Chapter 2034: I wait for the rebirth of the Year of the Dragon

Chapter 2034:

Tang Qin was very pleased with the conclusion that I waited for the rebirth of the Dragon Year and Ye Jiexing. She knew that Jiang Yunji had not fully believed in herself until now. With the proof of Ye Jiexing, Jiang Yunji would be completely Believe in yourself.

“Da Qiao, you are too powerful, you should quickly send this to Yun Ji and tell him that I am really reborn.” Tang Qin said impatiently.

Ye Zhixing said: “It’s been sent to him a long time ago.”

Tang Qin said, and then realized that when he was talking on the phone with Jiang Yunji just now, his tone was softer than before.

Is it because you believe her?

Aware of Jiang Yunji’s change in her attitude, Tang Qin couldn’t help but raised his lips.

Ye Yirui came over and asked curiously: “Can I know what happened to you and Brother Yunji in the last life?”

Tang Qin nodded, but asked: “Can I talk while eating? I feel like I’m starving to death. . ” “

big Joe, dinner. “Ye Rui turned commanded leaf stardom.

Ye Jixing got up and walked to the restaurant first.

The lunch has been brought to the table by the robot that specializes in cooking. It is very hearty and looks good. Tang Qin has already tasted silent cooking. An amateur robot cooking is good, and professional ones are definitely more delicious.

Ye Yirui introduced to her: “Da Qiao, the cooking robot is a five-star chef. Only you have never eaten, and he can’t

cook without him.” The cooking robot: “Ms. Ye, I have a name, please call I’m a chef.”

“There is still a robot with a surname.” Tang Qin was quite surprised.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s cooking.” Ye Yirui said.

Tang Qin: …It is

indeed Ye Zaixing’s robot, the name is so strange.

“Miss Tang, please taste my craft, I wish you a happy meal.” The chef will also give a gentleman’s gift.

Before Tang Qin could thank her, she was asked by Ye Yirui: “I remember the wife Yunji married with the surname Ruan.”

“Ruan Qinghan.” Tang Qin added to her.

Ye Yirui nodded repeatedly: “Yes, yes, that’s the name. Do you have another name?”

“I don’t have another name. My name is Tang Qin. I am not Ruan Qinghan. Ruan Qinghan was in a car accident three years ago and was a vegetative person and is still in a coma. In order to climb the Jiang family, the Ruan family approached me and asked me to marry Yun Ji in place of Ruan Qinghan.” Tang Qin picked up the chopsticks and talked to Ye Yirui while eating.

Ye Yirui bit his chopsticks and was surprised: “Li Daitao is stiff.”

“Yeah.” Tang Qin took a piece of beef tenderloin and put it in his mouth, chewing and talking to Ye Yirui about the previous life.

Ye Yirui listened quietly. At first, she ate a few chopsticks and meals from time to time. When she heard what the Ruan family and Li family were doing, she began to gritted her teeth. When she heard the ending of Jiang Yunji’s death, the chopsticks had already been snapped by her. broken.

Tang Qin’s eyes widened. This little princess has a very strong temper, and her strength is not small.

Ye Jiexing seemed to be used to it, so the chef sent another pair of chopsticks.

Ye Yirui took a deep breath and only asked Tang Qin one question: “Where was I when you were in trouble in the last life? Why didn’t Brother Yunji ask me for help?”

Qiao Yu could teleport and save Tang Qin in minutes, why bother He paid the price of his life to die.

“I don’t know either.” Tang Qin shook his head: “In the last life, we were separated and interrogated not long after we returned to City S. I have been interrogated. I don’t know anything about the outside world. But I think Yun Ji must have not found you. “

Ye Yirui can’t get past this hurdle: “How can I not be there when Brother Yunji needs it.”

Ye Zhixing said: “Because you and Qiao Yu were not on the earth at that time.” These

words made Ye Yirui and Tang Qin look at it at the same time. To him, waiting for him to explain in detail.

