5224 Beijing Yanqiu Chapter (28)

“…But, if you don’t marry him, my mother will be very angry again. I’m really entangled, I don’t know what to do?”

Ruan Xuefu began to wipe tears again, which was a very difficult decision for her.

“Then do you love him?”

Jing Yanqiu asked again.

Ruan Xuefu was startled, stopped crying, and thought for a while.

“Sister Yanqiu, I don’t know what love is! I think Nanqiao Shen is very good and I am very happy with him. However, he doesn’t like me at all. We are not like lovers at all, but more like strangers, so what love is said? , I don’t think we can talk about it yet.”

Jing Yanqiu nodded.

It is also true that a marriage like this model of blind date, how likely is it to produce love?

What’s more, it shouldn’t take long for the two people to know each other.

“Sister Yanqiu, what do you think I should do?”

“If it is my suggestion, you should not say it! What’s more, blood cancer does not have to die 100%, maybe… find a matching bone marrow donor, and there is hope of survival.”

“Bone marrow donation? But who will donate to him?”

“Snowf, if you want to get his favor, I suggest you go for a bone marrow matching test. Think about it, if the match is successful, you can save him. In this way, he can live and be right. You have a good impression.”

As Jing Yanqiu could think of, this was probably the most comprehensive approach.

Ruan Xuefu’s eyes widened, but for a long time she shook her head again, “This won’t work, I can’t go for this operation. If I had an operation, my mother would definitely know. She would kill me…”

Jing Yanqiu shook his head bitterly, after all, Xue Fu was still too young.

She can’t even figure out her own feelings, how can she be able to save Shen Nanqiao?

“Okay! Maybe, there are other matches in this world? By the way, do you know which hospital he sees?”

“Oh, I know this. Right at the Central Hospital, he will visit the best authoritative cancer expert every Saturday… I heard that medical expenses are very expensive!”

Ruan Xuefu reached out and grabbed his hair, thought about it, and then started asking other things.

“Sister Yanqiu, do you bother you in the jade shop every day? Have you ever liked any man before? In fact, Nan Qiao’s mother likes me very much and buys a lot of things for me every time. But my mother told me again, don’t It’s too close to this future mother-in-law. Hey, the world of adults is really hard to understand.”

Jing Yanqiu finished the last coffee in the cup and stood up, “Snowfu, I suddenly remembered that there is still something that I haven’t dealt with. I’ll leave first.”

“Okay, hey, talk to you, I feel much better. I used to be like a headless fly, guilty and at a loss, now my heart is finally settled.”

“Well, you are still the same as before, just contact him. Also, don’t mention anything about our conversation to anyone.”

“I know, I won’t tell, I will look for you in the future.”

“OK, bye!”

Jing Yanqiu paid the bill, and then hurried out carrying the bag.

The sunlight outside was a bit dazzling. She walked very erratically, stumbled, and almost fell a few times.

She walked all the way to the back of a big tree in the park. She leaned back against the big tree in a place no one saw, and she cried out loudly with her hands covering her face.