Chapter 1379 There Are New Apprentices Outside

Sun Shuoran coughed slightly, “Master, calm, calm, if Xiaomi Xiu loses, that would be a good thing, at least we don’t have to run naked, right?”

Langman kicked him, “What a shit! How could my apprentice of the snake lose to a newcomer! Even if he loses, he can only lose to the master!”

Sun Shuoran scratched his head awkwardly: “This newcomer is indeed a bit strange. Where did he come out and he was defeated? Xiaomi Xiu, I’ve never heard of this person before. What’s his name?” The

butcher has already checked the information on his mobile phone at this moment: “It’s called Yunxuan. He is indeed a complete newcomer. He has almost no experience in competition before. It’s the first time to participate in the competition, so I can’t find any information.”

Langman said angrily, “It’s even more impossible!”

How could this kind of person have beaten Mi Xiu.

There was silence in the room, and Sun Shuoran and the butcher looked at each other, not daring to open their mouths to touch the mildew of the wave python.

Although Langman is usually disgusted with Mi Xiu, he still has great expectations for this apprentice.

King tapped his temple lightly with his fingers. After a while, he suddenly said quietly, “There is another possibility.” Upon

hearing this, both Sun Shuoran and Butcher looked towards King. Sun Shuoran immediately asked, “What’s the possibility?”

Lang The python also cast a suspicious look at King.

King shrugged, raised his brows slightly, and said, “If I’m not mistaken, this newcomer should be the younger brother whom the master gave to us in China.”

Now it is Sun Shuo’s turn that is not calm, “You nonsense !!! The master said that I was her last apprentice! It is absolutely impossible for the master to go outside to accept apprentices! Absolutely impossible!” When

they chatted last time, they asked the master if there are new apprentices outside, why not Pay attention to them, but that was just a joke, no one took it seriously.

The butcher thought for a while: “Then how to explain Yunxuan’s racing skills.”

Yunxuan’s racing skills are actually not obvious, and most people really can’t see it, but they were brought out by Yeva personally, so they can see it at a glance.

Sun Shuoran: “It’s impossible anyway! Maybe they are really good and talented!”

Although Lang Mang didn’t quite believe that Lin Yan had recruited a new apprentice, he could barely accept this explanation.

If this Yunxuan was trained by a master, then you can understand


At this moment, the on-site commentary and car fans have been amazed by the fierce competition between Mi Xiu and Yun Xuan, cheering with excitement. With.

“Ahhhhhh! God! It’s so handsome!”

“Yunxuan! Yunxuan! Yunxuan!” For a moment, the arena seemed to be a stage for the two of them.

At this moment, the cold sweat of Misiu in the car was coming out, and he never thought that he would be overtaken by the little stutter that didn’t say anything bad. This was a shame.

But Yun Xuan’s face was expressionless, but his eyes were filled with flame-like madness.

At this moment, there is one belief left in his entire world, he wants to win! He must win!

Next, two people started chasing me.

The two occupied the first or second place, and it was often Mi Xiu who just passed, and was chased back by Yun Xuan in the next second, making the fans reluctant to blink their eyes.

Yun Xuan couldn’t see Lin Yan for a long time, and he was still a little worried, but he remembered what Lin Yan said to him, he didn’t dare to be distracted and concentrated on driving.

No one noticed that when he saw Yunxuan surpass Mi Xiu, Lin Yan’s speed also increased, and he began to pass the penultimate place one by one…

Your master not only has new apprentices outside. , And there are two more…?? Secretly told Sun Shuoran that not only did your master have other apprentices outside, but there were also two…?????