5227 Beijing Yanqiu Chapter (31)

Jing Yanqiu pulled the chair and sat across from the old doctor, “How is the result? Can surgery be performed today?”

The old doctor shook his head, “The results of the tests you just did are now in the computer and I can see them. But… why didn’t you say before that you have a heart attack?”

Jing Yanqiu thought for a long time, “Heart disease? I am congenital! These are all things when I was young. At that time, the doctor said that I would not live to be eighteen years old. But it seems, you see, I not only live After 18 years old, I still gave birth to a son. My heart is not as good as normal, and this kind of thing is not an acquired disease and will not have an impact.”

She didn’t actually take it seriously.

It is congenital after all, and she has never been sick. I have been healthy since I was a child.

The old doctor shook his head, “Your heart is congenital, and it is logically infertile. It is a fluke that you have given birth to a child now. God will give you a chance, but he won’t necessarily give you another chance. Girl, I don’t think you can donate bone marrow for the time being.”

Jing Yanqiu was a little anxious, “Doctor, I’m fine, really…I am willing to donate the bone marrow to him. If I don’t donate it to him, he will die.”

The doctor shook his head and sighed, “But if you donate forcibly, your life may be in danger! You might die on the operating table.”

“I’m not afraid! Doctor, I’m not afraid of death!”

“Why are you so troublesome! For our doctors, if saving one person may sacrifice another person, it is not worth it, and it is not easy to mention.”

“No, no, doctor! Let’s just try it, maybe I’m fine. Are there many miracles in medicine? I’m willing to take this risk!”

“But, you have to know that you may lose your life in this operation!”

“I know that even if I die, it will be worth saving him.”

“Girl, why are you so troublesome!”

“Actually…Doctor, he is the father of my child. I live in this world, and I may not be able to give my child luck. But he can, he can help me raise the child…Doctor, please , I must save him. Even if there is only a glimmer of hope, I cannot give up on him.”

After Jing Yanqiu’s begging, the old doctor finally sighed and had to agree.

“Anyway, I have informed you of the risks of surgery. Since you insist on doing this, I can only do it according to your requirements. You are right, there may be miracles! If you know the risks, still If you agree to donate, please sign the name of the operation information sheet!”

The old doctor sighed and handed the surgery file to her.

Jing Yanqiu took a look. These are all kinds of accidents that will occur during the operation.

Life is alive, who doesn’t want to live for a few more days, who wants to give up his life for nothing…

However, if there is a person who is more important than his own life, then he should do it without hesitation.

She signed the word neatly and handed the pen to the doctor.

“Excuse me!”

“Oh, you girl, in order to perfect others, even your own life is willing, but why don’t you let him know?”

“I don’t need him to know, I only want him to live. I don’t want his gratitude…”