Chapter 2030: A Robot Called Silence

Chapter 2030:

Tang Qin, a silent robot, fell asleep. Jiang Yunji didn’t know when he left. He was still woken up by the doorbell. He opened the door with sleepy eyes and was standing by the door. Shocked.

This morning, someone slipped a robot to her door.

But this robot looks pretty long.

Tang Qin raised his hand and patted the melon seeds of the robot’s brain, and asked: “Whose house are you from? How come you slipped to my door.”

“My.” As

soon as her voice fell, a voice came from behind the robot.

Tang Qin was startled and tilted his head towards the back of the robot, and the people just behind also walked out.


Whose child is this lost again.

The long one is too good-looking.

Tang Qin can be regarded as a person who has seen many long and good-looking children. After all, Su Lin and the others are all first-class and beautiful. It is not an exaggeration to have seen the world.

But this boy has a kind of beauty that is beyond human beings, and he really can’t find any shortcomings.

“You are?” Tang Qin asked: “Can’t find a home?”

“I am Ye Jiexing, and Uncle Yun Ji asked me to come and look at you.” The little boy said in a cold voice.

Tang Qin:? ?

Tang Qin looked at the little boy dumbfounded.

Ye Jiexing, of course she had heard of this name, she had heard of Ye Jiexing’s famous name in the last life, but it was a pity that she died before seeing it.

This is really not a human child.

Tang Qin never expected that the reliable person Jiang Yunji said would be him.

She is an adult in her twenties, and she is too shameless to let children take care of her.

“Can I go in?” Ye Jiexing asked, looking at Tang Qin stupidly blocking the door.

“Ah, oh.” Tang Qin returned to his

senses , and quickly gave way to him and his robot: “Please come in.” “Thank you.” The robot was very polite and walked in thanking him.

Ye Zhixing swaggered in behind him.

Tang Qin closed the door with a suffocated smile, thinking that the robot still speaks Sichuan dialect.

As soon as the robot came in, it started to work, clattering to and fro, talking while walking.

“The area is 305 square meters, the temperature is 36.5, one living creature, the air quality is medium, and the hygiene is medium…”

Tang Qin listened to the robot scanning his home in Sichuan dialect, and was surprised at how powerful this robot was. .

After finishing talking, he waited for Ye Jiexing’s next order.

Ye Zhixing looked at Tang Qin and asked, “What do you have for breakfast?”

“Do you do it?” Tang Qin asked subconsciously.

Ye Jixing looked at the robot with his eyes, meaning it did.

“It, okay?” Tang Qin was very skeptical.

Ye Jixing went over the question and ordered: “Silence, go to the kitchen to check the ingredients.”

“Good master.” The robot clicked and went to the kitchen.

Tang Qin twitched his mouth and was silent. The name was taken, but he was not silent at all.

“Ahem, Catch Star, do you drink water?” Tang Qin invited Ye Catch Star to sit down.

Ye Jiexing: “Don’t drink.”

Then he sat down and stared at her.

Tang Qin didn’t even wash his face when he got up. It was a little too much to be stared at by a kid like this, and said, “You can sit down for a while, I’ll go and wash my face.”

Ye Zhixing nodded.

Tang Qin ran back to the room in a hurry, closed the door and looked for a mobile phone to call Jiang Yunji.

Jiang Yunji should be busy and did not answer the phone.

Tang Qin kept making serial calls, so she could only wait for Jiang Yunji to get her back.

She went to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth, then went to the cloakroom and changed her pajamas before going out again.

The robot is silent and busy in the kitchen, but it is not silent at all. It is talking while cooking, or to be precise, it is vomiting.

“This is wisdom pot thing, too hard to use myself, are slightly paste.”

“This is wisdom hood Well, choke me slightly.”

“Wood was olive oil, cooking does not taste good plug.”

“Ah this shovel The shovel is not easy to use.”

Tang Qin: …

she really wanted to ask if Ye Jixing really didn’t consider changing the name of this robot. The name is almost the same.

Little friend Ye Zaixing sat on the sofa like an uncle, staring at her, Tang Qin was guilty.

“Are you born again?” Ye Jiexing asked straightforwardly.

When he heard this question, Tang Qin knew that Jiang Yunji had told him the truth, and that was right, otherwise how could he invite this little ancestor.

Tang Qin nodded.

“Is it convenient to talk about how you were born again?” Ye Jiexing looked very interested.

No inconvenience.

Tang Qin said: “In fact, I don’t know how I was born again. I was obviously dead, but when I woke up, I went back to the day I married Yun Ji. If it wasn’t for the events of the previous life that were too unforgettable, I would doubt it.

Did you just have a dream?” Ye Jiexing nodded,

and said, ” How did you die?” Tang Qin closed his eyes and said, “Yun Ji died in the last life to save me. Throwing into the sea, I jumped down to find him. I planned to die with him, but was rescued, but because my whole body wounds were so infected that it infiltrated my lungs, and I didn’t have any desire to survive. It’s dead for as long as you support it.”

No trace is to be found.

Ye Zhixing concluded in his heart.

Silently prepared breakfast and called them to eat.

Ye Jiexing was not polite at all, and walked to the table first, just like at his own home.

Tang Qin followed and looked curiously at what the robot had done.

Two breakfasts, milk, fried eggs, and pancakes that look delicious.

The silence is still complaining: “Master, the ingredients in the refrigerator are limited, and the family also has children’s special cooking oil, edible salt and other seasonings. The owner can only make do with it.”

Tang Qin: …

Your host is quite particular.

But there is nothing delicious when people come to her home. She is really embarrassed and said, “I will order some food later. What do you like to eat?”

“No.” Ye Zhixing said: “After dinner, you and me Go to my house.”

Tang Qin said.

“It’s too small here.” Ye Jixing said, “There is no instrument for me to do experiments. I need to do a brainwave scan for you.”

Tang Qin snorted. This is using himself as an experimental mouse.

But she didn’t resist, after all, she also wanted to know how she was born again.

Nodding, she sat down and had dinner with Ye Jiexing.

Ye Jixing is less than two years older than Jiang Lie, and he is only five years old this year, but he looks like a mature adult in every gesture, making Tang Qin unable to treat him as a child.

She heard from Jiang Yunji that Ye Jiexing is not a human being on Earth, he is a pure-blooded Blue Star human, possessing the special ability to predict the future, and has a very high IQ. He has invented a lot of high-tech things at a young age. One disadvantage is that it burns money.

It’s because the Ye family has money, otherwise he would have burned it down.