Chapter 1378 The style is very familiar

Now, the four apprentices are all panicked.

If this bet loses, then they really don’t have to be in the circle.

master! ! !

If they can, they almost want to rush to China from the live broadcast!

Sun Shuoran kept wiping his sweat, “Second brother, I am really going to be killed by you!!!” After

saying that, he made a call hurriedly, ” Hey, Jennifer, now immediately arrange a good makeup for me. Teacher! What? I don’t use makeup! Let her help me to make my abdominal muscles more obvious! So what, can the mermaid line be made? Give me a set if you can!”

Langman: “…”

Butcher: ” …” The

two senior brothers Sun Shuoran glanced, “Brother Brother, Brother Third Brother, do you want to arrange it too? I’ll make an appointment for you!”

Lang Mang rolled his eyes, “No need, thank you, I have that stuff! The

butcher squeezed his eyebrows and said that he did not want to talk to Sun Shuoran, “Is this the focus of attention? Huh?”

Sun Shuoran shrank his neck as he was scolded, and muttered, “Why is it not the focus of attention, so many women? Fans, if you have a bad body after streaking, wouldn’t you be laughed at! Besides, you have to run streaking with the three of you. There is no harm if there is no comparison…”

Langman, Butcher: “…”

Sun Shuoran Seeing only King sitting there with a composure expression and continuing to watch the live broadcast, he couldn’t help but speak suspiciously, “Second brother, you are so calm, maybe it’s…Isn’t it because you lifted the iron behind your back these days? !”

He deeply doubted that this kind of thing could definitely be done with the insidiousness of the second child.

King squinted at Sun Shuoran, “Are you an idiot?”

Sun Shuoran exploded, “Why am I an idiot! Then why are you not in a hurry!”

King looked at the two cars on the screen that were almost side by side, “Even if the master intends to teach us a lesson, Mi Xiu will not necessarily win today.”

“What?” Sun Shuoran was surprised when he heard the words, “I repaired it with a small fan. Strength, if the master doesn’t show up, he almost has no opponents, how could he lose!”

King: “See it for yourself.”

At this moment, Sun Shuoran finally looked at the live broadcast again, and then he, Lang Mang and the butcher were surprised to find out. The car that was behind Mi Xiu before actually chased it down at some point, and went side by side with Mi Xiu, and even had a faint tendency to catch up with Mi Xiu!

“What!!!” Sun Shuoran stood up in surprise, “What’s the background of that kid? He can go hand in hand with Xiao Fanxiu!”

Lang Mang narrowed his eyes, “It seems to be a newcomer of the China Aurora Motorsport.” The

butcher: “Aurora. The team? Isn’t that the same as the master?”

King touched his chin: “Is it my illusion? How do I feel…some of the skills and styles of this rookie…like the master?”

Sun Shuoran was stunned, and suddenly I also felt something was wrong: “Oh! Really! Especially when cornering just now, even the angle is exactly the same. Under normal circumstances, the driver will not handle it that way. That is the unique habit of the master…” The

butcher’s eyes shrank. : “It’s super!”

Langman stood up, as if he couldn’t believe it.

However, in the live broadcast, Mi Xiu was indeed overtaken by the newcomer in a hairpin curve.

Langman slapped the table hard: “How is it possible!”

His apprentice, if he loses to the master, how could he lose to a fledgling newcomer casually! ?