5228 Beijing Yanqiu Chapter (32)

Jing Yanqiu looked out the window blankly, her lips were a little pale, and she murmured in a low voice.

The sky outside the window was as blue as it was washed, and there were birds flying by in the sky, leaving behind a free figure.

She didn’t actually worry too much.

Congenital heart disease, in her opinion, is not a big problem.

This is equivalent to someone who has darker skin and less hair. These are all natural. This is not a disease, at most it is a little bit less than others.

After so many years, she has survived, and she doesn’t believe that she can really die on the operating table.

An hour later, she lay on the surgical disease.

In fact, bone marrow transplantation is not terrible.

It’s not like a major operation…

She just lay quietly on the hospital bed, watching the doctor insert the needle into her blood vessel, and then watching the blood flow down the needle into the blood bag.

The man who performed the operation on her was a young male doctor. He spoke with her very dutifully, and then explained to her some of the problems encountered during the operation.

This blood will be taken out for refining, and then lost to Shen Nanqiao.

There was a little emptiness in her heart, but when she heard that Shen Nanqiao’s operating room was next door, she calmed down.

She was lying on the hospital bed, looking up to the ceiling, Shier looked out the window again.

The blood was drawn from her body little by little, ran into the blood bag, and then sent to the next door.

She didn’t feel much at first.

However, after a long time, she gradually felt a little chilly.

It’s like the temperature suddenly dropped.

She turned to the male doctor, “Could you please cover me with a quilt? I’m a little cold!”

The male doctor brought her a thin quilt, then stood up and shouted to the outside.

Several more doctors came in hastily.

“How about it?”

“The patient feels cold, should I stop the operation?”

“No, it can’t be stopped, the operation is underway over there!”

“But here, the patient’s condition is not very good…”

The doctor saw that Jing Yanqiu’s face was pale and her heartbeat was a little disturbed, and she was worried that problems would occur if she continued to pump it.

“Don’t stop, I’m okay… Doctor, I’m a little bit anemic, I’m usually afraid of the cold. It doesn’t matter, continue smoking! I want to save Nan Qiao, I must save him.”

Jing Yanqiu’s voice was light and fluttering, without any strength, but she was very firm, repeating it over and over again, for fear that the doctor would not listen to her.

Several doctors discussed it, and then continued to draw blood.

The feeling of coldness became more and more obvious, and Jing Yanqiu gradually couldn’t hold it anymore. It felt like the whole person was frozen in an ice cellar.

She gritted her teeth and did not dare to ask the doctor for a quilt anymore. She persisted in silence. She hoped to be able to support Shen Nanqiao’s operation until the end of Shen Nanqiao’s operation.

But later, she felt more uncomfortable.

Feeling her heart beating very fast and her eyes turned black, she suddenly recalled the time she spent with Shen Nanqiao.

I have been with him for so long, but I can’t even remember his gentleness.

Yes, it’s really sad. She has loved him for so long, but she hasn’t been tender enough.

A line of cold tears fell from the corner of her eyes, and she felt terribly uncomfortable.

Amidst the confusion, she heard the doctor’s exclamation, some machine humming non-stop.

Is she going to die?

She gave him the last bit of warmth from the rest of her life, hoping that he could treat her son kindly.

Fortunately, if you die, there will be no more pain, no more uncomfortable.