Chapter 2032: Little Princess Ye Family

Chapter 2032: The little princess of the Ye family,

Tang Qin, did not live long in her previous life, and the story with Jiang Yunji was even shorter, but every minute and every second she was with Jiang Yunji, she remembered it unforgettable write.

When he first saw him, he fell in love at first sight, cautiously using Ruan Qinghan’s identity to love him, humble and forbearing.

The reunion in Malaysia was pleasantly surprised and nervous.

After exchanging heartfelt opinions with him, I was happy all night.

They talked about love under the gunfire of war, and after escaping from the dead, they made the vows to get married when they returned to China. They loved each other passionately, and wanted to melt each other into the bones and blood.

After returning to China, they underestimated the evil of human nature, and underestimated the sinisterness of the human heart. They were calculated, wronged, and abused, but no matter what trauma they suffered, they still refused to give up each other.

He didn’t even want his life to save her. She watched the bullets penetrate into his body one by one, and could do nothing but wailing.

Those people threw him into the sea, and the blood stained a large area of the sea, and also dyed her eyes.

The person she loved died for her, she just wanted to be with him, no matter how willing Thunder was to give her medicine, she couldn’t save a person who wanted to die.

She thought she would be able to see Jiang Yunji when she died, but when she opened her eyes again, the story went back to the original point. She saw Jiang Yunji again, that was him, not his man.

“It’s okay.” Her memory came to an abrupt end because of Ye Jiexing’s voice.

Opening her eyes, she still had the feeling of indistinguishable from reality and dreams.

Ye Zhixing said, “You can drink the water next to you, so take a rest first.”

Tang Qin held up the water on a side table in a daze, and while drinking it, he pulled himself out of the memories of his previous life.

After a while, she felt a bit heavy on her eyelids, and she gradually fell asleep without knowing it.

Ye Jixing re-operated the instrument after she fell asleep and re-recorded Tang Qin’s brain wave fluctuations.

Tang Qin’s brain waves were very stable when she was asleep, completely different from the time she had recalled before.

Ye Jixing looked at it for a while, and already had a judgment in his heart.

When Tang Qin woke up, he felt relaxed. The room was quiet and there was no sound. She took out the phone and checked the time. It was already past eleven, and there was a missed call from Jiang Yunji on it.

Regardless of time, she first called Jiang Yunji back.

Jiang Yunji was probably free at this meeting, and soon answered the phone.

“Hey.” Tang Qin lowered his voice very low.

Jiang Yunji

was taken aback for a while, and asked: “Inconvenient to talk?” Tang Qin , who asked only then, was taken aback, and said, “I’m afraid

it will be inconvenient for you.” “I’ll be convenient.” Jiang Yunji said.

Tang Qin regained his normal voice and asked, “Why did you throw me to Ye Jiexing? I am an adult and I have to take care of my children. It’s shameless.”

Jiang Yunji couldn’t help but chuckle and said: He treats him as a kid, and his IQ can be as high as ten you if he is halved.”

Tang Qin: …

Although he is telling the truth, it sounds so unpleasant.

“Have you eaten?” Jiang Yunji asked again.

“No.” Tang Qin said, “Ye Zaixing dislikes our family is too small. I am at his house and just woke up after a sleep.”

Jiang Yunji was quite surprised: “Then you are quite honored, I have not. Been to his house.”

“What?” Tang Qin said: “He treated me as an experimental mouse and gave me a brainwave test.”

If she were not a reborn person, Ye Jiexing would not let her. Come to his territory.

Jiang Yunji comforted her: “Da Qiao likes to study difficult things. It’s an honor to be his experimental mouse. Maybe he can really study the reason for your rebirth.”

The brains of people with high IQ really think like ordinary people like them. Is not the same.

Tang Qin didn’t care about being a guinea pig, and asked: “What about you, did you find out what?”

“Not so fast.” Jiang Yunji said: “The Zhan Xueying you mentioned, she killed herself as the boss in one bite, and refused to take it. Ruan Zheng confessed.”

“I guessed it.” Tang Qin was not surprised, and said, “Ruan Zheng dares to use her. There must be a way to keep her silent. You can investigate Zhan Xueying’s family and see what constraints she has in Ruan. Zheng’s hand.”

“People have already been checked.” On this point, the two coincided.

Tang Qin nodded, none of these things can be found in a short while.

After talking about business matters, Tang Qin asked: “When are you coming back?” “I’m

busy these days, let’s have a few days later.” Jiang Yunji didn’t have a specific time.

Tang Qin said with a sigh of love: “But I already miss you.”

Jiang Yunji was not used to such straightforward love words, and he didn’t know how to answer the words, so he hung up after finding an excuse.

Tang Qin looked at the darkened cell phone and smiled.

She came back with the feelings of a lifetime, loving Jiang Yunji as fatefully, but to Jiang Yunji, she was just a stranger who had just met.

But Tang Qin is not sad, even if he doesn’t love her in this life, she hopes that he will live well.

“Miss Tang, are you awake?” The

silent voice of the robot sounded in the room.

Of course, she mainly distinguished it from his Sichuan dialect.

Tang Qin walked out of the room and stood outside when he saw the silence.

“Miss Tang, the master asked me to pick you up.” Silent large mechanical eyes gleamed brightly.

Tang Qin nodded and asked: “Can I walk outside? I want to take a tour.”

“Of course.” said in silence: “I will take you through the

block .” Tang Qin followed him out of the laboratory building. The air outside was very strong. Freshness, Tang Qin took a deep breath, feeling that it was much fresher than the air in the city, and couldn’t smell any car exhaust.

Silence is a good tour guide. While leading the way, he also introduced to Tang Qin, what this house is for, and what is that house for, bar, bar, and non-stop.

Tang Qin has become accustomed to his words a lot, and he knows one thing from his introduction, that is, Ye Jiexing is really awesome. He does research on almost everything, astronomy, geography, biology, medical care, aerospace… none Fields he does not dabble in.

She felt that Jiang Yunji’s remarks just now looked at her highly.

Ye Zaixing’s IQ was halved, and it was not ten her who could top her, it was a hundred hers.

“You have to spend a lot of money to build so many laboratory buildings?” Tang Qin asked weakly.

Silently said: “Billions, small money, drizzle.”

Tang Qin twitched his mouth.

Poverty limits her imagination.

While she was talking, a car whizzed past her, looking a little angry.

Tang Qin was thinking about who it was. The car suddenly flicked in front, turned around and drove back, and stopped in front of her with a creak.

The car window lowered, revealing a beautiful face.

Tang Qin didn’t know this girl who looked a few years younger than him.

“Ms. Ye, are you leaving the plug?” Silence immediately waved: “Goodbye plug.”

Tang Qin knew who this girl was as soon as she heard the three words for Ms. Ye.

Ye Yirui.

The little princess of the Ye family was also the only person Ye Zaixing cared about.