5231 End of Chapter

After Jing Yanqiu opened her eyes, she soon recovered her body in a good direction.

After half a month, she walked out of the bedroom with the help of Shen Nanqiao.

At that time, under the sun, Shen Teng in sportswear was playing football, the little guy was running, sweating from exhaustion, and a cat squatted under the eaves while basking in the sun while taking a leisurely nap.

“I seem to have just heard Ateng say that he has started kindergarten… Why is he going to elementary school all of a sudden?” Jing Yanqiu couldn’t believe her eyes, she had an illusion of traveling through time and space.

Shen Nanqiao smiled bitterly, “That was not just now, it was three years ago. Can you hear our conversation?”

“Yes, conscious! I can hear your conversations! It just feels like dreaming, too illusory!”

“I know, you can hear it, it’s great…”

Shen Nanqiao held Jing Yanqiu’s hand tightly.

“Shen Nanqiao, look at you now, you don’t have the trimmings anymore, don’t you go to work?”

“Hehe, my company, I sold it long after you were in a coma. For these years, I have been living in seclusion by the sea with you, and guarding you every step of the way.”

Jing Yanqiu’s cognition of Shen Nanqiao still remained a few years ago, when Shen Nanqiao was arrogant and cold.

“But, don’t you hate me? I am unconscious. Isn’t it just enough to calm you down?”

“Silly woman, don’t say such things anymore. You gave me my life. How could I hate you. From now on, we will be together for the rest of my life.”

“Don’t you dislike me?”

“Who dares to despise you? You are my son’s mother!”

Shen Nanqiao hugged Jing Yanqiu and held her tightly, as if afraid of losing her again.

Facing the beginning of a new life, Jing Yanqiu was mentally prepared.

Three months later, Jing Yanqiu’s body completely returned to normal, and she held a simple wedding with Shen Nanqiao.

In a small town, in a church, Shen Nanqiao held a rose on one knee and proposed to her to marry him.

“Wife, are you willing to marry me so that we can stay together forever?”

“Hmm, I do, I do!”

Jing Yanqiu shed tears and nodded desperately. How could she be unwilling. A man who is willing to spend six years awakening her, she must cherish it.

The happy wedding march began. She took the red roses from him, dressed in a white wedding dress, and walked to the palace with him.

In front of the priest, they exchanged rings and made a lifetime promise.

Xiao Shen Teng, wearing a suit and leather collar, made a flower girl for them with a flower basket.

Under the sun, she accepted his hug and looked at the bright sunshine in the sky. She decided to forget the unpleasant past and walk towards a new beginning with him.

Shen Nanqiao clasped her waist with both hands, and whispered in her ears, “My wife, make a wish! Husband will give you what you want!”

Jing Yanqiu squinted her eyes and thought for a long time before saying, “I want to give birth to a younger sister and younger brother for Shen Teng, otherwise he would be too lonely alone.”

Shen Nanqiao refused decisively, “No, the doctor said, your heart is not good, you can’t regenerate.”

“The doctor also said that I can’t donate blood to you, you see, I haven’t saved you the same way.”

“There are not a few six years in my life, and I don’t want to lose it again! Wife, we don’t have anymore. If you like children, let’s adopt one, okay?”

Jing Yanqiu found the happiness she wanted most from Shen Nanqiao’s nervous eyes. She hugged Shen Nanqiao’s neck and laughed happily.

“It made you play, haha!”

“Little villain, see if I won’t bite you!”

She pushed him away and ran on the beach. He smiled and ran after him from behind.

(End of Shen Nanqiao and Jing Yanqiu)