Chapter 1434 Just can’t say

Chapter 1434 just can’t say that

Wei Xufeng paused and continued, “Moreover, as far as I know, he is not interested in racing at all. I didn’t pick it up, because I didn’t understand this line, and I felt it was inappropriate…”

Qi Shaoyuan: “So what?”

Wei Xufeng: “So, such a dedicated Pei Nanxu pushed his job specifically for the purpose of coming. Seeing that he doesn’t understand or are interested in racing games, don’t you think something is wrong?”

“What’s wrong? Can you stop talking about it?”

Wei Xufeng gave him a white look: “Pei Nanxu and Lin Yan had been rumored before. , Understand?”

Qi Shaoyuan suddenly realized, “You don’t suspect that my goddess has something with Pei Nanxu? You think too much! How is it possible!”

Wei Xufeng: “How can you know? Maybe? You don’t know anything about the entertainment industry.”

“I…” Qi Shaoyuan almost couldn’t breathe.

Why didn’t he know! Does he know everything! I just can’t say…

“Dear audience friends before the live broadcast! And the fans on the scene! Hello everyone! The world’s first league is about to officially open! Who can get the precious tickets for the top game! Let’s wait and see— —”

With the host’s excited announcement, the game officially started.

The audience was boiling, and the crowd cheered loudly.

The world’s first league uses a lottery to divide all racers into three groups, A, B, and C. In the end, the top three in each group will have another game to compete for the championship and runner-up of the world’s first league.

Only the champions and runners-up of the world’s first league are eligible to enter the racing hall-the pinnacle race.

Therefore, the competition in the world’s first league is quite cruel.

Every year, top racers from all over the world compete for the first place, just for these three places.

Up to now, no racer in the entire Huaguo District has entered the peak race.

From the beginning of the history of racing, all the places for the racers participating in the peak race have been taken over by foreign countries.

Team Leiyin is the only team in China that has almost reached the top of the race.

Ling Yang used to be tied for third place in the world’s first league with a foreign racer, but unfortunately because the total points were lower than that of the foreign racer, he failed to enter the top race.

It was also after that game that Ling Yang fought to become a god, and was regarded as the glory of Huaguo Motorsports and the hope of Huaguo Motorsports.

Because he was praised too high and too inflated, Ling Yang’s subsequent results were not very good, until he retired to participate in the global league after a year of retirement.

Fans still hold great expectations for Ling Yang, after all, he is still the holder of the highest score of Hua Guo Racing.

In addition to this is another old monster team, the Lightspeed team.

Tang Sheng, the captain of the Lightspeed Racing Team, once won the fourth place in the world’s first league, and was also a favorite of the championship and runner-up in this competition!

The three groups of matches were held simultaneously, and the whole process was broadcast live in real time.

As a dark horse, Lin Yan has won the world’s third league and the world’s second league consecutively. Everyone has great expectations for her.

The cheers and cheers on the field were deafening.

The competition in Group A is the most intense.

Leiyin Racing Team’s Ling Yang and Lightspeed Team Captain Tang Sheng faced off against the Falcons’ mad dog Michelle Simon.

Simon frequently played clubs in China, which aroused the anger of the public long ago, but at the moment he was restrained to death by Ling Yang and Tang Shengke.