Love at First Night

Love at First Night
Alternative: Love at First Night , 一纸宠婚 , Yī zhǐ chǒng hūn, One piece of love
Genres: Romance
Year: 2021
Status: ongoing


After getting married for a few months, she never met her husband. Meanwhile, a cold CEO suddenly came into her life and began to pursue her passionately. On one side, it was the gentle and considerate husband she had never seen; on the other side, it was the CEO who has been with her for a long time.
How will she choose…

After a few months of marriage, her husband paid silently but never showed up. At the same time, Huo Tingshen, who suddenly broke into his life, also launched a passionate pursuit of himself. On the one hand, she is the “husband” who is gentle and considerate to herself, but has never been able to meet, on the other hand, is Huo Tingshen, who has been in love with each other day and night, what choice will she make…

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