5226 Beijing Yanqiu Chapter (30)

Three days later, Jing Yanqiu got a phone call from the doctor that her bone marrow matched Shen Nanqiao’s.

Upon receiving such news, she felt an unspeakable sadness in her heart.

Could it be that her mission in this life is to use her life to save Nanqiao Shen?

The bitter feeling reverberated in my heart.

Knowing this, she couldn’t help but ignore him.

After two days of preparation, she took a leave of absence with Elder Lei, saying that she was unwell and needed to be hospitalized for a few days.

At this time, Elder Lei was still on a business trip abroad, so he readily agreed and gave her a sum of money to support her health.

She packed up some of the hospitality salutes, and then went to the hospital.

The doctor attending is the same old doctor last time.

“Girl, here you are! Come, first register your basic information here. I tell you, this donation of bone marrow. It will also damage your body to a certain extent. Therefore, we must treat you first before the operation. Take a physical examination and fill in this medical record… By the way, Mr. Shen Nanqiao has already arrived. Would you like to say hello to him?”

“No, you go back and tell him, just be an anonymous donor. I don’t want to socialize with him.”

“Girl, although you say that helping others is a noble thing, you may not ask for money, but you can never give him a verbal gratitude?”

“No, I just want to save him. In addition, please don’t tell him my name.”

Jing Yanqiu is very stubborn.

She couldn’t stand Shen Nanqiao’s ridicule and blanking her eyes.

What’s more, she doesn’t know if he still hates her for the bones now.

If he hates her for being boned, maybe he can’t even accept bone marrow donation, then it will be troublesome.

“Well, you are such a good girl! I thank you for that gentleman first.”

“You’re welcome, doctor!”

Jing Yanqiu took the medical record handed over by the doctor and filled in the basic condition of her body and allergens.

Next, take the medical record to do a full-body examination.

It took more than an hour to complete the examination. While waiting for the results, she was very bored alone, walking around in the outpatient hall.

In the end, she walked out of the outpatient hall and walked into the back garden, and she saw Shen Nanqiao again.

He was wearing a white shirt with black trousers underneath.

He stood in the sun, his face still a little pale.

I have to say that he looks good in a white shirt, is clean, tidy, and meticulous, with a calm and extravagant gesture between his gestures.

His black trousers outlined his legs very slender, his back was leaning against the wall, and he was smoking a cigarette silently.

Such a lonely figure made people who come and go give him an unexpected glance.

She hasn’t seen her son for a long time, and she doesn’t know if his son looks more and more like Shen Nanqiao now.

She stood in the gloom, staring silently at Shen Nanqiao’s back.

Suddenly the phone rang.

She quickly walked around behind the door and picked up the phone.

It was the old doctor who called just now.

“Girl, come here, I have a result…”

“Okay, I’ll come right away!”

Jing Yanqiu still had some small accidents. It was originally said that the result would be an hour, but why did it suddenly advance?

She walked through the outpatient clinic and went directly to the doctor’s office where she was hospitalized.

At this time, the old doctor was sitting in front of the computer with a sad expression on his face.