Chapter 1436 The price is up to you

Chapter 1436 The price is up to you.

Mo Shuyun was searched and his mobile phone was confiscated before he went in.

He had a not-so-good premonition inexplicably. What’s the matter with these two people calling him over at this time?

“Boss Liu, Boss Meng, I am really flattered. I don’t know what advice the two big guys have when they called me over?”

Meng Dong said with a smile while drinking tea, “Congratulations to Captain Mo, two of the Aurora Motorsports.” The racer has entered the final.”


Shuyun said cautiously, “Hehe, congratulations to the two bosses too!” Liu Zhengkun impatiently placed a cigarette: “Captain Mo, the final is about to begin, and I won’t go around with you anymore. In this world’s first league final, Lightspeed and Leiyin must be in the top three. I don’t want anything to affect this result!”

Ling Yang is in excellent form this time, and Tang Sheng’s results are also very good. Both teams It is very likely to enter the top three.

At present, the biggest domestic competitor is the Jiguang Motorsport.

If you lose to a foreign racer, it’s actually okay for them to say, the big deal is to be scolded like in previous years.

Fans scolded and scolded, but they still support it.

However, once lost to the Aurora Team, it will be a fatal blow to Thunder and Light Speed.

This means that Leiyin and Lightspeed, the two giants of the Chinese racing circle, will be replaced by the Aurora Racing Team, and their interests will also be shared by the Aurora Racing Team.

Therefore, in this race, no one can lose to the Aurora team anyway.

Mo Shuyun actually had a hunch when he first came in. Hearing these words confirmed his guess, but at this moment, he could only pretend to be stupid.

“President Meng, I don’t quite understand what you mean.”

Meng Dong glanced at Mo Shuyun obliquely, “Captain Mo, you are a smart man, you don’t understand what we mean. As long as the Aurora team loses to Leiyin and Lightspeed, The price is up to you.”

Mo Shuyun’s complexion changed suddenly, and he wanted to use money to let the Aurora team fight a fake race!

However, it’s no wonder that this competition has a high degree of attention. If the invested teams achieve good results and enter the peak race, they can bring huge benefits to these sponsors.

Mo Shuyun only thought for a moment before he made a decision: “Sorry, this kind of thing is too

hard to follow .” Liu Zhengkun snorted coldly, “Captain Mo, I advise you not to toast or not to drink fine wine. You should understand this circle.” Here, if you offend me and President Meng, what will be the consequences.”

Mo Shuyun knows that what Liu Zhengkun said is not exaggerated.

Liu Zhengkun’s Liu Group has been involved in the racing industry for more than ten years, and the network of influence is deeply entrenched.

Mengdong’s LY Automobile Company is the leader in the industry, and it is backed by the JM Group. It is a subsidiary of the JM Group.

These two bosses, any one of them is enough to block a team, let alone pressure both at the same time.

It seems that the Aurora team really gave them tremendous pressure this time.

Especially Lin Yan’s two championships seriously jeopardized the status of these two teams and touched the cake of these two big brothers.

Otherwise, these two former rivals will not unite against the Aurora team.

Mo Shuyun was caught in a dilemma for a while. If he agreed, his efforts for so long would be wasted.

If he doesn’t agree, he can’t imagine how many winds and rains the Aurora Team will face after the race is over…

If it was Lin Yan, what decision would she make?

However, he couldn’t tell Lin Yan directly about this matter. She was about to compete soon, and this matter was bound to affect her.