Chapter 2029: There are so many Sao operations

Chapter 2029: So Many Sao Operations

Jiang Yunji didn’t know Tang Qin’s psychological activities at this time, otherwise he would definitely consider taking her to see a psychiatrist, for fear of her brain breaking.

After three o’clock in the afternoon, the flight arrived in S city by six o’clock. After waiting for the taxi to return to Jiang Xinzhou, the time has passed by almost nine o’clock. Tang Qin hungry chest and back.

Jiang Yunji didn’t have much cooking skills, so he could barely cook some noodles and so on, so he cooked tomato and egg noodles for two people.

Cut the tomato into pieces, break the egg, stir fry, add water, and throw a handful of dried noodles after boiling, add some salt to cook and it’s done.

Tang Qin’s weak suggestion: “In fact, you can put some light soy sauce, chicken essence and sesame oil, it might be better.”

“Really?” Jiang Yunji never added it.

Tang Qin nodded affirmatively: “Yes.”

Jiang Yunji listened to her, and got some light soy sauce, some chicken essence, and some sesame oil.

“Next time you fry tomatoes and eggs, put some sugar in, so that the taste will be more fresh.” Tang Qin taught him experience.

Jiang Yunji: “

Okay.” Turned off the heat, filled two bowls of noodles, took a fork for Tang Qin, and asked, “Is this still going to be fed?”

Tang Qin actually wanted to be fed, but considering that Jiang Yunji was also hungry. And I can’t put the noodles. After a long time, it’s easy to lumpy, so I didn’t want to eat it.

“Didn’t you use your left hand quite smoothly?” Jiang Yunji said.

Tang Qin said with a guilty conscience: “The fork is easy to use. It’s noodles. It won’t work if you change to chopsticks.”

In fact, her left hand is as flexible as her right hand. When she was a child, she was even left-handed, because her classmates always laughed at her. How to use your left hand.

She didn’t plan to let Jiang Yunji know about this secret for the time being, otherwise there would be no benefits in the future.

After eating the noodles, Jiang Yunji asked her to rest, and he took the dishes and chopsticks to the kitchen to clean.

When he finished washing out, Tang Qin was watching TV, dangling one arm. She looked funny, but it didn’t affect her appearance.

“Do you see?” Tang Qin invited him to join him.

Jiang Yunji walked over, sat down next to her, did not watch TV, but asked: “How do you go to work like this?”

“Don’t go.” Tang Qin’s eyes are on TV.

“All right? Ruan Zheng doesn’t find you?” Jiang Yunji asked.

“What is he looking for me for, and he is busy wiping his butt now, let alone worry about me.” Tang Qin said.

She said casually, but Jiang Yunji couldn’t help but feel distressed. The Ruan family really regarded her as a tool person and would not give her the slightest concern.

“Is there anything you need me to go back to Ruan’s house to help you inquire about it?” Tang Qin asked after returning to his senses.

Jiang Yunji laughed: “What am I doing? I still need you to ask me for information. Healing my injuries at home is the biggest help for me. Tomorrow I have to return to the army. Do you go to grandparents’ house or let me let the servants from my family come? Take care of you?”

“I’ll stay at home. When my grandparents see me like this, I have to worry about it. I can do it myself. No one needs to take care of it. No one can explain it.” Tang Qin said.

She knew that Jiang Yunji had to investigate the affairs of the Ruan family and the Li family.

“You can’t even eat food by yourself.” Jiang Yunji said.

“Call a takeaway, you won’t be starving.” Tang Qin assured him: “Don’t worry.”

Jiang Yunji felt relieved, he thought for a while and said, “I’ll find someone to take care of you.”

“Who?” Tang Qin asked.

“Tomorrow you will know.” Jiang Yunji said: “Don’t watch TV, go to bed early.”

Tang Qin didn’t ask too much. The person Jiang Yunji was looking for must be reliable, and he was not worried that the person would tell him about his injuries. go out.

“I want to take a bath.” Tang Qin was dirty and uncomfortable.

Jiang Yunji said: “Let’s take a bath, I will wrap the wound with plastic wrap, please be careful not to get water.”

Obviously, he has a lot of experience in taking a bath when he is injured.

Tang Qin’s face turned dark, shouldn’t you help me wash the normal operation at this time?

What the hell is putting plastic wrap on my wound.

It’s true that you and I have no chance, and I rely on my initiative.

“Then you have to help me undress.” Tang Qin teased him deliberately to see what he would do.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yunji promised quite readily: “Yes.”

Tang Qin was surprised, so he agreed so easily?

She was very happy, turned off the TV, and yelled: “Then go now, I’ll run the water first.”

Jiang Yunji went to the kitchen to find plastic wrap.

Tang Qin put the water in, and Jiang Yunji came in, holding the plastic wrap in one hand and the bath towel in the other.

“Come on, just wait for you to undress me.” Tang Qin opened his good arm, like the emperor.

Jiang Yunji walked over, first removed the bandage hanging from her neck, and then tied the bandage to his eyes under Tang Qin’s expectant gaze.

Tang Qin: …

Where do you have so many show operations.

“I can’t see, cooperate with me.” Jiang Yunji said.

Tang Qin put up with it, okay, don’t care about you.

She cooperated with him and carefully took off her top and underwear. As soon as she finished taking off her upper body, Jiang Yunji pulled a bath towel and wrapped her up.

After wrapping her tightly, Jiang Yunji opened his eyes and wrapped her wound with plastic wrap.

Tang Qin has given up struggling, Jiang Yunji in this life is too difficult to tease, he can’t move at all.

“Okay, don’t you need me to take off your pants?” Jiang Yunji did it easily.

Tang Qin was discouraged: “I’ll do it myself.”

Jiang Yunji patted her head: “

Be careful, call me if necessary.” What did Tang Qin want to tell you, come in blindfolded, then I’ll tell you to come in What are you doing, how do you help the sick in your performance?

“I really thank you.” Tang Qin gritted his teeth.

Jiang Yunji pursed his lips and smiled, and deliberately angered her: “Don’t thank you, it’s okay for husband and wife to help each other.”

Tang Qin: “Bill.”

Jiang Yunji smiled and went out.

He found it interesting to tease this girl.

While Tang Qin was taking a bath, he used his cell phone to contact someone, and then hung up after talking to the other person.

Tang Qin took a good bath for herself. After washing, she didn’t call Jiang Yunji for help. She put on her pajamas, washed her face casually, brushed her teeth, and came out refreshingly.

She took a long time to take a shower. Jiang Yunji had already gone to the guest room and returned from a shower. He sat on the bed and read a book for a while.

Tang Qin climbed onto the bed and took a closer look. It was a military magazine.

“Quickly go to bed.” Jiang Yunji closed the magazine and turned off the light on his side.

Tang Qin had given up on teasing him, it was really inconvenient with one hand, let him go first.

Thanks to her for letting him go, Jiang Yunji slept peacefully when she slept with her for the first time. Tang Qin was still asleep when he got up in the morning. He walked out of the bedroom lightly and changed his clothes after washing in the guest room. Went to the army.

What Tang Qin said was urgent, Jiang Yunji had to investigate it himself.