’t mind, you can only go to the construction site outside to solve it on the spot… The grass is quite deep there, it shouldn’t. It was discovered.”

Construction site… deep grass…

Forget it, now I can’t care about so much!


October dragged the last half of his life to stand up, and bowed apologetically to Xiong Xing’er, his face flushed as if he was about to explode. Turn around and grab the ass and walk out!

Xiong Xing’er glanced at Lin Shiyue’s back with her feet trembled in the inner figure, and she sat calmly on the spot, as if nothing happened just now. She still sat on the sofa gracefully and charmingly, stretched out her hand to gently fill the other teacup with tea, and handed it to a teenager next to her now.

The slanting bangs hung on the juvenile’s smooth forehead, his features and features were even more delicate and beautiful than girls. Under the slender eyelashes, a pair of narrow eyes seemed to be tired of nothing. When his eyes touched the teacup, he raised the corners of his mouth faintly, but his slightly cold voice sounded ridiculous and sharp: “Hehe, don’t take much effort. I don’t want to be… the whole world.”

“Xiao Chi, don’t you pretend to be innocent!” Xiong Xing’er’s original gentle and kind face suddenly changed his expression, she gave him a white look after the mischief was exposed, and changed his elegance and demure, and put her slender legs together. On the coffee table, “By the way, what about him?”

“Of course he’s going to do the errand you arranged.” Xiao Chi glanced at the deserted construction site and lush grass outside the window playfully.

“Hahahaha! Myolie Xiong, your acting skills are getting better and better! You will definitely lose if you don’t participate in the Oscar nomination for Best Actress! You are obviously a thorny rose, but you have to disguise yourself as a harmless Sayuri! “As he was talking, the figure hadn’t appeared yet, but a burst of hearty laughter came in first.

Although it was night, when the young man strode in entered the room, he seemed to have brought in the warm sunlight during the day.

He is tall and sturdy in a set of seemingly casual sportswear, but people who know the goods only need a glance to know that a outfit is expensive. The hair is dyed into a short and fluffy linen color, but the discerning person must also be able to see that the seemingly random and messy styling is also from the hands of a famous stylist in a high-end hair salon, even if it is scratched with hair spray, it costs thousands of dollars. .

“The task is beautifully completed, hurry up and take out the reward!” The young man raised up the high-end digital camera in his hand and kept tossing with it triumphantly.

Xiong Xing’er looked at him too lazily, and lifted the tea cup originally handed to Xiao Chi to the boy: “Prince Golden, receive the reward!”

As soon as the golden prince was about to take it over with joy, he looked intently but immediately yelled: “You woman is too vicious! I’ll be a cow and a horse for you, and even give me this kind of laxative-filled water! “

“You say I’m vicious?!” Xiong Xing’er immediately interrupted Prince Jin’s noise, raised her eyebrows and said impatiently, “Broken street lights, disappeared manhole covers, and bricks standing nearby… Don’t tell me these things. It has nothing to do with you two!”

“I think it’s fun to do this!” Prince Jin shrugged indifferently, and sat down cross-legged with a grin.

“Xiong Myolie, your father is really unwilling to give up. He always keeps sending guests to the shared house for you who wants to study quietly. It has been three months since the last time the person who was going to live here was driven away. It happens to be Xing. There is nothing fun about her, and finally there is a toy that can relieve her boredom.”

Xiao Chi said softly, looking at Xiong Xing’er with a pair of smiling eyes.

“That’s right, Xiao Chi, you know me best!” Xiong Xing’er hugged Xiao Chi’s arm and blinked her thick eyelashes. His big beautiful eyes were full of admiration and joy.

“I did such a shameless act as a sneak shot for you, and I didn’t see you holding my arm to say a few good things. It’s really laborious and thankless! Boring!”

Seeing Xiong Xing’er being affectionate and coquettish to Xiao Chi, Prince Jin wrinkled his nose.

“If it’s boring…” Xiong Xing’er rolled his eyes and ignored Prince Jin’s protest. He leaned his head on Xiao Chi’s shoulder and smiled. “I just changed into a set of underwear. Go and wash it for me!”

“Hey, is there any mistake? You just wanted to make me bare ass in the wilderness, and now… Hmph, you have known to instruct me since I was young!” The golden prince turned green with anger and snapped. Take the camera on the coffee table.

Xiong Xing’er yelled at him dismissively: “What about a bare butt, I haven’t seen it!”


