Chapter 1437 May be the boss

Chapter 1437 may be the boss’s wife

“Captain Mo, you don’t have much time to think about it.” Liu Zhengkun urged impatiently.

After a long silence, Mo Shuyun finally began to speak: “I’m sorry, I can’t agree.” In the

end, Mo Shuyun directly rejected the two bosses and walked out of the VIP box.

He believed that if it were Lin Yan, he would make such a decision.

As soon as Mo Shuyun left, Liu Zhengkun was so angry that he slapped the table: “It’s unreasonable! A brat boy who didn’t know where he came out, a newly formed team, dare to be so arrogant in front of me!”

Meng Dong smiled. He said with a smile, “Hehe, new born bull heads are not afraid of tigers! But, Mr. Liu, don’t be angry. This time, Tang Sheng and your family Ling Yang are in excellent condition. We have a good chance of winning. It’s just to look for Mo Shuyun. It’s just insurance, it can’t affect the final result.”

Liu Zhengkun snorted coldly, “That’s what I said, but Aurora Motorsports absolutely can’t let it continue to develop like this.”

Meng Dong’s eyes flashed a shadow, “What anxious, race. After the end, there are ways to deal with them. Since he is so ignorant of good and bad, he won’t have to be polite with them in the future.” The

two bosses sat comfortably on the sofa and drank tea, waiting for the upcoming game.

At this moment, the door of the box was knocked suddenly.

“Mr. Liu–” Liu Zhengkun’s assistant rushed in in a panic.

“What are you doing in a panic!” Liu Zhengkun was unhappy.

The assistant’s expression was almost crying, “Mr. Liu, the things you asked me to check have made new progress. I have found out which player is related to JM’s Mr. Pei.”

“Oh? Who is it?” Liu Zhengkun Ask with interest.

The assistant replied cautiously, “It’s… it’s… it’s Lin Yan from the Aurora Motorcade…”

Liu Zhengkun, who was drinking tea, was almost choked, “Cough cough cough, what did you say? How could it be Lin Yan? Didn’t you just say that all the team members have been checked and there is no problem? Why suddenly Lin Yan came out! “The

assistant was crying without tears, “Just… I didn’t find it just now! I didn’t find the latest news, but I just saw it with my own eyes!” The

assistant said, putting a picture on the phone. Pass the photo to my boss.

The picture in the photo was that Pei Yucheng was putting cheering stickers on the faces of two children. On the stickers, one was “Lin” and the other was “Smoke”.

On the chess pieces in his own hands, the name of Lin Yan and the team logo of Aurora Racing were also written.

The most important thing is that Lin Yan’s name is written in oil paint on the boss’s face.

This is still a fart!

Pei Yucheng wrote his name directly on his face!

Liu Zhengkun just discovered that after Pei Yucheng was watching the game, he kept beating on the sidelines, wanting to know which team that Pei Yucheng’s relative was in, so that he could build a relationship and talk about new cooperation.

Helplessly, the boss was too cold, and it was really hard to talk to him, so he sent someone to check it several times and made sure that no team member had a relationship with Pei’s family.

How could he have expected that the racer Pei Yucheng said would be the only female race car this year, Lin Yan!

“This… Where is this relative? This is my girlfriend…”

The identity of the two children is also very subtle.

Maybe it’s not just a girlfriend, or even the boss’s wife…

Otherwise, how could it be possible for the three brothers Pei Yucheng, Pei Nanxu, and Pei Yutang to appear at the same time to cheer for Lin Yan!

This thing is really big!