Chapter 1435 First lover

Chapter 1435 The first lover,

Leiyin and Lightspeed, all showed their real strength this time, and they obviously studied tactics against Simon. Although the two were not in the same team, they cooperated and worked together and blocked Simon’s overtaking. route.

In the end, Ling Yang won the first place in Zone A, and Tang Sheng won the second place in Zone A. When Simon was about to reach the finish line, his car ran out of control and rushed out of the track. He directly lost the qualification for the race and fell into third place. In the hands of other foreign racers.

The screams of the fans almost overturned the roof, and finally exhaled!

In Division C, Lin Yan is the first.

There are a total of three racers in the China region who have qualified and entered the final finals of the world’s first league, and their results are very high.

“Ahhhhhhh! Great! Yang God is so handsome! The strong combination is really amazing! This year’s peak race is promising!”

“Yeah, yeah! There are not only the dark horses of the Aurora Team, but also the comeback Yang. Tang Sheng, the captain of God and Light Speed, is still very hopeful to get to the top three!”

“It’s the final finals soon, so excited!”

… After the

qualifiers, all the drivers returned to the preparation area.

After a short break, the final finals are about to begin.

Aurora team preparation area.

“I’m sorry, Master…”

Yunxuan’s Group B is very strong. There was a series of collisions in the middle of the race. Yunxuan’s car was affected, and he only finished fourth.

“The fourth is already very good, the overall strength of your group is very strong.” Lin Yan comforted.

Yun Xuan’s talent is extremely high, but after all, he has limited experience and lacks some coping methods when facing emergencies.

“Goddess, I tried my best too! It’s so difficult!” Mo Shuyun ran seventh in Division A.

Qi Feng smiled, “I am fifth in Group C. Hey, I am worthy of the first league in the world. Everyone is too strong! It is not comparable to the second league!”

Mo Shuyun also exclaimed, “I can’t imagine the peak. How strong are those great gods in the game!”

Although only Lin Yan made the finals, the result was expected, and everyone was very happy.

Lin Yan was preparing for the next game, and a figure jumped up to Lin Yan.

The visitor handed Lin Yan water in one hand, and a towel in the other hand, and then squeezed Lin Yan’s shoulders hurriedly. Mo Shuyun and Qi Feng were taken aback for a while.

Who is this?

Lin Yan stared at Sun Shuoran, who was wearing a mask and sunglasses with a silent face, and lowered her voice to warn, “Why did you come here?”

“Hey, Master, I’ll do my filial piety and cheer for you! I wear masks and sunglasses. , Will not be discovered!”

Lin Yan looked at Sun Shuoran helplessly: “You don’t need to train?”

This guy has tried every means to stick to her since he came to China to keep his “first love”. Location…

“I have a cold. Brother Seng asked me to rest more. I am also idle, so I will come over to cheer you on the master!”

Lin Yan was about to curse, and Mi Xiu didn’t know where he came from, “Grandpa Grandpa” , You drink mine, this is delicious!”

Sun Shuoran squeezed Mi Xiu away: “I’m going! What are you guys doing here? Go back to your own preparation area! You are so embarrassed to see you when you run into the third group. Your grandfather grandfather!”

This time Mi Xiu was again sadly divided into the same competition area with Lin Yan and took a third place.

“Why can you come and I can’t come?” “Why can

this be my master! Go find your own master!”

“I won’t, I will find your master!”

Lin Yan: “…”

Can you take these two dead children away!

Lin Yan was looking for Mo Shuyun’s help to drive people away, but turned his head to find that Mo Shuyun was missing.

VIP lounge.

Liu Zhengkun, the boss of the Liu Group, and Meng Dong, the boss of the LY Automobile Company, sat side by side on the sofa.

These two big bosses almost pinch the lifeblood of the domestic racing circle, and they sponsor the country’s strongest Leiyin Racing Team and Light Speed Racing Team respectively.