Chapter 2035: Report again after playing

Chapter 2035: After finishing the report,

Ye Yirui finally took Tang Qin away. Ye Jiexing was very worried and told her not to take Tang Qin to do anything dangerous. This is Ye Yirui. For other people, even Jiang Teng and Shiyi can’t take Tang Qin from him unless Jiang Yunji personally comes to pick them up.

Ye Yirui promised to take Tang Qin out in the evening, and did not do anything dangerous, just went to the bar.

Tang Qin asked: “Did you quarrel with Qiao Yu?”

Otherwise, come to the bar to buy something drunk.

“Is it that obvious?” Ye Yirui asked.

Tang Qin nodded: “It’s quite obvious.”

Ye Yirui snorted: “Even you can see that Da Qiao didn’t even ask him where his dad was sorry for me.”

“He might think it’s impossible for Qiao Yu to be sorry for you. “Tang Qin said pertinently.

“Is it because I made trouble out of nowhere?” Ye Yirui took a sip of wine, very depressed.

Tang Qin looked at her very depressed, and asked: “Why are you arguing?”

“He cheated!” Ye Yirui complained.

Tang Qin believed her ghost.

“Don’t be exaggerated, tell the truth,” she said.

Ye Yirui hummed.

Last month, she and Qiao Yu went abroad. When they went out to sea, they happened to encounter a pirate robbing a past merchant ship. Qiao Yu rescued the merchant ship and was missed by the owner of the merchant ship.

The woman didn’t know how to inquire about Ye Yirui. She knew that Qiao Yu was Ye Yirui’s husband, but she knew clearly that Qiao Yu had a husband, or she started a passionate pursuit.

Ye Yirui and Qiao Yu have been married for a few years, and this is the first time someone has chased Qiao Yu. She is simply challenging her authority in the palace. The more she doesn’t want to pay attention to the woman, the woman provokes her, saying that she is just relying on it. The vases of the parents and elder brothers are not worthy of Qiao Yu.

Ye Yirui died of anger and directly taught her how to be a man. The woman’s business was crushed by Ye Yirui in less than half a month, and she was facing bankruptcy.

This was originally the woman who provoked first. Ye Yirui was just teaching her to be a human being with her strength. She didn’t think there was anything wrong, but the woman was wronged in the end and actually wanted to commit suicide by jumping off the building.

Of course, she did not die, and it was Qiao Yu who rescued her again.

Ye Yirui was very angry because of this, and asked Qiao Yu why she wanted to save her. She didn’t force her to die by herself, but she wanted to die. She didn’t cherish her own life. In the end, it was Ye Yirui’s fault.

When did the little princess Ye suffer such a grievance, she ran out after arguing with Qiao Yu, of course, she quarreled with Qiao Yu unilaterally.

Tang Qin only felt funny after hearing it, touched the little princess Ye’s head, and joked: “The little princess’s jealousy is also growing. After all, it’s a human life. If you die, even if it has nothing to do with you, others will think You forced her to death, and Qiao Yu saved her to avoid trouble.”

“I don’t care what others think.” Ye Yirui said.

“You don’t care, but Qiao Yu cares. He doesn’t want you to be wronged a little bit, and he doesn’t want anyone to misunderstand you.” Tang Qin persuaded.

Ye Yirui is so smart, how could she not think of this? She is a fan of the authorities and feels panicked.

“Anyway, I blame him. Nothing is so handsome.” Ye Yirui said unreasonably.

“He wants to be handsome, you still like him.” Tang Qin asked with a smile.

Ye Yirui said, “What I said, it seems that I just like his appearance.”

“Isn’t it?”

“Haha.” Ye Yirui had to admit that she was attracted by Qiao Yu’s appearance at the beginning.

“It’s boring to chat with you, tell the truth.” Ye Yirui snatched the glass she had just picked up, and pushed the bottle of Wahaha to her: “Don’t try to drink, you can only drink this.”

“So you brought me here. Did the bar let me watch you drink?” Tang Qin was depressed.

“Wangmei to quench your thirst.” Ye Yirui laughed and said, “I’m going to the bathroom, don’t drink stealthily.”

Tang Qin waved his hand: “Go, go.”

Ye Yirui put down the wine glass and went to the bathroom.

Tang Qin inserted a straw into Wahahari, while drinking, watching the demons dance in the bar.

She is not familiar with places like bars, and she never had the chance to come in her previous life. By all accounts, this is the first time she has come together in the two lives.

Tang Qin sat here and drank half a bottle of Wahaha. He didn’t wait for Ye Yirui to come back, but waited for someone to strike up a conversation.

A man dressed in fancy clothes, dyed hair, and wearing a gold chain, who does not look like a good person, is not invited to sit by himself. He sits very close and his mouth is full of alcohol when he talks.

“Beauty alone.”

Tang Qin smiled and looked at him: “I advise you to stay away from me.”

“Ah, it’s pretty spicy, I like it.” The man didn’t take Tang Qin’s warning seriously. Licking his lips, he looked squinted.

Tang Qin was disgusting. Ye Yirui came back when he was considering whether to kick it or smash it with a wine bottle.

When the man saw Ye Yirui’s eyes brighter, she was even more beautiful than this woman with one arm hanging.

“Little sister, are you together?” The man became even more color.

Ye Yirui smiled: “Why, I have something to do with us?”

“Yes, something is wrong, or let’s say it in another place.” The man said.

“Where to change?” Ye Yirui asked.

“How about going to my brother’s house? The bed in my brother’s house is so wide and big that all three people can roll on it.” The man said foul language.

Ye Yirui was not angry either, and pointed his finger at him: “You come and I will tell you.” The

man moved over with a squint.

The next second was kicked by Ye Yirui, and her voice sank: “

Fuck .” The man fucked, cursed you and waited for me and ran away.

Tang Qin gave her a thumbs up: “The fighting power is okay, little princess.”

“My skills are taught by my parents, Yunji’s mother, and they are gentle enough.” Ye Yirui said.

This is the truth. If she was cruel, the man just had no chance to stand up.

It’s just that she didn’t want to cause trouble, but others thought she was a bully. After a while, the man returned, this time with a group of people, each with a baseball bat.

Ye Yirui turned his head to look at Tang Qin: “Look, it’s a cockroach. He didn’t trample on one foot, and he led out all the litters.”

“Would you like to call the police?” Tang Qin is good at marksmanship, and he is hanging. One arm, the combat effectiveness is not high.

“No hurry, report it after you finish the call.” Ye Yirui asked her to watch: “Don’t move, just watch.”

“Are you all right?” Tang Qin asked.

Ye Yirui flicked her long hair and gave her a charming look: “This princess is omnipotent.”

Tang Qin didn’t worry, and leaned comfortably on the back of the sofa, still holding the unfinished Wahaha in her hand.

The guests in the surrounding booths were all frightened by the sudden emergence of a dozen big men. They stopped drinking and looked at them all.