5229 Beijing Yanqiu Chapter (33)

In that dark world, Jing Yanqiu finally regained consciousness.

It was as if she was staying in a dark room where she couldn’t see her fingers. Someone locked the door and she couldn’t get out inside.

She wanted to open her eyes, but found that she couldn’t move, panicked in her heart, but had nothing to do.

In sadness and despair, suddenly a big warm hand clenched her hand.

“Yanqiu, can you hear me?”

She was shocked, it turned out to be Shen Nanqiao’s voice.

“Shen Nanqiao!!”

She exclaimed in her heart, but found that she could not make any sound at all.

“Yanqiu, today is the one hundred and ninth day of your coma… Our Shen Teng is more than a year old, do you know? His eyes are very similar to you, he can talk. He can call father and mother. He Every day I tell me that I want my mother to hug him. But I can’t satisfy him, Yan Qiu, if I am a good father, I can’t do anything.”

Shen Nanqiao’s voice was full of confession.

He kept talking.

Every word he said was new to her.

Shen Nanqiao in the memory has never been so gentle.

She tried hard to respond to him, but she couldn’t do anything.

“Yanqiu, why are you so stupid! In order to save me, you even gave up your own life… God knows how much I owe you, how can I pay you back? Please, you must wake up and give me one Opportunity, let me repay you!”

The man’s voice paused for a while, and footsteps came from outside.

Then, a childish voice sounded, “Dad!”

“Well, Shen Teng, come here and call mother…”

Jing Yanqiu heard a soft breathing sound getting closer and closer to her. It was her precious son, the focus of her heart.

“Baby, call mom!”

There was silence for a long time.

Shen Nanqiao’s voice sounded again, “Ateng, this is your mother! When I was a child, she hugged you every day! Taking care of you, didn’t you always want to find your mother? Mom is here, and my mother loves Ateng very much.”

Jing Yanqiu hoped to see how her son grew up, but it was a pity that she could not move or open her eyes. Her only sense was hearing.

“Ateng, call mother!”

Shen Nanqiao taught for a long time, and finally, the sweet voice said slowly, “Mom!”

The childish voice instantly melted Jing Yanqiu’s heart.

She could feel the cold tears falling from the corners of her eyes.

A gentle finger gently rubbed the corner of her eye, anxiously excited, “Yan Qiu, can you hear me? Can you hear Ateng’s voice?”

However, she could not make any response.

It’s as if she is in another space…

Shen Nanqiao called for a long time, and after not getting her response, he was a little disappointed.

“Ateng, kiss mom!”

The soft little lips were printed on her face, soft and very comfortable.

“Ateng, I will come to see my mother often in the future, you see, my mother is crying, which shows that my mother loves Ateng very much.”

A small hand gently touched her face, and the small voice kept muttering, “Mom, mom…”

“Baby, mom loves you too!”

Jing Yanqiu muttered silently in her heart.

Time is passing every day.

Jing Yanqiu still couldn’t control her body, but she could hear Shen Nanqiao’s voice every day.