Chapter 2033: Son Jinwu Cangjiao

Chapter 2033: His son Jinwu Cangjiao

Tang Qin had never seen Ye Yirui in his previous life. These three words have been living in Jiang Yunji’s mouth. She heard Jiang Yunji say Ye Yirui many times, and every time she mentioned this sister, The tone is more pampered than his sister, and Tang Qin often thinks that it is the pampering of the old father to his daughter.

Jiang Yunji said that Ye Yirui was many years younger than them, and they were half-and-half children. Ye Yirui was only born. It is not an exaggeration to say that it was a daughter who was in pain.

Ye Yirui can only use two words to describe Ye Yirui.

There is a great father, a great mother, and two great brothers. They were born in Rome. The key family is also great. Later, I found a husband to be even better, and it was great to have a son. Niubi went to an alien planet.

She heard Jiang Yunji say that Ye Yirui’s dowry and dowry when she got married were just as fast as the emperor’s eldest princess married in ancient times.

It’s a pity that I haven’t seen such a powerful person in my previous life.

Fortunately, in this life, this regret has been made up.

She looked at Ye Yirui, thinking about her awesomeness.

Ye Yirui looked at her with curiosity in her eyes.

“No wonder Da Qiao didn’t want me to stay longer here. The co-author is Jinwu Cangjiao.” Ye Yirui touched her chin and said again: “Is this Jiao a little bit older, beauty, how old are you,” My elder Qiao is only six years old.”

Tang Qin: …

this is a deep misunderstanding.

Tang Qin explained: “I am Jiang Yunji’s wife.”

“Yeah.” Ye Yirui jumped out of the car excitedly, circled her, and said, “I heard that Brother Yunji is married, and I still want to find a chance to see my new sister-in-law, wow, sister-in-law, you It’s too beautiful.”

“Thank you, you are also very beautiful. I often hear Yun Ji talk about you.” Tang Qin smiled.

Ye Yirui was very happy and didn’t plan to leave. She pointed to the silence and ordered: “Go and park my car.”

“Okay Ms. Ye.” Silent and obediently got into the car.

Ye Yirui took Tang Qin back, and after walking a few steps, she remembered and asked: “What’s wrong with your arm?”

“Slightly injured.” Tang Qin said vaguely.

Ye Yirui didn’t ask further, talking to her happily, and went all the way back to where Ye Jiexing lived.

Ye Jixing saw Ye Yirui go and return, and he was still with Tang Qin, which was quite a headache.


He originally thought that Tang Qin was sitting on the ground rail and could avoid Ye Yirui, but he didn’t expect Tang Qin to walk up there and bump into Ye Yirui.

Sure enough, Ye Yirui asked him to settle the account as soon as she came in, and she came over and slipped his ears, pinching her waist with one hand to preach.

“Ye Zaixing, you are amazing now. Even I lied. I thought you were hiding in the Golden House. In the end, it was your aunt that you hid. He said, “You have some secrets from me.”

Tang Qin almost watched this scene . Laughing, sure enough, even the most powerful man has to be slapped by his mother’s ears.

“I have any secrets that I can keep from you.” Ye Qiexing calmly took her hand off and said, “Isn’t Uncle Yunji busy? Aunt is injured again, so please ask me to take care of it for a few days.”

As for why Ye Jiexing didn’t call him Uncle Jiang Yunji, it was because he was too troublesome. His name was Uncle Yunji, one less word than Uncle Yunji. He was the kind of person who could say one less and only a few words.

Regarding Ye Yirui’s blessing, Tang Qin finally heard Ye Zaixing call his aunt.

Regarding the address, she had heard Jiang Yunji say, because Ye Zaixing is not a human being on earth, and his IQ is against the sky. Everyone looks like a fool. After he can talk, he won’t call anyone.

Later, due to Ye Yirui’s authority, he had a respectable name for them.

But there is one exception, that is Qiao Yu.

Ye Jixing never called Qiao Yu’s father, it was Qiao Yu’s name, and it was useless to threaten Ye Yirui, as if Qiao Yu was his last dignity as a pure-blooded blue star.

Ye Jiexing said this calmly, but Ye Yirui didn’t believe it. She knew this son too much. When did she take care of other people’s life and death, and if there were no other tricks, she twisted her head off.

“Da Qiao, you’re not behaved lately, even mom cheated. Mom is really sad.” Ye Yirui clutched her heart and showed a distressed look.

Ye Zaixing’s brows wrinkled.

Because he was conceived through Ye Yirui’s body, there is some empathy between the two that cannot be explained by medicine. Simply put, he can feel Ye Yirui’s emotions. In layman’s terms, Ye Yirui is happy when he is happy, and he is sad when Ye Yirui is sad, and he is out of control.

In this world, he only listens to Ye Yirui’s words, and a large part of the reason is because of this.

Every time Ye Yirui used this nirvana, Ye Xingxing would only have to disarm and surrender.

But this matter was Tang Qin’s business, and Tang Qin had to decide whether or not to talk about it, so Ye Jiexing first asked Tang Qin’s opinion.

“Can you say it?”

Tang Qin doesn’t really matter that others know this secret. After all, most people don’t believe it at all. Moreover, these friends who grew up with Jiang Yunji’s childhood sweethearts are all worthy of trust.

“There’s nothing wrong.” Tang Qin nodded.

Ye Yirui was even more curious: “What the hell is going on?”

Ye Jiexing said, “She is a rebirth.”

“Rebirth?” Ye Yirui exclaimed and asked: “Is it the rebirth I understand? It’s in the future.” He died for a certain period of time, but he went back to the past.”

Ye Jiexing nodded: “Exactly right.”

Ye Yirui’s eyes widened a bit: “It’s so big in the world, there are no surprises.”

She didn’t doubt it at all, Tang Qin asked: “Do you believe it?”

“Believe it.” Ye Yirui nodded: “I have given birth to an alien son. Anything else is impossible. If you tell me there are ghosts in the world, I believe it. “

Ye Yirui’s acceptance is obviously higher than that of ordinary people.

Tang Qin chuckles and asks Ye Jiexing, “Is there anything wrong with my brainwaves?”

Ye Jiexing showed her the brainwave scans.

Where did Tang Qin understand it, it felt similar to an electrocardiogram, with a few more ups and downs, and a few more stable.

Ye Yirui knew a little bit, and looked at it and said,

“You have a lot of emotional ups and downs in these photos, and these photos have no ups and downs. You should be asleep.” “You can understand all of this?” Tang Qin admired it.

“Understand a little.” Ye Yirui humbled and asked Ye Jiexing: “What conclusions did you draw from these brainwave diagrams?”

Ye Jiexing gave them a professional explanation.

Those pictures with obvious ups and downs were recorded by Tang Qin when he was reminiscing about his previous life. From a professional perspective, only the memories of real experiences can produce emotional happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy, which are manifested in the brain waves as large ups and downs. .

The remaining pictures are from Tang Qin’s state when he was asleep. Because he didn’t think about anything, his brain was in a resting state with no ups and downs.

It can be concluded that Tang Qin’s memories are all real experiences, and she did have another life.