“I saw it.” Ye Zhixing said, “You will go on interstellar travel with me in the near future.”

Tang Qin:! !


She heard Jiang Yunji mention it once in her previous life, saying that Ye Zaixing is a prophet. As the name suggests, she can see what will happen in the future. But she hadn’t seen Ye Jiexing in her previous life, so she couldn’t feel how shocked by this ability.

At this moment, her jaw dropped in shock.

Ye Yirui was also shocked, but what she was shocked was not Ye Diexing’s ability to predict the future, but what he said about interstellar travel.

“Has your Blue Star people’s spacecraft been repaired?” Ye Yirui asked.

Ye Zhixing hummed.

Ye Yirui was very excited, but after thinking about it, she said: “Let’s not go for the time being. In case Brother Yunji is in danger, wouldn’t it be the same mistakes in the previous life.”

“No.” Tang Qin firmly. “I will not let the tragedy of the previous life happen again.”

“Everything has exceptions.” Ye Jiexing reminded her: “When you try to change the trajectory of the future, you will definitely trigger the butterfly effect. When developing along the established line, there are also many variables in other things, so don’t take it lightly, as dangers may come at any time.”

Tang Qin listened to this and said, “I know.”

“Don’t be afraid.” Ye Yirui patted her on the shoulder to comfort her: “I will protect you in this life.”

If she was on earth in the last life If you do, there will be no tragedies.

Tang Qin gave her a smile.

After talking, the meal was over, Ye Yirui suddenly asked, “The boy and girl born to Sister Yunqi and Sister Yunjin in the last life?”

Her thoughts jumped too fast, Tang Qin suddenly failed to keep up, and was taken aback Then he said: “I told you now, isn’t it no surprises?”

“Hey, just tell me, I asked Da Qiao, Da Qiao refused to predict this, and said I was so boring.” Ye Yirui was obviously very boring. Want to know.

Tang Qin couldn’t help her, and said: “Sister Chu and the others are betting, I’m betting on my daughter.”

“It’s actually a daughter, wow, then my dad will be so happy.” Ye Yirui said in surprise.

Tang Qin faintly added: “But I will definitely lose.”

Ye Yirui:…

“Sister Qin, can you not pant when you speak, it makes me happy.” Ye Yirui said with a bitter voice.

Tang Qin smiled and touched her head: “If you want a daughter, you can give birth by yourself.”

“I have to wait until the year of the dragon rebirth.” Ye Yirui said.

“Will you choose the zodiac when you have a baby?” Tang Qin asked.

Ye Yirui nodded: “Yes, I was born in the year of the dragon, and it is easy to give birth to a daughter in the year of the dragon.”

This logic is no longer there.

Tang Qin silently forgot it, the Year of the Dragon, it was still early.

Ye Yirui is also young, even if he waits until the Year of the Dragon to regenerate, he will not be able to reach the elderly mothers.

“Sister Qin, are you bored with Da Qiao?” Ye Yirui asked.

Tang Qin said: “I have just been here for a long time, and I haven’t had time to be bored, what’s the matter?”

“You will feel bored in the afternoon. Da Qiao is not cute at all, except for robots. Robots are not cute, not as good as me. Let’s take you to play.” Ye Yirui said.

Tang Qin thinks the robot is also pretty cute, but Ye Yirui wants to take her out to play, she is not easy to refuse, so she agrees.

Ye Yirui ran to talk to Ye Jixing.

Ye Jiexing was not relieved: “She was injured.”

Ye Yirui understood his implication, but felt that she could not take care of Tang Qin.

“Aren’t you so old by my care?” Ye Yirui was not convinced.

Ye Zaixing: “Haha.”

Let me give you a look for yourself.

Ye Yirui felt guilty. Ye Jiexing grew up so big, she really didn’t take care of her, but she can’t be blamed. Ye Jiexing doesn’t need someone to take care of her.