Chapter 2028: How did the last life die

Chapter 2028: How did

Tang Qin die in the previous life? It was also Li Sa’s secret that was only known after being abducted by the tiger organization. It turns out that Li Sa was able to survive in the tiger organization because she and the tiger The organization made a deal and has joined the Tiger organization secretly and became one of them.

Since then, every time Li Sa’s mission went smoothly, there was help from the Tiger Organization. What Li Sa needed to return to them was to help them create terrorist incidents in the country. During that time, terrorist incidents frequently broke out in the country, and every time there were countless casualties.

In the last life until death, Tang Qin did not see the Ruan family and the Li family get their due retribution, so from the moment she met Li Sa in this life, she became murderous. Unfortunately, Li Sa’s life was too great. He didn’t die, but the possibility of trying to wake up is very slim.

Jiang Yunji listened quietly. After Tang Qin finished speaking, he did not immediately react, but was digesting these things.

He didn’t understand the Ruan family very well, or even said that he didn’t understand it at all. If they were to say that they were doing illegal business, it was not impossible.

But the Li family and Jiang Yunji were still very surprised.

The three generations up from the Li family were soldiers. Old Li and his grandfather were still comrades-in-arms before his death. His grandfather often talked about Old Li and praised him in all his words. Comparing it with the present, it is also quite regrettable. It started to go downhill.

Although Jiang Yunji also agreed with this, he never thought that the Li family could do such a thing to frame Zhongliang for the sake of the superior, especially Li Sa, even joining a terrorist organization.

“Yun Ji, you have to believe me, I won’t lie to you.” Tang Qin raised his hand: “I swear, if I have a lie…”

“I didn’t believe it.” Jiang Yunji stopped her.

Tang Qin raised a smile and said: “You turn around and ask if they have caught a woman named Zhan Xueying. She is Ruan Zheng’s secretary on the surface, but secretly helped Ruan Zheng do those things. This time she went to the east. Licun went there as a partner.”

Jiang Yunji noted that he was an activist, and he would go as soon as he said. Let Tang Qin take a rest, then he went out and called.

Tang Qin originally wanted to wait until Jiang Yunji came back to talk to him, but she was too tired, and there were tranquilizers in the medicine.

Jiang Yunji had been on the phone for a long time. When he came back, the nurses all pulled out Tang Qin’s needle, and confessed in a low voice: “The fever has gone down, watch it at night, don’t get the fever anymore.”

Jiang Yunji nodded and thanked him. .

The nurse walked out lightly.

Jiang Yunji sat on the chair and looked at Tang Qin’s sleeping face.

It was the first time that he observed her appearance so carefully. He has a good memory. Although he only saw Ruan Qinghan, he still remembered what she looked like. Now, if you look carefully, there is actually a difference between Tang Qin and her. of.

Ruan Qinghan’s apricot eyes are round like grapes, and Tang Qin’s apricot eyes have a slightly longer tail. When the eyebrows are raised, the tails of the eyes will also be picked up. There is a different kind of surprise.

This silly girl must have suffered a lot in order to become Ruan Qinghan.

Jiang Yunji suddenly felt distressed for her, raising his hand to touch her face, but in the end he just pulled the quilt for her, then got up and lay down on another bed.

Half asleep and half awake, Jiang Yunji had a dream.

In the dream, he sank in the sea, clearly conscious, but couldn’t move his limbs. He watched the figure of a woman looking for him everywhere.

He could see the pained expression on the woman’s face, and saw her swimming exhausted in the sea to find him. The sea was dyed scarlet blood wherever she went.

He wanted to call her loudly, but he couldn’t open his mouth. He wanted to swim towards her, but his limbs couldn’t move. Except watching her bleed a little bit, a little bit of tossing herself until she was out of strength, her body sank, and he couldn’t do anything.

He couldn’t even see her face clearly, because there was blood all around her, and the blood blurred her face. Pieces of blood attracted the shark, and he could clearly see the shark with its mouth wide open, swallowing the woman into his mouth in one bite.

At that moment, he finally saw her face clearly.

Tang Qin.

It’s Tang Qin.

Jiang Yunji suddenly opened his eyes, and instantly looked aside.

The girl lay quietly on the bed, sleeping deeply, as if she hadn’t even had a dream.

Jiang Yunji’s heart that was grabbed by the nightmare was relaxed, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

After waking up, he lost sleep for a while, touched his pocket, took out the cigarette and lighter, got up and went to the balcony.

After closing the door, Jiang Yunji lit a cigarette and inhaled hard.

The picture in the dream lingered, looping in his mind like a movie rewinding, and he suddenly remembered what he had forgotten.

He forgot to ask her how she died in the previous life.

Did you die like a dream?

Jiang Yunji’s heart hurt uncontrollably.

That story was him and not him. He was a little confused now, and he couldn’t tell how he felt about Tang Qin.

Jiang Yunji smoked three cigarettes and didn’t think of a reason, so he simply gave up.

Tang Qin slept extremely peacefully this night, just like Jiang Yunji’s guess, he didn’t have a dream.

When I woke up the next day, I was full of energy. I ate two big buns for breakfast, plus a boiled egg, and a bowl of tofu. The doctor saw that she was in good spirits when she came to the ward round and allowed her to be discharged from the hospital.

When she came out of the hospital, Tang Qin dangled one arm and asked Jiang Yunji: “How do we go back?”

She didn’t even have an ID card all over her body.

But Jiang Yunji couldn’t be embarrassed about this. He had privileges, not only could he get tickets, but he was also the kind of first-class cabin that could take the VIP passage.

The two took a taxi directly at the entrance of the hospital and paid a generous fare for the driver to take them to the airport in the city.

For the sake of money, the driver happily refueled and drove it for three hours to the airport.

The ticket is in the afternoon, and there is still time for lunch.

There was nothing to eat at the airport, only simple meals. After ordering a meal, Tang Qin opened his mouth and waited for Jiang Yunji to feed.

She injured her right shoulder and it was not convenient to eat. Jiang Yunji became her right hand. He had to feed her as long as he needed it.

Jiang Yunji naturally picked up the spoon to feed her, and Tang Qin squinted his eyes happily, as if he was eating some delicious food.

The handsome men and beautiful women are very eye-catching. Many men and women are envious.

Under the envious eyes of others, Tang Qin completely ate the bottom of the plate.

At this time, Tang Qin was very sorry. Why didn’t her arm break? The stitches would be fine for a week at most, and the wires don’t need to be disconnected. If it breaks, it will take at least three months, then Jiang Yunji can feed her three. Moon’s meal.

Hey, what a pity.

Learn the lesson next time and keep breaking it.