Chapter 2026: You are a neurotic, I am a doctor

Chapter 2026: You are crazy, I am a doctor.

Tang Qin is really afraid of being rejected, so she came up with an idea: “If you don’t wait, I’ll say I’m a policeman and you’re a gangster. Jumping away from the river, I also jumped to catch you. Anyway, we still have handcuffs in our hands, and the driver will probably believe it.”

“Why don’t you say you are a gangster?” Jiang Yunji asked back.

“I’m so beautiful, I have to be a policeman, and I have to be a policeman.” Tang Qin said narcissistically.

Jiang Yunji: “Are you blind? Why am I so ugly?”

His human skin mask has long been torn off, and now he is handsome and sturdy against the face of the deity.

Tang Qin nodded: “Yes, neither of us looks like criminals, then…” She thought for a while and re-proposed: “Said that we both wanted to jump into the river and die in love, but we didn’t die. “

I can’t say that you are neurotic, I am a doctor.” Jiang Yunji said quietly.

Tang Qinyuan’s apricot eyes were wide, as if silently accusing Jiang Yunji of this. Jiang Yunji seemed to have committed an unforgivable mistake.

For the first time, Jiang Yunji found that her eyes were quite cute.

When the bus swayed and pulled into the station, the two did not reach a consensus, so they got on the bus wet. The bus driver looked at the two of them as if they were neurotic. It was so dangerous that they did not drive them off. .

This kind of suburban bus usually drives slowly and stops along the way, so when it enters the county town, it is already an hour later.

The two got off the car at a certain platform. Jiang Yunji saw a hardware store beside him, went in and bought a pair of pliers, and broke the handcuffs on their wrists in minutes.

Then they went to the county hospital and went to the emergency room to treat the wound on Tang Qin’s shoulder.

The doctor cut off Tang Qin’s clothes for examination. The wound was so soaked that it was a bit shocking. The doctor asked admiringly: “How did you do it? Don’t you hurt?”

Tang Qin casually made up a lie: “It was accidentally scratched while swimming. The stone, okay, it’s not very painful.”

Doctor: …


Isn’t it fragrant to swim in the swimming pool? I just ran to the river to swim.

“You have to sew needles, you have to hang water, you still have a fever, it is best to stay in the hospital for observation overnight.” The doctor gave professional advice.

“I don’t need to be hospitalized, can I take some anti-inflammatory drugs?” Tang Qin thought that Jiang Yunji still had something to do. The hospitalization was too time-consuming.

The doctor scowled, “Why don’t you cherish yourself a little girl? You have a low-grade fever right now. Maybe you got a high fever at night. What should you do

if you become pneumonia?” As if to verify the doctor’s words, Tang Qin’s throat was itchy. Coughed.

“Look, see, what I said, fever is not a trivial matter. When you are young, you can harm your body at will, and you will suffer when you are old.” The doctor’s face became more serious.

Tang Qin lost consciousness for a moment. With these words, her mother used to nag her.

Jiang Yunji heard the doctor’s words as soon as he came in, and after inquiring about the reason, he directly asked the doctor to issue a hospitalization slip.

Tang Qin suddenly remembered that her mother was in a bad mood, and did not object, so Jiang Yunji was allowed to go through the hospitalization procedures, and she was taken inside to treat the wound by the doctor.

There was local anaesthesia when stitching, and there was basically no pain. I could only feel the needle passing under her skin, stitch after stitch, seven or eight stitches.

After sewing the wound, Jiang Yunji also returned with the hospital admission slip and led her to the ward. Jiang Yunji, who was not bad for money, paid the money for the single ward. The environment is far inferior to the VIP ward, but it is already the best ward in this hospital. NS.

“You change your wet clothes first, I’ll buy two clean clothes and come back.” Jiang Yunji pointed to the clean gown on the hospital bed.

Tang Qin hummed listlessly.

Jiang Yunji went out to buy clothes. When he came back, Tang Qin’s drips had already been applied, and he was sitting on the bed leaning on the pillow, looking out the window with a bit of sadness inside.

“The wound hurts?” Jiang Yunji threw the clothes bag onto the sofa, dragged a chair and sat down on the edge of the hospital bed. At this time, he had also changed into a new dry suit.

“What’s this.” Tang Qin said nonchalantly: “It’s not the first time to stitch.”

There are other wounds on her body, all of which were made according to the location of Ruan Qinghan’s injuries after the car accident, and stitches were also stitched in several places. , She got used to it a long time ago.

“Then what’s wrong with you?” Jiang Yunji asked.

“Miss my mother.” Tang Qin confided: “Why didn’t I be born again when she was still alive, so at least I could see her again.”

Jiang Yunji didn’t know how to comfort her, so he didn’t answer the conversation and said: ” Eat something.” The

two hadn’t eaten for almost two days. At this time Jiang Yunji mentioned this matter, and Tang Qin seemed to feel hungry.

Jiang Yunji put the food he brought back on the small table, and later found out that he had to feed her because she could not move a needle in one arm and a drip in the other hand.

“Ah…” Tang Qin just waited for him to feed.

Jiang Yunji had no choice but to feed her bite by bite.

Tang Qin thought that he hadn’t eaten yet, so he gobbled it up after eating a half-full and then said nothing, let Jiang Yunji eat quickly.

While Jiang Yunji was eating, Tang Qin asked Dai Meng if he had been arrested.

Jiang Yunji had obviously contacted the organization. Knowing the results of the operation and casualties that night, Tang Qin asked, he did not hide it, and sneered: “Your men are lucky.” They

just didn’t catch it. Mean it.

Tang Qin was relieved and comforted him: “Actually, even if caught, it’s useless. Those four are just bodyguards and don’t know anything. One of them knows what. The lives of the young and old are in the hands of the boss, so I don’t dare to mess around. Said.”

Jiang Yunji was eating, but he snorted to express his emotions.

Tang Qin’s mood was rejoiced because Dai Meng had escaped, and he asked about the casualties of his collapse.

Jiang Yunji said, “We are the only ones who are unlucky.”

In fact, the landslide that night was not very serious. Someone was injured for sure, but no one died. The two of them were almost on the death list.

“Then we can go buy lottery tickets.” Tang Qin joked when he heard the words, but with a flash of inspiration, something suddenly occurred to him.

“Yun Ji, I will prove it to you.” She said.

“What?” Jiang Yunji was confused.

Tang Qin said: “Prove that I really came back from the rebirth.”

“Huh?” Jiang Yunji asked her: “How to prove?”

“Lottery.” Tang Qin said: “I know the drawing number of the Shuangseqiu next Tuesday.”

In the last life, Tang Qin was bored at home. When she went out for a walk, she passed a lottery shop and wanted to go in and play to pass the time. She scraped hundreds of scrapes and didn’t get a dime, but she just wanted to have fun. Not discouraged, but also bought a two-color ball with others.

Of course she didn’t win the prize, but because she bought it, she paid attention to the winning number that time. No one won the first prize, but she has a good memory and remembered the string of numbers.

If she could know the first prize number of Shuangseqiu two days later, Jiang Yunji would believe that she was born again.