Shangyang Fu (Monarch Industry) Ending Series

Finale: Wang Yan died of a serious illness, Xiao Qi died alone

In the novel “Shangyang Fu”, Xiao Qi and Wang Yan have gone through untold hardships to reunite, annihilating the rebels and pacifying the Helan tribe on the border. When the rebel generals rebelled, Wang Yan desperately escorted the unintentional imperial Zidan out of Beijing. , Protect him safely. Wang Yan led his troops to defend the city. After nine deaths, Xiao Qi finally clung back to the border to calm the chaos. In the end, the husband and wife joined hands to open a new era and jointly protect the people of their homeland.

However, the exhaustion of the past few years made Wang Yan exhausted, and his body went from bad to worse. A few years after Xiao Qi became emperor, Wang Yan died. Zidan finally lived in seclusion with his wife, and He Lanzhen was cut off by Xiao Qi and sent back to the Turks as a tool to contain Hulan. For several years in Turks, I have been reluctant to bear it, accumulated strength secretly, seized Turkic power in one fell swoop, and finally surrendered.

Song Huaien, who followed Xiao Qi’s birth and death, galloped on the battlefield, and finally the official to the right, admiring Awu, and finally chose to become Awu’s sister-in-law due to his interests, coveting Xiao Qi’s Jiangshan and Awu, and finally planned a series of conspiracies. Putting Xiao Qi into trouble, betraying Xiao Qi, confronting Awu, and committing himself in front of Awu after the defeat, ending a short and splendid life.

“Shangyang Fu” is directed by Hou Yong and Cheng Yuanhai as the director. Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Yiwei, Yu Hewei, Yang Youning (Taiwan, China), Jia Yiping, Jiang Kai, Guo Jiaming, Pu Bajia, Liu Duanduan, Zuo Xiaoqing, Liu Yun, and Shi Ke are the leading actors and actresses. , Hailing, Chen Jinru, Sui Yuan, Zeng Yixuan starring, Zhao Yazhi (Hong Kong, China), Hui Yinghong (Hong Kong, China), Yuan Hong specially invited starring, Wang Jiyouqing starring in ancient costume historical drama. The play is adapted from Meiyuzhe’s novel “Emperor’s Industry” and tells the story of Wang Yan and Xiao Qi because of a power transaction, they first married and then love to determine the world together.