Chapter 2027: The one who loved her like his life is gone

Chapter 2027: The person who loved her like his life is gone.

Jiang Yunji was obsessed with ghosts. He really believed her. After eating, he ran out to find a sports lottery shop and bought one according to the number given by Tang Qin. Lottery tickets.

With the newly bought lottery ticket in his pocket, Jiang Yunji walked out of the store and touched the back of his head, only to realize that he had begun to believe Tang Qin’s words.

He was not in a hurry to go back, lit a cigarette and leaned on the pole of the street light, while taking out his cell phone and making a call.

The call was made to Ye Yirui. He wanted to find Ye Jiexing. He knew that Ye Jiexing could predict the future, and wanted to ask if he could see a person’s past.

“Looking for Da Qiao?” Ye Yirui told him on the phone: “Da Qiao is not at home, I went to my brother’s laboratory.”

Jiang Yunji called Ye Mu’an again, and Ye Muan slipped Ye Jixing out of the lab. Let him answer the phone.

Ye Zhixing was very tugged: “What’s the matter?”

He tugged everyone, and he didn’t mean to be impolite, everyone was used to it a long time ago.

Jiang Yunji went straight to the subject and asked him: “Can you see a person’s past?”

“No.” Ye Zhixing replied simply.

Jiang Yunji was a little disappointed, and then asked: “Do you believe in rebirth?”

“Believe.” Ye Jiexing said: “I can predict the future, what is impossible to rebirth?”

Jiang Yunji suddenly felt that he was saying a lot. In truth, no one believed that there were aliens outside the earth before, but now everyone knows that there is a kind of alien called the Blue Star.

“Have you met someone who was born again?” Ye Jiexing was rarely interested in something.

Jiang Yunji was afraid that Ye Zaixing would arrest Tang Qin for research, and immediately denied: “No.”

Ye Zhixing

said, “Then hang up.” He said hang up, and he didn’t give Jiang Yunji a chance to ask him the lottery number of the two-color ball next Tuesday.

On the other hand, Ye Jiexing returned the phone to Ye Muan. He didn’t like to use the phone because he didn’t like others to find him. Anyone who wanted to find him had to find Ye Yirui first.

Ye Muan asked him, “What is Yun Ji looking for?”

“Ask me if I believe in rebirth.” Ye Zhixing said , he has a good relationship with this elder uncle and is willing to talk to him more.

“What is his nerve?” Ye Muan’s first reaction was that Jiang Yunji was nervous.

Ye Jixing shrugged and speculated: “Maybe I have encountered this kind of person.”

“Really?” Ye Mu’an had doubts about it.

“This is the subject I will study next.” Ye Jiexing said, after

thinking about it, and then said: “Next time you will get together and bring me.” Ye Muan was a bit speechless, Jiang Yunji made a call, and his nephew started again. He burned money. Since Ye Jiexing was one year old, he still doesn’t know how much money he has burned in this laboratory. His father no longer has to worry about spending the family fortune.

Jiang Yunji didn’t know anything about it, he went back to the hospital after smoking a cigarette.

Tang Qin asked him, “Did you buy it?”

Jiang Yunji showed her the lottery ticket.

Tang Qin earnestly corrected the numbers and said, “Yes, it is this string of numbers. We are about to make a fortune. The first prize is five million.”

Jiang Yunji looked at her indifferently.

“Don’t look at me like that, anyway, you will know that I didn’t lie to you by next Tuesday.” Tang Qin put the lottery ticket back in his hand and let him put it properly.

“I believe you.” Jiang Yunji suddenly came up with four words.

Tang Qin thought he had heard it wrong: “You believe it?”

Going out to buy a lottery ticket and buying it up?

Jiang Yunji hummed, and while putting the lottery ticket in his pocket, he said: “You said that the previous life, the Ruan family, and the Li family were secretly doing illegal transactions. Tell me in detail.”

Jiang Yunji is such a person, or he doesn’t believe it. If you believe it, then you believe it all. Since you believe it, then there are some things you can’t help but prevent.

When Tang Qin heard that the first thing he asked was these things, he pouted unhappily: “You didn’t ask us in detail about our previous life.”

Although they fell in love for a short time in the last life, they did experience it. An exceptionally good time.

“No matter how much you tell me, I am not Jiang Yunji from the previous life, and I cannot resonate with you.” Jiang Yunji said truthfully.

Tang Qin’s eyes dimmed.

Yes, that Jiang Yunji who loved her like her life, after all, sank into the sea for her, and she lost that Jiang Yunji forever.

Jiang Yunji didn’t expect that his words would make her so sad and regretful, but he had to make it clear that he didn’t want her to live in the guilt of her previous life.

“Tang Qin, what happened in the previous life should be regarded as a dream. Whether you love or hate, it’s all gone. Now you live your life again. Don’t be hampered by those love, hatred, and hatred. Starting a new life, it is not wasting this life to live again.” Jiang Yunji comforted her heartily.

“Can you still have you?” Tang Qin raised his chin slightly and asked him: “Can you still love me in this life?”

Jiang Yunji was silent.

That Jiang Yunji who loves Tang Qin is him, not him. He admits that he has a good impression of her, but there is still a long way to go from love. He didn’t plan to go for that part of the road for the time being.

“I’ll talk about the future things later, let’s talk about other things first, okay?” After being silent for a while, Jiang Yunji avoided the topic.

Tang Qin nodded, regained his spirits, and told him about everything he knew about the Ruan family and the Li family in his previous life.

She knows a little bit more about the Ruan family, nothing more than that Ruan’s father sells dog meat by selling sheep’s head. On the surface, he is engaged in the business of the army and secretly engages in arms. She cooperates with arms dealers like the Arms Village to provide some raw materials and so on. .

Originally, the Ruan family did not intend to drag the Jiang family into the water. They tried every means to marry their daughter to Jiang Yunji, which was the idea of leaning against the big tree to enjoy the cold. The reason why he threw the black pot to Jiang Yunji later was because Jiang Yunji knew about Li Daitao’s stiff situation and wanted to divorce Ruan Qinghan.

The Ruan family simply did nothing, and cooperated with the Li family to pour a lot of dirty water on Jiang Yunji, which directly led to the arrest and investigation of Jiang Yunji and Tang Qin, as well as the later arrest of Tang Qin and the death of Jiang Yunji.

As for the Li family, the Li family was not so clean from the beginning, but they did not do it for money, but for the upper position. After all, the Li family was suppressed by the Jiang family, and it was difficult for the children to rise to position. They were suppressed by the Jiang family’s children in every position. One end.

Li Sa has always been kept in the dark about those sordid things, and she didn’t participate in them until she had an accident.

She also asked for Li Sa’s affairs. She was arrogant, and she was always overwhelmed by Jiang Yunjin before, but after Jiang Yunjin was discharged from the army, she failed to make her mark, because she hadn’t done any substantive military merits.

In order to prove that she was not a vase, she had to participate in a dangerous mission. As a result, she was arrested by the tiger organization because she insisted on doing her own way during the mission. A woman was arrested by terrorists. The torture can be imagined.

Later, it was Jiang Yunji who went to save her. She spent a long time in the hospital. After she recovered, she became a different person. She continued to perform the task without fear of death. Instead, it turned out to be the same as if she was hanging on. Can do meritorious service.

In fact, Li Sa did indeed hang up. She was so blackened that she did not scrutinize any means for the sake of her superiority and completely lost her humanity.