Chapter 2031: Tough Talk is a Tough Han Han

Chapter 2031:

Wu Yan is a Tie Han Han Tang Qin had a unique breakfast under the service of the robot. After eating, he went to the bedroom to pack a few clothes, and then followed Ye Jixing away.

Ye Jixing’s car was parked in the underground garage, and the robot opened the door to Tang Qin as a gentleman, and Tang Qin also thanked him politely.

When she and Ye Qiexing got in the car, the robot went to drive.

Tang Qin asked weakly: “Will the robot be fined if it is photographed while driving?”

“You are too out, the robot can be on the road long ago, I am still an A1 driver’s license. Don’t worry, the safety is very good.” The robot is right. That’s right.

Tang Qin, who was spit out, put on his seat belt silently.

The robot started the car, drove out steadily, and started to twitter as soon as it hit the road.


I’m driving, and I don’t know how to turn on the lights.” “You are a fairy shovel, see if you don’t read it.”

“I got a driver’s license, the solid line can’t change lanes, I don’t know how to plug it.” “

I’m so angry.”

Tang Qin was dumbfounded, and asked Ye Jiexing quietly: “Has it been beaten by anyone?”

If she was scolded by a robot while driving, she would definitely have to. Come down and beat the machine.

“Didn’t you tell the truth?” Ye Jiexing asked rhetorically.

The implication is that they were beaten to tell the truth, why not let people say that the car is bad?

Tang Qin: …

there is an opportunity if there is a master.

The car drove all the way away from the city, and finally entered a high-tech gate. After several identity checks, the gate was opened.

Tang Qin couldn’t help lowering the car window and looking out. This was a place with a large area. It was supposed to be a manor, but it has now been transformed into a place full of technology.

Along the way, Tang Qin saw several robots, some were cleaning, some were trimming flowers and trees, and some were managing the lawn. When he saw Ye Jixing’s car coming in, he would stop his work and bow to this side. Said that the host is welcome home.

Tang Qin was dumbfounded, good fellow, Ye Jixing had already achieved full intelligence while others were still using artificial intelligence.

The car finally stopped at the door of the main building. It was a spaceship-shaped building, which should be where Ye Jixing lived.

After getting out of the car and following Ye Jixing in, a robot greeted him, first called the owner, and then began to scan Tang Qin.

“Female gender, height 169CM, weight 45KG, measurements 90.58.87, no sharp weapons, no thermal weapons, safe.”

Tang Qin: …

why do you want to report my measurements.

Tang Qin looked at the robot faintly.

The robot yelled sensitively: “Vigilance, vigilance, vigilance. The visitor’s mood changes, danger, danger, and danger are scanned.”

Tang Qin: …

You are so powerful, do you want to go to heaven?

Ye Jiexing: “Shut up, turn off visitor scanning.”

Robot: “Okay, master, visitor scanning is turned off.”

Ye Jiexing walked inside, and Tang Qin stood at the door hesitantly and asked, “No need to change slippers?”

“No need to change slippers, please come in, beautiful guest.” The robot made an inviting gesture.

Tang Qin exclaimed: “How do you know I look good?”

Robot: “I scanned your appearance. It’s 100 points.”

Tang Qin: “Awesome. Do you have a name?”

Robot: “I am It’s called stubbornness.”

Tang Qin:…

“Is silence your brother?” The

robot was reluctant to

say : “Silence is a stubborn silly.” “You are a stubborn stubborn, Guwazi, let’s talk ill of your father again.” The robot was silent. Parked the car and came back.

“Are you looking for a beating?” Wuyan took a bite of the Beijing movie.

“Want to fight the plug?” Silent eagerly tried.

Reluctant to say: “You call

me Dad.” “You are the king of mouths.”

Tang Qin watched the two robots quarrel, how weird. She secretly took out her phone, took a short video, and sent it to Jiang Yunji.

You come and go with you who are silent and taciturn, and Tang Qin listened happily for a while before entering.

It is quite interesting that the people from the capital quarreled with the people from Sichuan province.

In such a short time, Ye Jiexing has changed his clothes. The small suit he wore when he went out would change to a comfortable home clothes. Tang Qin recognized that it was a reduced version of a classic menswear luxury product. , Wearing it on a kid like Ye Jiexing, it didn’t violate the peace at all.

“Let’s go.” Ye Jiexing motioned Tang Qin to follow him.

“Where to go?” Tang Qin asked after coming over.

“Experimental building.” Ye Zhixing said.

Tang Qin screamed, and followed Ye Zaixing down the elevator. She thought she was driving from the garage. Unexpectedly, what she saw after going down was a weird thing, which looked a bit like a satellite launch pod.

“What is this?” She was curious.

“Floating car.” Ye Jiexing said that he had opened the door of the suspended car and entered.

Tang Qin followed in and asked, “Is it a maglev car like a high-speed rail?”

Ye Jiexing nodded, motioning for her to sit down and fasten her seat belt.

Tang Qin quickly obediently followed suit.

Then Ye Jixing said two words: “Drive.”


Before Tang Qin could react, he felt the car flew out in an instant, and then before she got motion sickness, the car stopped again.

“So fast!”

“Well, thirty seconds.” Ye Qiexing unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car.

Tang Qin exclaimed: “How far?”

“One thousand meters.”

Tang Qin hissed.

One kilometer doesn’t sound far away, but if you calculate it carefully, you will know how terrifying this thirty seconds is.

At a speed of 120km/h, it takes 30 seconds to drive for one kilometer.

However, it is generally not possible to drive at such a high speed at all, so it takes at least three minutes to drive for a kilometer.

You can see the power of this levitating car, and you can see the power of Ye Jixing.

Tang Qin followed Ye Qixing upstairs like a hillbilly, feeling that his eyes were not enough. There were high-tech things everywhere, just like making a movie.

It’s so cool to describe it in three words.

Ye Jixing led her into a room with a set of equipment that Tang Qin couldn’t call her name. It was very advanced at first glance.

“Come and sit down.” Ye Jiexing walked to the instrument.

Tang Qin sat down. The chair was made of leather and was very comfortable. Ye Jiexing pressed a button and the seat became a recliner.

Ye Jixing pulled down a hood and put it on her, and said, “I’ll listen to my instructions later.”

Tang Qin gave an OK gesture.

Ye Jiexing walked out, operated the instrument through the glass, and at the same time instructed: “Close your eyes and remember the events of your last life.”

“What’s the matter?” Tang Qin closed his eyes and asked.

“It’s okay.” Ye Zhixing said.

Tang Qin simply remembered from the first time he saw Jiang Yunji.

Following her memories, the brain waves reacted and all reflected on the operation screen in front of Ye Jiexing. He stared at that screen and narrowed his eyes slightly.