001 Fiance Cheating

“Hate…you are so bad!”

A woman’s soft voice came from the bedroom upstairs, and it was particularly harsh in this quiet space.

Chi Xiaoyu, who had just entered the door, had a shock in her heart. She walked up the stairs step by step with her bare feet…

The bedroom on the second floor was decorated very festive and warm. In order to save happiness for the wedding night, she herself was not willing to move in. How could there be other women’s voices?

The door of the bedroom was hidden, and her trembling hand gently pushed open a small slit…

Under the orange light, a pair of men and women hug each other on the red sofa.

“Tingting, don’t be here, let your sister see it badly…” the man said in a low voice.

“What are you afraid of? Chi Xiaoyu is just a soft-footed shrimp. She always obeys you and dares not to rebel… Anyway, you are about to get married. I’m going to be a bride before her… Hehe, My sister must have never imagined that her new house and bridegroom will be mine in the future!”

The woman smiled charmingly and stretched out her hand to push the man’s figure down on the sofa.

Seeing this, Chi Xiaoyu was like five thunders, and her whole world collapsed in an instant.

That man was her fiancé Bo Xuan, and tonight, he actually got involved with her cousin Chi Tingting.

The feeling of heartache and humiliation flooded her like sea water, and the heartache was so painful that she couldn’t breathe.

A sharp pain came from the corner of his lips, and a hint of sweet smell poured into his mouth.

It turned out that he bit his lip, and blood flowed into his mouth.

The pain made her sober up a lot in an instant.

Even at this moment, she couldn’t wait to step forward and grab Bo Xuan by the collar, slap him severely, and tore up the pair of dogs and boys.

However, reason told her that she could not do this. In the past four years, almost all the inheritance left by her parents was deceived by the cousin’s family.

If she tears her face in person, she will have nothing…

She took a deep breath, tried to suppress her heartache, took out the phone with trembling hands, turned off the sound, recorded all this with the camera, and exited her wedding room.

Oh, fortunately, she hasn’t officially married him yet, and she still has room to stand up.

This pair of dogs and men, I will not let you go! !

Night has come quietly, and the entire S City has become a sea of ​​lights.

Chi Xiaoyu’s heart is still bleeding…

When I was tired, I sat down and exchanged a few cans of beer at the vending machine with the banknotes.

Open the phone album, trembling fingers slid across, and the pictures taken with Bo Xuan’s affection in the past were deleted one by one.

A bitter sensation came from the bottom of the stomach in bursts, saying whether or not he was crying for the white-eyed wolf.

However, why do I feel more uncomfortable the more I drink, and tears are falling desperately.

Chi Xiaoyu, you must not cry, you must not break down!

Mom and Dad are gone…

You must take good care of yourself and not let those who look down on you bully you!

“Beauty, I’m so late! Have fun with my brother!” A little bastard with dyed yellow hair looked at her chest maliciously.