Chapter 1432 Family Members

Chapter 1432 Family members

“Pei…Mr. Pei! It’s really you, I thought I was wrong!” The

owner of a domestic automobile company looked at Pei Yucheng sitting in the stands in surprise. He did not expect Pei Yucheng to come to such an occasion. .

If he hadn’t seen Emperor Pei sitting with him, he would have thought he was dazzled.

Pei Yucheng nodded slightly: “Mr. Liu.”

“Mr. Pei, I really didn’t expect you to come to the game. I said I’d arrange a seat for you! Are you… here to watch the game or to inspect?” Asking.

He feels that Pei Yucheng really doesn’t seem to be a person who likes racing. Is it because which team he invested in, that’s why he came to join him?

Pei Yucheng glanced at Boss Liu, and replied unhurriedly: “Family.”

Boss Liu was stunned: “Uh…”


Pei Yucheng had a personal relationship with which racer, he didn’t even know at all!

Boss Liu is the largest investor in Leiyin Racing Team and one of the sponsors of the global league, so he still knows a lot about things in the racing circle, but he has never heard of it, so he is very surprised.

Could it be which cousin, cousin, etc.?

It’s just that this is someone’s private matter after all. Seeing that Pei Yucheng didn’t mean to say more, he couldn’t afford to ask too much, so he could only smile and greet him, “Ah! That’s it, that’s how it is! I didn’t expect President Pei to have such a powerful relative. , Ran into the world’s first league, very powerful!”

Boss Liu immediately sent a message to the manager of Leiyin to ask about the situation, to see which racing driver was in contact with Pei.

Soon Leiyin’s team replied. None of the three players in Leiyin’s team had the surname Pei, and no one had a relationship with Pei’s family.

The other team members did not seem to have heard of this relationship.

Is it the Lightspeed team?

I had known that he had invested in the Lightspeed team, and could still use this line to have a relationship with Pei Yucheng… Pei

Yutang laughed out loud and said in Pei Yucheng’s ear, “Brother, you are too bad! This Liu I guess everywhere I can find out which racer is your relative! He can’t guess if he is killed, he is your girlfriend…”

Suddenly a surprised voice came from the side: “Pei Nanxu?!”

Pei Nanxu raised. He started and looked to his side, and then saw Wei Xufeng wearing sunglasses.

Pei Yutang also looked towards the people coming, hey, Wei Xufeng, isn’t this one of his sister-in-law’s gossip boyfriends?

Wei Xufeng took off his sunglasses and looked at Pei Nanxu in surprise, “Pei Nanxu, why are you here too?”

Pei Nanxu said hello: “Long time no see, I’ll come to watch the game.”

Wei Xufeng He frowned and mumbled, “You? Watching the game? I never heard that you like racing…”

Wei Xufeng is an avid racing fan and never loses every game. However, based on Pei Nanxu’s personality, it is completely related to racing. Not touching the edge, so he was a little surprised to see Pei Nanxu here.

“I came here with my family.” Pei Nanxu said.

Wei Xufeng knew Pei Yutang and Pei Yucheng. He didn’t think much about seeing their brothers sitting in a row. He just glanced at the two children sitting between Pei Nanxu and Pei Yucheng.

Why did you bring two children to watch the racing game?

“Let let! Let let! Go to your seat, what are you doing here!” Qi Shaoyuan’s urging came from behind him.

Wei Xufeng and Qi Shaoyuan are just in front of Pei Nanxu.

Qi Shaoyuan saw Pei Yucheng in the back row sharply, oops! Isn’t this the boss’s boyfriend!