“Okay, okay, you two can’t be quieter together… Hurry back to the room, otherwise Lin Shiyue will come back and see us soon!” Xiao Chi hugged and rushed up to prepare for a big fight. The golden prince who was standing up, just dragged him into the inner room.

Sure enough, within a minute, a figure rushed into the room as if being chased by a ghost, and hugged Xiong Xing’er tightly.

“It’s terrible… really terrible…”

“What’s the matter?” Xiong Xing’er returned to a gentle state again, and asked in a worried voice, but calmly broke away from Lin Shiyue’s holding his hand.

However, October seemed to not get rid of the nightmare just now. He buried his head and said to himself: “Is that a voyeur just now…it’s a pervert…no, no, no! How can I suddenly encounter a pervert in the middle of the night? No, no. If it’s not a pervert, how could I approach when I……no, no! The grass there is so deep…it should be a wolf! But…the wolf’s eyes are green, but I see it clearly It’s white light…”

Seeing October’s endless thoughts like Xianglin’s wife, Xiong Xing’er rolled his eyes hard, but still gently relieved:

“Well, you must be too tired to have hallucinations. I will take you to the room to rest.” She took the initiative to lead Lin Shiyue to the bedroom on the second floor, “You and I sleep in the same room.”

Xiong Xing’er’s room was on the second floor, but it was strange that it was not the master bedroom with a separate bathroom and balcony. Even so, Lin Shiyue was already surrounded by a wave of happiness.

A perfect room as the owner. The creamy white furniture and pink wallpaper are printed with roses, reflecting the fairytale dreamlike European romance. The walls of the bedroom are covered with pictures of Xiong Xing’er posing in various beautiful shapes, in addition to several full-body posters of international supermodels. The table is full of various skin care products, and a dozen pairs of high heels of different styles are placed on the three-layer shoe rack next to the wardrobe.

“Wow! What a beautiful bed!”

However, October’s eyes were attracted by a delicate single bed covered with fluffy clouds like a large white cloud. She plunged into the soft white quilt with a thunder and thunder, and her hairy head was rubbing against the quilt desperately. , A nice floral scent came out: “Mmm… so fragrant… Mmm… so soft! So comfortable!”

Suddenly, a powerful force grabbed her by the collar and violently pulled her up from the quilt.

October turned around blankly, and saw Xiong Xing’er holding her collar with one hand, a sweet and kind smile still blooming on her face, but she was slightly stiff for some reason. Her other jade finger pointed to the side, and said word by word: “That one is your bed.”

“Hey?” Shi Yue looked in the direction of her fingers. It turned out that there was a bed beside it, but there was no soft quilt and pillows, and it was empty and covered with rough wooden bed boards.

Xiong Xing’er smiled and pointed at the empty bedboard, her eyes flashed with a deep apology: “Because you came so suddenly, I haven’t had time to help you prepare the bedding. I’m really sorry! Or today you… “

“Oh…really, sorry…I made a mistake…”

October was startled slightly, flushed on her cheeks, and quickly patted the bed that was crumpled by herself in a respectful manner. Suddenly, several clearly visible gray paw prints appeared on the snow-white sheet, and Xiong Xing’er’s beautiful eyebrows couldn’t help twitching a few times.

“Never mind, I’ll make do sleep a night, go to purchase quilt or something tomorrow.” Then, in the eyes of the bear Myolie staggering, October care of from the ground ready for bed fully clothed lying stiff in bed base.

Click! A drop of water hit the tip of Lin Shiyue’s nose, who was about to fall asleep after touching the bed.

October opened his eyes in surprise, and saw Xiong Xing’er’s eyes sparkling, but he pointed to the ceiling helplessly: “I forgot to tell you that the top of the bed is still leaking.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, just do it right.” October rolled awkwardly aside like a silkworm, avoiding the leaking area, curled up and continued to sleep.

“Oh, don’t feel too sad. That’s it when you go out. There are always some unsatisfactory things!” Xiong Xing’er suppressed the smile on his face and walked to the table to pick up a few masks and comforted compassionately. .


“On the outside, such as how and warm home can not be compared ah …… it is really troublesome, has chosen to stay out of no way to get enough sleep, this is definitely not, I think you should ……” did not hear any response, apricot bear children continue with He said softly with a smile, but before he finished speaking, there was already a slight noise in the room.


Xiong Xing’er turned her head in disbelief, stared at Lin Shiyue who was already snoring with a happy and contented face, touched her almost stiff face, and the mask slammed to the ground.