Chapter 2: A paper marriage contract

Chapter 2: A paper marriage contract

Prosperity Consortium.

In the CBD financial district of S City, where the wealth of land and money is high, the 33-story Prosperity Consortium stands there like an Optimus Prime. The appearance of the magnificent building is just like its name, with a noble atmosphere everywhere.

Every year during the graduation season, countless high-educated graduates have sharpened their heads and want to squeeze into this building to get a high-paying, high-paying and high-glorious job.

Although it is not the graduation season, people are still in the building, everyone is very busy, working hard against the clock, and can’t wait for one minute to be broken into two minutes.

The top floor, the president’s office.

Ye Lancheng, the president of Shengshi Group, who has always been busier than all employees, is unusually leisurely at this moment.

The documents placed on his expensive desk are not contracts valued at hundreds of millions or billions from partners, or urgent and important documents pending approval from a certain department, and they are not something worth seeing at the expense of office hours. .

However, it was such a thing with no commercial value, but after turning it on, he hadn’t looked away, reading it word by word.

Opposite him, An Zhisu sat with his back straight, and the wide chair made her look extraordinarily thin. The folded hands on her legs did not heartily betray her tension. She could only try to restrain her and prevent being seen through by a man.

The man is very tall, even if he sits in a chair at this time, his upper body is high enough to crush An Zhisu. The shadow cast by the afternoon sun from behind him enveloped An Zhisu as if a mountain was pressing on her, making her breathless.

An Zhisu thought, I haven’t seen Ye Lancheng in fifteen years. He grew up more terrifying than when he was a child. At the same time, it is more patience than when I was young. She glanced at it from time to time, that resolute facial features, distinct edges and corners, and cold outlines all revealed an aura that strangers shouldn’t enter. Even the softest eyelashes are no longer soft because of a pair of indifferent eyes.

This is really a man who is about to be handsome in the universe. If he can be gentler, An Zhisu thinks that she will probably become his little fan.

“Do you want to be engaged to me?” An Zhisu was thinking about it, and the man on the opposite side finally read what An Zhisu had brought.

What An Zhisu brought was an engagement agreement, a thick agreement, which she asked Song Jiaren to help her draw up in advance.

“Yeah!” An Zhisu raised his head to meet the man’s indifferent gaze, and had the courage to look at him with firmness in his eyes.

“Still fake?” Ye Lancheng’s voice sounded again, and it was obvious that there was an obvious accident hidden.

“Yeah!” An Zhisu replied more firmly.


Ye Lancheng closed the engagement agreement and threw out two words: “Reason?”

Ye Lancheng was a little confused now. If he remembered correctly, the woman in front of him hadn’t seen it for fifteen years. Since she was ten years old, after she accompanied her mother to her mother’s funeral, they hadn’t had any communication. If it weren’t for the jade pendant, he didn’t even recognize her.

“Didn’t you say that as long as I come to you with the jade pendant, you will repay my life-saving grace?” An Zhisu calmed his mind and pointed to the jade pendant on the table.

Ye Lancheng nodded. He admitted that he had given her this promise, but he didn’t expect that she wanted to repay her in this way.

Fake engagement?

Ye Lancheng’s curiosity rarely moved in eight hundred years, and his thin lips pressed: “I need to know the reason for this decision before I can consider answering it or not.”

“The truth?” An Zhisu asked. ?????????????

Ye Lancheng nodded.