Chapter 1430 work hard together

Chapter 1430 Come

on together “What are you talking about?” Pei Yucheng walked over from the study.

Lin Yan said, “Talking about our son.”

Pei Yucheng raised his eyebrows slightly and cast suspicious eyes.

Lin Yan said with a smile, “San Shao said, Pei Gan looks like me, Pei Li looks like you, so I suspect that one is my illegitimate child, and the other is your illegitimate child.”

Pei Yucheng: “…”

“Emperor Pei said, maybe it is actually. Haha we were born…” Lin Yan said with a smile, “If it is really our two, I must be happy to publicize all over the world, there is nothing to hide!”

Pei Yucheng looked deeply at the words. Taking a look at Lin Yan, Pei Qian and Pei Li on the side heard this, and they suddenly pricked up their small ears, their eyes sparkling with anticipation.

What did mom say! If they were her and Pei Yucheng’s sons, they would surely happily spread the word around the world?

So the whole world knows that they are mother’s children?

Suddenly found… Pei Yucheng seemed to be pleasing to the eye a little…

Illusion! It must be an illusion!

“By the way, my sister-in-law, the world’s first league will start in a few days. I’m going to watch your game. Do you have a ticket? I didn’t get a ticket even after I opened the accelerator!” Pei Yutang asked excitedly.

Lin Yan said straightforwardly, “There are still some internal tickets. It depends on you as a shareholder. I will show it to you later.”

At this time, Pei Nanxu on the side also said with interest: “Can I go?”

“Ah! Actor Pei, do you want to go too? You…have time that day?” Lin Yan was a little excited.

Pei Nanxu: “Sister-in-law, you just call me Nanxu, so you don’t need to see outsiders like this.”

Lin Yan: “Cough cough cough… well… Nanxu…”

Being called a sister-in-law by a male god is still a little uncomfortable. This feeling is really indescribable. It is inexplicably higher by a seniority…

“It’s okay, I can spare the schedule that day.” Pei Nanxu said.

Lin Yan said happily: “Okay, then I will save one for you!” As

soon as the voice fell, the corner of the clothes was carefully pulled by a small hand, and Pei Li tentatively asked: “Sister, I… can I go? ? “

Pei dry did not expect to say they robbed before, angry eyes wide open, followed by the opening track,” mom, I want to go! “

Lin smoke scratched his head, a little embarrassed,” ah, you also I want to go! It can be…but, there will be many people…”

“It’s okay, I’ll take them there.” Pei Yucheng offered to take the children.

“Are you… also going?” Lin Yan knew that Pei Yucheng didn’t like racing, so she rarely mentioned it in front of him, let alone let him go to the race.

Pei Yucheng: “Well, you don’t need to prepare tickets for us. I have ordered Cheng Mo to book three tickets.”

Lin Yan: “…” The tickets were booked in advance, and even Pei Qian Pei Li’s tickets were booked.

Pei Gan and Pei Li looked at Pei Yucheng’s reaction, and the expressions on their little faces were a bit complicated.

They know very well how Pei Yucheng opposed his mother’s participation in the competition.

But now this man, it’s almost as if he’s completely changed someone…

No wonder his mother was deceived…

Pei Yutang said excitedly: “Haha, great, sister-in-law, our family will go over and cheer for you!”

Listen At Pei Yutang’s words, Lin Yan’s expression was stunned, her eyes filled with warm colors, “Thank you…” In the

past, she had always been alone in foreign competitions. I was afraid that my family members were worried, and I never dared to tell them.

This is the first time that a family member went to watch her game and cheer for her.