5230 Beijing Yanqiu Chapter (34)

Sometimes, Shen Nanqiao would play music to her, with soothing piano sound, romantic saxophone, and fierce DJ.

Sometimes, he would wipe her face with a towel and help her get a body massage.

“I don’t know what brand of skin care products you like, let’s wipe everything for you!”

She could feel how he rubbed her moisturizer.

“Today is sunny and the sun is shining outside. I bought a pot of sunflowers and put them on the windowsill… I plan to pick you up tomorrow, and I will send my mother back to my hometown. From now on, there will be only me at home, you and Ateng The servant is still the former servant…”

“It’s raining today, and the magnolia tree is full of petals. Spring is almost over, and summer is coming soon. Yanqiu, wake up! If you can wake up, we will go to the movies and eat with you. Eat, we will take our children to Maldives for vacation…”

His voice was in her ears, Shier was low and Shier was sad.

He is like a performance artist, and she can only be an audience forever.

“Yanqiu, I will help you understand the Lei family’s affairs. The young master of the Lei family passed away unexpectedly. Grandpa Lei said that he can give you freedom in the future.”

“Yanqiu, this is strawberry ice cream, try it…”

She felt a spoon gently open her lips, and a hint of sweetness melted on the tip of her tongue.

That’s the smell she dreams of.

She was very pleased that her sense of taste was still there.

Only these feelings let her know that she is still alive.

Although invisible to the eyes, he brought her some new experiences.

She was like a soul imprisoned in a dead body, she was more frightened than anyone else.

Time passed by little by little, but she had no idea.

“Yanqiu, Ateng is in kindergarten today… He is very handsome in a small suit. If you can wake up, you will be able to see him.”

A small hand stretched out and took her hand, “Mom, I can read, Mom, I will read the story to you later, OK?”

“Mom, would you wake up earlier? Other children have their mothers to watch movies and play slides with their mothers. I really want you to be with me!”

Shen Teng lay beside the hospital bed, talking over and over again.

Jing Yanqiu felt anxious and uncomfortable in her heart.

Finally, the door that imprisoned her suddenly opened, and a ray of light shone in, and she was unable to open her eyes by the dazzling light.

In the ear, cheers came, “Mr. Shen, her pupils are responding, and the acupuncture has seen the effect.”

Jing Yanqiu finally opened his eyes.

The vision in front of her gradually changed from blur to clear.

Also slowly saw the person in front of him.

Is that man Shen Nanqiao?

He seemed to be overjoyed for her soberness, holding her hand excitedly, and kissing non-stop, “Wife, you finally woke up.”


He called her wife?

She looked at him blankly.

The man in front of him, the outline of his face did look like Shen Nanqiao, but he had a shabby beard and his hair was a little gray.

He looks like a middle-aged man who has gone through Cangsang.

“You open your mouth, can you talk?” The doctor took a flashlight and shot her.

Jing Yanqiu subconsciously avoided, she opened her mouth with difficulty, “I… so thirsty!”

Speaking these three words, Shen Nanqiao burst into tears in an instant, and he even cried out holding Jing Yanqiu.

What Jing Yanqiu didn’t know was that he waited for her for six years!