Chapter 1 Little Prince

Li Yue has crossed. He really doesn’t know why he crossed. As an engineering dog, Li Yue’s life in his previous life was pretty cool. Although he was not married in his late thirties, his parents were still there as early as he was. I divorced when I was in elementary school. There was nothing wrong with it. It was pure emotional discord. Later, they had new families, and soon they had new children, but they were financially well-off, and they didn’t treat him in terms of money.

It’s harsh, and the monthly living expenses are paid on time. It also considers factors such as inflation. It increases year by year. The original house in his hometown was also left to him. This house was demolished when he was in Li Yue University, and the demolition money was paid by Li Yue. I took it to buy a house near the university. At that time, the money was not enough, and both parents also made up a sum of money each, eliminating the trouble of loan. This directly allowed Li Yue to be one step ahead of his peers, so that he would not have a headache for the house after work.

Without the pressure of the house, after he graduated, the attitudes of both parents were also very clear. Their obligations have been fulfilled, and he will not need to support him in the future. Occasionally, it’s okay to have a meal, but they don’t need each other. Too much interruption, naturally, they would not care about Li Yue’s marriage problem.

Therefore, even if Li Yue is an older leftover man, so much so that the elder sister in the work unit is thinking about introducing him to him, but the family has no intention of urging the marriage. Li Yue has long been accustomed to this kind of life, and has no expectations of his parents. There are so many entertainment activities these days, and Li Yue doesn’t think there is anything lonely for a few people in the family. He has a good time by himself.

If there is really any passing through the management department, Li Yue probably does not conform to the principle of passing through except for his parents’ shallow connection. He just passed through inexplicably, and he doesn’t even know what happened before he passed through.

Once you have come, you will be at ease. Now that you have passed through, then have a good time! In this life, Li Yue also didn’t have much parenthood. He was a posthumous child and his father was Emperor Taizong Li Shimin who died a few years ago. As an engineering dog, Li Yue didn’t have much research on history, but he also knew Tang Taizong. As for whether Tang Taizong had his son in the original history, let’s talk about it differently!

As a posthumous child, the biological mother was not from a family or a family. After Li Shimin was old, he did not bring a tall woman with a surname into the palace. Such a woman is unlikely to marry a royal wife and become a regular wife, and naturally she will not. Be a concubine for an old man whose neck is buried in the soil. Of course, the current emperor Li Zhi, his empress and concubine Shu, one from the Wang clan of Taiyuan and the other from the Xiao clan of Lanling, this is definitely Li Shimin’s love for this young son Sensen! After all, among the princes, there are really few who can marry a five-surnamed girl.

In short, compared to the other princes, Li Yue definitely belongs to the kind that is not threatening. Even, because Wei Wang Li Taixie passed away some time ago, probably to show his kindness to his brothers. Li Yue, who was originally only a county king, was also named Ning Wang. As for the fiefdom, it hasn’t been determined yet. After all, If there is a fief, Li

Yue has to go to the fief. The question is, who can count on a baby who is only five years old to manage a fief? If something happens at that time, it’s no joke!
Therefore, Li Yue lived in the palace a few years ago and was raised by his biological mother. But last year, his biological mother passed away.

Although there are many first-rate concubines in the palace who don’t care about raising a child, after all, Datang didn’t let you have a child. The precedent that the concubine of the child followed the child, the princess will be married when he is an adult, and the prince will be a feudal clan when he reaches a certain age. If the biological mother follows along, the prince rebels on the hind legs, and even has no personal traits.

The Tang Dynasty did not shy away from the rebellion of the prince’s clan. In fact, this kind of thing happened too many times. Li Shimin was an expert in this line. A rebel who made the father, is a ruthless man who kills his brothers and kills his brothers and is happy! After Li Shimin became the emperor, he also experienced a series of rebellion. The most stupid one was Li You, the melon baby. Nothing, he killed his teacher and declared the rebellion! Therefore, he was directly given to death! Probably Li Shimin didn’t think he was rebellious, but he thought he was too stupid, so stupid that he didn’t seem to be his own.

In short, the rule of the harem of the Tang Dynasty was that the emperor died and the concubine did not need to be buried. If you have children, the next emperor will provide you with old-age care. If you have no children, go to the Ganye Temple to become a monk and pray for the emperor. Li Yue’s biological mother was silent in the harem of the first emperor. In fact, since the death of the Queen’s eldest grandson, Li Shimin had little interest in the harem.

Later, it was Concubine Yang who gave birth to Li Shimin’s son, Li Ming. Therefore, Li Yue The birth of Li was really unexpected. It was not until Li Shimin was seriously ill that Li Yue’s biological mother knew that she was pregnant. It is said that Li Shimin was drunk that day, and it happened that Li Yue’s biological mother was on the side. Serve, just this one time, she was pregnant. For this reason, I don’t know how many concubines gritted their teeth and cursed secretly.

It didn’t take long for Li Shimin to die, and more than six months after Li Shimin’s death, Li Yue was born. The name was also taken by his brother Li Zhi. Li Yue didn’t remember what happened at that time, and the baby’s brain could not support it. It was too complicated mental work, until his biological mother passed away, Li Yue recalled some things in his previous life intermittently. For his biological mother, Li Yue has only a vague impression. It seems that she is a pretty beauty, but what exactly it looks like, don’t you know that the eyesight of infants and young children is actually not very good?

Li Yue had no impression of the things before and after the birth of his biological mother. To put it bluntly, for his background, the time spent with the nursing mother was much longer than the time with the biological mother. After all, children are always out of control. Living with various physiological reactions, Li Yue didn’t recover his memory at that time, just a simple baby, crying is inevitable. Under this circumstance, most of the people who take care of are the nursing mothers, and the birth mother, when the child is good, she is still happy to tease.

Therefore, Li Yue did not have a deep impression of his biological mother. Not long after his biological mother passed away, he left the palace and lived in the current palace. Fortunately, the people who served by his side were still reliable. Of course, they had to be reliable. If it weren’t for him, Most of the palace people around him can only stay in the dead palace. If something goes wrong with him, these palace people can only be buried. Therefore, Li Yue’s life is still relatively easy. But soon, Li Yue had new troubles.